Gosq.com Scam 2022 – See Reviews & Solution!

Have you been charged by gosq.com this 2022? Are you wondering if it is legit or a scam? Read this review to find out what Gosq.com is, and how it works.

What is Gosq.com?

gosq.com is an alias use by Square purchase and card holder. Square is a mobile payment company that offers a suite of business software, point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment hardware products, and small business services. This is why, you’re seeing the charge from gosq.com in your bank statement.

It simply shows you made a purchase with a merchant who uses Square to accept payments in person, over the phone, or online.

The credit card or debit card charge GOSQ.COM was first spotted on January 28, 2016. It has been reported as trusted by 258 users, while 985 users marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

How to Find Out Which Company charged you with gosq.com

 If you do not recognize the merchant name on your statement, or the item itself, the following tips can be helpful-

  • Did you buy anything online around the time of the charge?
  • Was it from a not so popular online store?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, it simply means you’ve fallen prey to fraudulent online stores. Meanwhile, if you’re yet to receive the item, and you are certain that the charge is unauthorized, contact your card-issuing bank or credit institution for further assistance.

Have you been charged by gosq.com? please share your experience below at the comment section. Meanwhile if you’ve been charged by Flickdom.net or enter2dream.com or CompleteSavings, you can still follow the processes above.

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  1. They took 248.00 off my card and I want it back they took 99.00 the first time and then 149.00 the next and all I want is my money back on my card

  2. gosh.com MD took 89.90 and gosh.com CA took 89.98 on the 08/11/2022. They were advertising like they were Cisco and were promising to deliver the furniture within few days. It’s now almost end of September. I contacted my bank but could not help therefore I want my 179.88 credited back to my card.

  3. They to 68.89 off of my card and I have yet to receive my merchandise. Probably never will. I want my money back . The US Trades Commission needs to sue these people and put them in their place as thieves.

  4. Gosq.com got me for $53.52. I hv never heard of Gosq.com, I didn’t recv anything for the $53.52. I want my money returned to my card. They need to put it back, the same place they took it from.

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