Unauthorized Bank charges from Tudum.co? See Solution! { 2024 Updated}

Have you been charged $39.95 by tudum.co this 2022? Are you wondering if it is legit or a scam? Do you want to know how to cancel subscription? Read this review to find out what Tudum is, how it works, and how to prevent future charges.

With online scams springing, we’ve taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, texts, etc. in order to save you from making the wrong decision. Have you encountered a problem with Tudum Co? continue reading!

What is tudum.co?

tudum.co is an online subscription service that works with many online businesses. It acts as a middle man for websites that offers services like dating sites, movie streaming sites, video games websites, even contests and Redemption site.

Once you subscribe to websites that offer the above services, you have given permission to the company linked to TUDUM CO to withdraw from you each month.

You can’t remember subscribing to any of those services? This is what may have happened; you entered your card numbers to make a small online purchase (trial offer, shipping costs for a gift, etc.) and you failed to read the Site Conditions (which is often written in tiny prints) which indicated that unless you decline it, you are subscribing to their service.

Result: there is an active subscription linked to your card.

So what do you do if you’re in this situation? How do you stop the future subscription fee? continue reading!

How to Stop Tudum.co Debit Charges

Though the website provided a customer service number, the customer representative does not grant refunds. However, you can get your money back by following the instructions below –

  • Report unauthorized transactions to your card holder immediately. You may get money returned IF you report immediately.
  • Close any credit card as soon as a charge to tudum.co appears. To protect yourself in the future, go to bank website where you have credit card and select text notifications in settings.

Meanwhile, If you have a good bank, like Chase, they will notify you by text immediately of the charge and ask if you made the transaction. Reply NO. Your card will be closed and a new one sent.

Have you been charged by tudum.co? please share your experience below at the comment section. Meanwhile if you’ve been charged by Flickdom.net or enter2dream.com or CompleteSavings, you can still follow the processes above.


    1. yeah…. Call your bank. How often are you scammed? displaying your email to the public, as above, sets you up for it. Please be careful. (Not gonna put my email on here publicly or otherwise.)

    2. Re entry today seen they were going to take 39.99 out of my account as well call 1-833-738-0319 that is a sickofitalltimeplay, they will help you unsubscribe and cancel the subscription. My daughter did it all for me. Good luck.

    3. I have recently changed my credit card to try and stop these charges and somehow they have gotten my new number and are still charging me. I haven’t even used it anywhere. How do they get information…..?

      1. https://www.bbb.org/File Complaint- I just did after being charged $39.95 every month and occasionally $4.95 a day after that!. Cancelled card and all, now just waiting for that 3-5 business day refund they promised hahaha riiite. I disputed all the charges. I still am trying to find out HOW they did this, I am on SSA/Direct Express pay master card are any of you?.. maybe we can find the common ?

  1. I just got my bank statement and there was a charge of 39.95 forChegatr.com. I contacted them and they told me it was for tudum.com a streaming site. I did not sign up for this and I want my money back.

    1. Ditto! I contacted my credit card company, they removed it, and I had my card, and card number replaced. 2 weeks, later, on the NEW number, it happened, again. This was after I called Dreamontheatr.com, that was showing the charge and said that my account was closed.

      I contacted the company, again, and then was told it was tudum.co, which is a foreign company, and I don’t sign up for that sort of thing. If my husband did, and he did not, it would have shown his card number.

    2. how is it that these lying thieving bastards can remain in business and continue to rip people off, how can they even keep a merchant account? I have recently returned to usa after 6 months in S.E. asia and when I get back home I check my bank account statements and see that these scammers have charged me $39.95 recurring for 8 months, they stole $320. I had to go to my bank today and cancel my account. I have no idea how these slimedogs got my financial info. I will not rest till these criminals are in prison!

    3. I just got scammed too. I called the number on statement and they told me it was cancelled but still charged me. I hate people who do this!

  2. It said FREE and I looked for a price. Than I received an e-mail saying subscription for 5 days. I DID NOT sigh up for this

    1. I was trying to reschedule a package delivery which was Postage Due. I scanned the barcode on the USPS notice. I was redirected to Tudum. I thought that was a 3rd party collecting postage due charges. Yes. I followed the instructions and now I can’t cancel that account. UGH!
      What a huge scam, and how did they get into USPS.

  3. I didn’t sing up for Tudum but I was charged for it. If I did it was an accident, I don’t want this. Please stop r cancel this & give me back my money

  4. Please cancel this account immediately as I did not order
    Invoice #835603922
    whatever it was said 5 day free trial. That was yesterday 12/10/21

  5. I got a call from the fraud department at my bank so they managed to stop all charges. The tudum.com was trying to get $39.95 and a bunch of other charges. A big thank you to my bank for catching this and nipping it in the bud!

  6. Please unsubscribe me, I didn’t get 5 free days. You suck, I am not interested in this site. 847774163. Would love my 39.95 back please.

  7. tudum.com and Brainstrout.biz
    Requested cancellation and also the name of the company at 833.363.0777 and both representative said “not allowed” to give company name. This is a Scam

  8. I signed up for this accidently the 4th of January I was not wanting movies etc I was trying to get to Tangent games and ya’all came up so thought you were somehow tied into them. Then had in my e-mail I had a free trail then will be charged I don’t want this I have satallite tv and don’t need movies on my 2014 desktop computer. I hope you can resolve this I couldn’t find place where I could again. If not taken care of I will shutdown card myself. Many Thanks Mrs. Judith Garner

  9. My Bank, BoA, flagged this for my approval. I did not recognize the charge. So I labeled it as not authorized. My bank did not allow the Trains action, as I did not recognize it. They closed my credit card and will send me a new one. However I also called the company to verify it wasn’t something that I wanted. And the company canceled the date. Thank goodness for my bank.

