2k20 error code 49730116 – How to fix the Issue !

The error code 49730116 that appears in NBA2k20 in My Career has proved problematic for a lot of people. Read this to know how to fix the 2k20 error code 49730116 that appears in NBA2k20 in My Career.

2k20 Error Code 49730116- Fix It Here!

Lots of people keep getting this error message at a certain moment of the game. And none of the advice from support ticket work to fix the issue. On further investigation, it seems that this error message is very old and appears from time to time in My Career mode.

However, there is one way to fix it.

According to a user ‘David Woodard’- Keep having them decline offers and you keep dealing offers it will fix problem.

A lot of users who tried this method came back to say it worked for them. In case, you are scared of losing the offer, know this ‘You will get the offer back. It is not long gone as you thought’

Please write in the comments if this method worked for you.


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