Gotodra- Is DRA Scam or Legit Debt Collector?

Have you been getting phone calls and text messages that provide links to Do you think DRA debt collector is a scam platform? This review of DRA debt collector aims to answer the questions you have about Gotodra.

What is

Gotodra Com is the official website for a debt collector company called DRA, that has been operating for quite a long time (3 years). So how does the platform works? they help people collect debts, and receive their commission in the end. Phone calls and text messages are ways they inform people that they have some unpaid debts.

However, a lot of people have been complaining of receiving calls from DRA, when they owe no one any dime. So this leaves us asking ‘Could there be a mistake elsewhere or is this a debt scam that uses calls to coerce you into paying what you don’t owe?”

Reviews of DRA Debt Collector

Though the calls could be a nuisance, we have every reason to believe that this company is legit, not scam. Why? you may ask. The truth is a DRA LLC is a real company.

Debts are a very upsetting topic and you rather want to think that Gotodra is some kind of a scam, but it’s not true. This company even has a page on Better Business Bureau! And in 3 years Go To Dra had only 1 complaint that was solved!

However, there a lot of contrary opinion about this. A lot of people seem to agree that it is a scam. Below, is what someone has to say about DRA debt collector-

It is a scam. Personally, I DID have one single ill-advised interaction with a payday loan place about 20 years ago, and then about 7 years ago I started getting phones calls about debt collection. It took me a while to figure out what was going on since I have never been late on anything or left any loans unpaid. But then I connected the dots. Payday loan places were notorious for selling customer information, and I assume my info is on some list somewhere in circulation.


Do you think it is true? What are your opinion about this debt collector. Have you received a call even though you are not owing any one a dime? Please share your experience in the comment section.


  1. This company is a scam. I don’t have ANY outstanding debts with any companies or payday loan companies for that matter and I will not call them back. If you’re going to call me and collect a debt, address the voicemail with my actual name.

  2. Most definitely a scam. I just turned 18 a few months ago and I’ve been receiving messages from them for probably 2 years now. They never have my name, or sometimes they say I am “Hector” (I’m a girl). I got two voicemails from different phone numbers in different states, and they were the EXACT same (so I think it was prerecorded and sent twice).

  3. I have been getting these calls from nasty agents that will not listen to me, they only want my money and I dont owe the Pay day loan they are referring to and that I had paid in full over 10 years ago and even called the Pay day loan office to confirm they had no past debt on file from me and that I always paid on time and in full.

  4. Appears to be a scam, i just put in a complaint to BBB and i would suggest everyone else should do the same since that is this sites only data to suggest that it isn’t a scam. Multiple calls a day with no name or info provided on who or what they are trying to collect. Just a direction to go to some mystery website……

  5. We just received a call here at my place of employment from a (210) area code and at the same exact time my cell phone rang from a ( 772) area code with the same exact message left on the office voicemail. SCAM SCAM SCAM… Contact the law offices and go to the is the message left

  6. They are a real company and while the debt may not be yours, unless they are notified they will continue to try and collect on the debt. Unfortunately you will have to convey this to them to get the calls to stop. If you aren’t able to get them to stop, then I would suggest filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as well as the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. This company recently moved from Florida to South Carolina. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at

  7. I have received continued harassing phone calls from this company. They refuse to provide their address, or proof of my alleged debt which I do not have. There are multiple experiences of similar nature all over the internet and I dont know how they possibly only have one complaint. I am attempting any means necessary to get this company investigated, because many people especially older people have been fooled into giving them money. I know positively I don’t have the debt, so naturally they won’t get a penny from me. But I will continue to try to get them taken down.

  8. They won’t stop calling my office line. Considering I have no outstanding debt, and haven’t for YEARS, I’m not sure how they think they can constantly bother me.

  9. I have one outstanding debt. But I am in recent communication with that lender.. I don’t answer to random phone calls that cannot provide (an account number an amount or whom they are representing) because I have in the past paid a pay day loan off and years later had some random calls trying to retract the same payment..

  10. They called me and told me i had an unpaid payday loan from 10 years. I told them the statute of limitations is 5 years and this is uncollectable not to mention i never had this loan they hung up on me i will be filing a complaint against them

  11. This is a scam. I keep getting this scam calls multiple times daily from rude agents harassing me. I have asked for Managers and they fail to put one on the call and the call continues to end by mistake. This is a scam with old information, outdated addresses, trying to get you to think you forgot to pay a bill. This is 2020 and why would I have debt from 2010. Not me. Getting my Attorney to look into this matter for me

  12. There is no way these people are legit! I pay all of my bills in full & on time, & if I have forgotten to pay one, they leave a very detailed message identifying exactly who they are & know my name. These people have yet to do that! I delete them immediately…& I’ll have no problems hanging up on them! They are so disrespectful & need to get their information right! It’s disgusting that they are allowed to do this, especially when you don’t owe them anything!

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