Web.usdtvalue.com Scam 2022: Fake Crypto Trading!

Did you receive an invitation to claim a bitcoin account on Web.usdtvalue.com? Beware! It’s a scam. This review exposes how this scam works, and how to avoid being a victim.

Web.usdtvalue.com which is also known as Web usdtvalue com is a fake crypto trading website. It claims it is a USDT trading platform, but this is not true. The homepage alone shows it was created by amateurs. The website was recently registered on 2022-06-04, by an anonymous person whose intentions are not genuine. Obviously, Web.usdtvalue.com website is not authentic as there is nether a Contact Us nor About Us Information provided.

How does Web.usdtvalue.com Scam work?

The scammers behind this platform send people fake account with high balance including username & password. However, in order to transfer the money, you need to create an account & deposit lots of money. The so called ‘deposit’ is called ‘upgrade’ when in reality it is just a means of robbing people.

Even when you make the deposit, you wouldn’t able to withdraw the money. This is because the account is a fake one and the so called high balance does not really exist.

Sadly, the people behind this scam keep creating fake crypto websites, using the same methods to scam people. So far, the following scam crypto trading website has been created –





These websites look similar, and share same registration dates.

From all indications, Web.usdtvalue.com is not a legit crypto trading platform. Users wouldn’t be able to withdraw the money in their account even after making deposits. Beware! Web.usdtvalue is a scam ripping off people!


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