Unauthorized Bank charges from Tudum.co? See Solution!

Have you been charged $39.95 by tudum.co? Are you wondering if it is legit or a scam? Do you want to know how to cancel subscription? Read this review to find out what Tudum is, how it works, and how to prevent future charges.

With online scams springing, we’ve taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, texts, etc. in order to save you from making the wrong decision. Have you encountered a problem with Tudum Co? continue reading!

What is tudum.co?

tudum.co is an online subscription service that works with many online businesses. It acts as a middle man for websites that offers services like dating sites, movie streaming sites, video games websites, even contests and Redemption site.

Once you subscribe to websites that offer the above services, you have given permission to the company linked to TUDUM CO to withdraw from you each month.

You can’t remember subscribing to any of those services? This is what may have happened; you entered your card numbers to make a small online purchase (trial offer, shipping costs for a gift, etc.) and you failed to read the Site Conditions (which is often written in tiny prints) which indicated that unless you decline it, you are subscribing to their service.

Result: there is an active subscription linked to your card.

So what do you do if you’re in this situation? How do you stop the future subscription fee? continue reading!

How to Stop Tudum.co Debit Charges

Though the website provided a customer service number, the customer representative does not grant refunds. However, you can get your money back by following the instructions below –

  • Report unauthorized transactions to your card holder immediately. You may get money returned IF you report immediately.
  • Close any credit card as soon as a charge to tudum.co appears. To protect yourself in the future, go to bank website where you have credit card and select text notifications in settings.

Meanwhile, If you have a good bank, like Chase, they will notify you by text immediately of the charge and ask if you made the transaction. Reply NO. Your card will be closed and a new one sent.

Have you been charged by tudum.co? please share your experience below at the comment section. Meanwhile if you’ve been charged by Flickdom.net or enter2dream.com or CompleteSavings, you can still follow the processes above.


  1. I just got my bank statement and there was a charge of 39.95 forChegatr.com. I contacted them and they told me it was for tudum.com a streaming site. I did not sign up for this and I want my money back.

  2. It said FREE and I looked for a price. Than I received an e-mail saying subscription for 5 days. I DID NOT sigh up for this

  3. I didn’t sing up for Tudum but I was charged for it. If I did it was an accident, I don’t want this. Please stop r cancel this & give me back my money

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