Is bcbs Settlement Legit? – See How Much You’ll Get!

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Class Action Lawsuit is real. The Company reached an agreement on October 30, 2020 to settle with an agreement amount of $2.67 billion. You are part of the settlement if you purchased or were enrolled in a Blue Cross or Blue Shield health insurance or administrative services plan between 2008 and 2020.

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What You Should Know About Blue Cross Blue Shield Class Action Lawsuit

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Class Action Settlement is not a scam. After eight years of litigation, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association did not admit fault, but they agreed to a settlement to end litigation.

In the settlement, BCBS agreed to make operational changes as well as to provide payment to members of the class involved in the case.

What Should You Do?

Potential Class Members will receive a formal notification via mail or email. You can also opt into the lawsuit as a member via the link on the official BCBS settlement website here. As well as file a claim.

How Much Will You Receive From The Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement ?

If you have submitted valid claims you’ll receive cash benefits from the Net Settlement Fund. The Fund is estimated to be approximately $1.9 billion, after deducting attorneys’ fees, administration expenses and other costs from the $2.67 billion Settlement Fund.

For more details on the Plan of Distribution, you should read the distribution details here. You can also call (888) 681-1142 to find out more.

How To Make A Claim?

It is quite simple! If you’re yet to receive a mail, you should visit the website and file a claim. It is as simple as that. However you need valid documents proving you’re eligible.

The easiest way to file a claim is to use this Online portal. However, you may also download a copy of the Claim Form and mail the completed form to the following address:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement
c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91390
Seattle, WA 98111

All claim forms must be filed online or postmarked by November 5, 2021

See more Info here


  1. From reading the proposed plan of distribution it seems the default option allocates 15% to you and 85% to your employer.

  2. I’m opting out. What they did caused people to go without healthcare and be penalized by the government and some even died or had permanent medical problems from lack of care, not to mention how some employers gamed the system to end up paying us less and lay people off so they could be below 15 employees.
    We lost our doctors, we lost our insurance plans.
    Don’t let them off the hook this easy, a few billion is a joke to them. They need to be found guilty. Don’t sell yourself out for a couple dollars. They will just keep doing what they have been doing. This is not the final chapter in this. There will be better lawsuits, this is the simp lawsuit to get them off the hook.

    1. Go ahead and opt out, its more money for the rest of us to share 😉

      But if you really think the settlement is insufficient, there are instructions on how you can write a letter to the court, explaining why you think it is insufficient and what you think the damages should be. I doubt you can get another lawyer take the case for you, individually. Objecting, and not following through is just letting them off the hook.

    2. These class action settlements seem to take years, and you may eventually get a pittance, like $15 dollars.

      1. I agree… I got a settlement years ago for a Costco settlement. Took years to get it. When it finally came, it was a check for 78 cents !

        1. Hahaha ha, I’m in tears! WTF is wrong with this picture. .78 cents, the cost of the paper, envelope, stamp, and ink is more than that. Not to mention the wages of the person that put it together. If you read the writing it states that the lawyers fees can’t exceed 25 percent on this one, but that’s a hell of alot of cash for them. They’re the true winners in all this and as always it’s a shame. Kudos to the ambulance chasers!

  3. Hmm…need a lawyer just to read it…..why do they make it so complicated. That said, this will likely amount to a few bucks as usual. We paid into this insurance for 12 years and so a few bucks is hardly even worth filling out the form. The lawyers and the Employers will be getting the bulk of the money.

  4. This was set up for lawyers to get money and the 2.7 that was settled for was a joke so basically is what happens here everybody gets a nice lump sum but the people it hurt, again 2.7 billion is a joke for what they take in so they will still be laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. My husband and I had BCBS through his employer (IRS) for many years..covering our family of 5. I am in agreement with most of you. This is not enough. We will get $10.00 or $15.00 if that. Opting out.

