Unauthorized Bank Charges From flickdom.net? – See Solution!

Have you been charged $49 by flickdom.net? Are you wondering why so and how to cancel subscription? Read this review to find out what Flickdom is, how it works, and how to prevent future charges.

With online scams springing, we’ve taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, texts, etc. in order to save you from making the wrong decision. Have you encountered a problem with Flickdom Net? continue reading!

What is Flickdom?

As of May 2021, flickdom.net was a site that claimed Netflix was offering people one year of free Netflix to “help you get through COVID-19. The site claimed people wouldn’t be charged. But immediately credit card info was submitted, it stored the data but failed to give people access to Netflix.

Sadly, the site flickdom.net is no longer functioning. Still, it charges those who submitted their credit card info $49.99 monthly. Sounds ridiculous right? This is one hell of a theft!

So what do you do if you’re in this situation? How do you stop the future subscription fee? continue reading!

How to Cancel Flickdom.net Charges

Although the site is no longer functioning, the good news is this; there’s an easy way for you to cancel the charges! Follow the instructions below –

  • Close any credit card as soon as a charge to Flickdom.net appears. . To protect yourself in the future, go to bank website where you have credit card and select text notifications in settings.
  • If you have a good bank, like Chase, they will notify you by text immediately of the charge and ask if you made the transaction. Reply NO. Your card will be closed and a new one sent.
  • In addition, Google verifies legitimate business sites that send you such messages, assuming you use it for Android (and other) platforms. Again, this added security may have to be activated in your Google account settings.

Meanwhile, always report unauthorized transactions to your card holder immediately. You may get money returned IF you report immediately.


  1. They have took miney today from me im so pist off I want my money back today or im contacting my atterney an wiillll prosicute who ever needs to be. My name is KARRIE Nichols

  2. I didn’t sign up for it, someone used my card number. I’ve challenged the charge, but my card has told me that recurring charges aren’t usually challengeable, but then they saw how much I use my card and changed their mind. Card canceled and new one issued. What a pain in the a$$. I just got this card re-issued last month!

  3. I was charged a $1 from flickdom.ney and then it said $1 returned an ffg then it took it again? Should nm I worry that they will chg more?

  4. I just paid my Netflix subscription a few days ago now this flickdom.net trying to get money out my account glad I keep it locked. I’ve never signed up for anything that has to do with that site. I believe Netflix has something to do with it.

    1. I just got hit today for 49.99 I never signed up for this at all. i have Netflix through my Tmobil I want my money back now help me please .

  5. So i was trying to sign up to watch a ceremony on fb live and this flickdom.net interrupted the real website that was a secure and more trustworthy website for a free account to sign up to watch the ceremony. So i signed up as i was in a rush. This flickdom charged me $1, put currently still pending. But luckily i used a card issued through paypal. So was able to easily report it as stolen, get it deactivated, closed and have a new one sent. If it wasn’t for this website, I wouldn’t have found out the site was fraudulent.

  6. For more then 4 months money is taken out of my bank account and I have been asking for it back but never got refunded. OMG $76.74 times 5 times. And still no refund and they took money again couple days ago.

  7. I was charged 12/11/2021
    So now I need to go to my bank close my car out and get a new one.
    Had I known this was a scam I would not of signed up.
    How do we keep scammers away??
    This can’t keep happening.

    1. I need my 49.99 back on my card asap I need it please I didn’t get any of that stuff and I don’t want it

  8. Not sure how my card got charged for this 49.99, but I did not authorize this. I want a full refund.


  10. je viens d ‘ être débité de 51,17 euros sur ma carte bancaire par Flickdom.net . Je n ‘ ai aucun rapport avec cette société et je n’ ai accepté aucune transaction . De plus , au niveau de ma banque j ‘ ai l ‘ option securité – pass pour accepter ou non une transaction . Ils ont réussi a avoir les coordonnées de ma carte bancaire, comment ? je ne sais pas …depuis , j’ ai fais opposition à ma carte bleue et j’ attends une nouvelle . J’ espère que je n’ aurai pas d ‘ autre mauvaise surprise …Quelle bande d ‘ escrocs ..

  11. I’m done with your crap I don’t have a membership if my money not back in my account there will be a lawsuit field I don’t play games!

  12. I’ve been trying for 3 months now to find something that can lead me in the right direction of finding these people. In all they’ve Stolen THREE HUNDRED DAMN DOLLARS FROM ME!!!! in total so far and now it has put me in a situation in my life that filing legal charges would be the smart thing to do but these Flikdom basterds have caused me to have my vehicle repoed today. The snowball effect from me not being able to get to work on time forfitted my overtime and Holliday pay that I absolutely worked my ass off for because I needed it. So in all because of these lowlife theiving useless punks I’m over $1,500 in the hole and no way to get to work. Praying that god will keep me level headed enough to not hunt these people down. I am glad I found this thread to vent for a minute and calm down.

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