Optical Disk Drive Settlement Email 2023 – Is It Legit?

If you’ve received the Optical Disk Drive Settlement email, there’s no need to panic. It’s not a scam. You’ve received the email because you filed for a claim in 2017.

In case you’ve forgotten, lets go down the memory lane. The Optical Disk Drive Settlement is a class-action lawsuit that was brought against a group of electronics companies for conspiring to fix the prices of optical disk drives.

Five years later, the settlement has been won. Presently, payment is been rolled out to participants of the lawsuit.

How’ll You Receive The Settlement Payout?

The Optical Disk Drive email contains a link to https://payments.theoddsettlement.com/. Participants need to click the link in order to accept payment. Once you click on it, you’ll be granted the following payment options -Amazon egift card, Starbucks egift card, Target egift card, Master Digital Debit Card, etc.

If you’re worried that there’s no check option, it’s because when you did the claim, there was an option to have a digital payment or a check, you had to choose one. So if you’re getting digital it’s because you choose digital when you submitted your claim.

If you decide to select the MasterCard option. The process will take 10 seconds, at the end of which you’ll receive a confirmation email. It will apparently take 3-4 days for the actual card info (card #, expiration, 3-digit code) to be issued and emailed. In any event, it is a digital MasterCard that is probably best used online. At no time during the process would any information requested.

How Much Will You Get From This Settlement?

The email says you’ll get $15.23. However, individuals who opted to be paid vai Amazon egift card received $53.30 while some received $26.65. We can’t really say why the pay isn’t uniform.

How to Know if The Email is Fake or Real

It’s quite possible for scammers to hijack the settlement email. So how do you know if the Optical Disk Drive Settlement email you’ve received is scam or legit? Check the link on the email, is it from theoddsettlement.com? If Yes, then you can proceed to the website. If No, kindly ignore and delete the email.

Do you’ve any questions? Visit this FAQ page to find the answers!

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  1. Got the email to click on payment, did Amazon gift card and no follow up email or tracking information. Not in spam/trash either. Contacted administrator who sent me an 800 number to call BHN/Hawk Incentives that sounded like they were foreign and they can’t find any information on my case even though I provided the number. Have I been scammed? I didn’t give out information and they “escalated” my case and so far nothing since 2 days ago asking for more information. If they can’t find my name in their system then I have to wonder if it was hacked.

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