      1. why should we get this small amount if they have really done something that has cost people their health and their lives… I guess if it did not cost me or my husband our health or our lives, we really dont have an axe to grind,,, and I doubt we would hire our own attorney to sue BCBS ourselves…. but I dont want to see them get away so easily… Full disclosure_I worked the trade association (BCBSA) for 9 years, a few of which are part of the timeline for this suit….

  6. Will opt out. What a joke… pennies in reperations for years of B.S. with this stupid company….We no longer pay for health insurance… true freedom… all a shell game anyway…. eat right, sleep, pray, exercise, and stay away from evil… thats god’s plan. Healthcare is an evil money making machine… scare tactics and bs treatments.. all to make billions…

    1. “an evil money making machine… scare tactics and bs treatments.. all to make billions…” you mean like religion?

  7. The question asking the start date and end date of BCBS coverage is confusing. Such dates are not shown on my ID card. I have had BCBS Medicare Supplement coverage for many years and I have no idea when my coverage started. Please advise how to handle that question.

    1. If you have bank statements, just check your yearly ledger for checks made payable to BC/BS. Or….check your Fed tax returns for any medical claims or coverage which will show your group number and I.D. If you keep good records, it is easy.

    2. I don’t believe Medicare supplemental is included as I entered my info and it stated invalid. Prior to Medicare my coverage was accepted.

      1. Actually I checked with the settlement group and Medicare Supplement IS covered. I filed a clam for my wife and I with no problem.

  8. seems like people will get short changed ,If 100mil is in the group only law firms will get any money

  9. going through old records and filling out the form is not worth 10.00 or 15.00 LOL if it will even be that much. Would be nice if they gave back at least half of all the money paid into the premiums….Once again, the little person, the person that paid the price will be shafted AGAIN….pay the people that paid the premiums before all the suits get paid and see how they like that…

  10. Reading the terms of the payout: “Claims will not be paid if the value is equal to or less than $5.00”.

    So – it’s really in their interest to get as many people as possible to file claims. The more people; the smaller the shares, if they can get people’s shares under $5 (which – I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than $5 from a Class Action; and – cashing those checks for $1.50 are a little silly), so they just get to keep your share. Win!

  11. SOOO many people in the class action. You will only get a very small amount and lawyers get everything. They are right. So BCBS has been good for us. Do not like to know they have been bad for others but it happens with anything. We have worked all of our entire lives and BCBS has been there for us. Things do not always work out. Lawyers are just doing their jobs….Money finders.

  12. i had most of my records going back to 2008. i am guessing 99% of people do not have subscriber ID and group ID for all years. Disgusting the way these things always play out. I do not see any estimated pay out. I can assure you it won’t be a penny on the thousands of what I paid in.

  13. I have gotten pennies before for settlements as well but when Wells Fargo lied and basically stole my house, I got several settlements. One 6,000, one 1500 and one the last one just in December was just like this on a postcard and I filled it out anyway expecting nothing. I got $600! And this was 11 years after the fact. Now granted I lost a lot more than this settlement is about, but I am filling it out because you never know it might be worth the small effort to respond. Beggars can’t be choosers and my butt is poor!

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  15. This is not worth the privacy violation. My info was needlessly shared with the law-firm and the class administrator (JNDLA). I did not authorize it I had BCBS for a total of two months though my employer. I paid in maybe $200 total. Fifteen percent will be $30 before the lawyers get 25%, and JNDLA gets a cut. I am looking at maybe $20 at best.

    I contacted the law-firm and told them that I will be objecting and filing appeals if my name is not removed. After about two weeks, I contacted JNDLA, and verified that my name no longer appears on the case.

  16. Here we have yet another example of why the US must pursue universal healthcare. I’d so much rather battle improving a universal healthcare system than see the wealth of the working class gobbled by the health insurance moguls and lawyers. Look at the enormous money involved. If we would fix our government to better represent US, we could be re-directing our national wealth to create the greatest healthcare system in the world.

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