Unifin Inc – Is Unifin a Scam Debt Collector? Find Out!

Have you received a letter from Unifin, Inc. saying you owe a certain amount? Do you think Unifin debt collector is a scam? This review aims to answer the questions you have about Unifin.

What is Unifininc.com?

Unifininc Com is the official website for a debt collector company called Unifin, that has been operating for quite a long time (3 years). So how does the platform works? they collect delinquent debts for student loan lenders, healthcare providers, utility and telecommunications providers, and government agencies. Phone calls, letters, and text messages are ways they inform people that they have some unpaid debts.

However, a lot of people have been complaining of receiving calls from Unifin, when they owe no one any dime. So this leaves us asking ‘Could there be a mistake elsewhere or is this a debt scam that uses calls to coerce you into paying what you don’t owe?”

Reviews of Unifin Debt Collector

Though the calls could be a nuisance, we have every reason to believe that this company is legit, not scam. Why? you may ask. The truth is UNIFIN INC is a real company.

Debts are a very upsetting topic and you rather want to think that Unifin is some kind of a scam, but it’s not true. This company even has a page on Better Business Bureau!

However, there a lot of contrary opinion about this. A lot of people seem to agree that it is a scam. Below, is what someone has to say about Unifin debt collector-

This is the first time I have heard of this company. All of my bills are paid and up to date. I should not receive a call at all. How dare they disrupt my day asking me questions. The audacity to attempt to interrogate me. This company needs better business practices. Im not giving personal information over the phone!!! With all of this identity theft!! A letter or email will suffice. Thank you.


Do you think it is true? What are your opinion about this debt collector. Have you received a call even though you are not owing any one a dime? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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