  10. My wife had same thing happen. Chase did good job catching it but it was still misunderstood. the charge was just put on again had to cancel card to resolve. That is a pain.

  11. So I saw 2 charges pop up on my debit card: 1 for $2 and another for $1.95. I had no memory of “TOUVIS.CLUB” which is who was associated with the charges on my statement. I went to Touvis.Club where there is NO specific details and if you want to know more, then call.

    Which is what I did. Although the agent was totally rude, she did tell me that the account had already been cancelled. Touvis.club and Tudum.co are horrible scams. Stay away. They’re just scammers… $2 for 1,000,000 people scammed means they’re getting $2 million dollars.

    My biggest complaint is the time wasted by my having to call and b!tch at them.

    1. Please cancel my subscription to Tudum immediately , my son thought it was something else and used my information. I have no use for this service.

    1. Robert Scipione

      Please unsubscribe me from your service, as I have no use for your service. My son thought this was something else and used my information for it. I have no use for this service and would like it cancelled immediately. Thank you
      Robert [email protected]

  12. I thought I was signing up for the FREE Roku for my phone. I could have sworn it said “Roku”. Then I went to sign into the “legitimate” Roku site and it said I am not a member. I immediately called my CC company and they said the $1 did just occur to my account and the balance will be showing up by tomorrow. They said the charge appeared as “NTCL-st.com”. Not I have to CANCEL my CC. What a pain since this one is used for a few auto payments. Now I have to go through all of this again. I remember now receiving a magazine last year. When I called them, I said I did not order and they said they were just the “Middle-man” and they sent me to the real crooks to tell them to cancel.

  13. “TUDUM”is defiantly a scam. This 34.95 chg showed up on my account after I signed up for ebay. Cancell & refund my money.

  14. I noticed this charge for $39.95 for which I don’t remember ordering anything. I called the number on the charge statement and they said it was for a video streaming service through Tudum. They removed the account and I will no longer be charged. Thinking back the only thing I can think of was ordering a “free” 6 month subscription to Disney through Verizon Wireless for our grandson. He doesn’t watch it anymore so I thought nothing of it. Low and behold, the monthly charges kick in without any email warning you.

  15. Found two charges , one for $4.95 in Jan. . And one for $39.95 for Feb.. I called 844-933-4039 that was listed on my bank statement and got customer service for tudum.co. according to their website they are the middleman for rmovmat.com (that’s the name listed on our bank account).
    Called them and had them cancel the service. tudum.co is an online subscription service that works with many online businesses. It acts as a middle man for websites that offers services like dating sites, movie streaming sites, video games websites, even contests and Redemption site.
    Call that CS number then call your bank immediately! Stop your CC and Get a new CC , hassle but worth it. Good luck.

  16. I looked at this app on my phone for Roku channels. It wanted my card number and said that I wouldn’t be charged. That was a lie, I was charged 39.95 for an app that doesn’t even work. It’s a SCAM! Don’t believe them!

  17. I was signing up for lyft.
    After I filled out all my info and credit card # next thing you know I’m at a place called Tudum thanking me for my subscription!!!!
    I called the contact number it gave and when i finally thought I got through no one said anything and I could hear children crying in the background! Creepy!!!!!! I called my credit card co immediately!

  18. I was directed to this “free link” and foolishly gave my card number. This does not work, and is deceitful. Please cancel immediately. The number you assigned me when my card was charged was u1735948866

  19. I cancalled by calling Tucumcari an demanded my funds back it was five days after Tucumcari took these funds, they say 3 to 5 days before I can get a refund. Hope that is right

  20. I was trying o down load the app store. It said in 3 easy steps. Sign in, verify, access. I had to put my card number in. But it said hat I wouldn’t be charged. But my card was charged almost immediately. I get alerts when something is taken from it.

  21. I was attempting to order groceries online, Not sure how this tudum showed up charging an account for a 5 day free trial. Please cancel this account and unsubscribe…

    Sincerely, LCJohnson

  22. When you fill out a account tellegram app make sure you unchecked the green box I didn’t I clicked continue then was brought a site call TUDOM.CO was told I signed up far a 5 day free trial..after the trial I will be charged 39.99 per month..I found no way to cancel so, I called my bank told them I lost my card they will send me a replacement. Bad part is I have to call my phone electric internet etc. etc and give em my new card number…
    I am not happy at all.

  23. I did not sign up for tudum either. I was on a website like stated in this text and it kept linking me back to tudum. I never even was purchasing anything or put my card information in. But of course maybe my email was in the previous website that was linked to them. Either way that sucks and they shouldn’t be doing that to people. Sneaky and sorry. You try to explain to them that you never even looked at their streaming for use their program for the free five days cuz you didn’t even know you had it and it’s like they are a deer in headlights with no answers.

  24. Reported we did not request any service from Tudom.co /contact and notified them to stop any service and all charges as we did not order or use any of their service. My wife and I also reported all of this to Visa and requested that our exiting account cards should be cancelled and that new cards should be issued.

  25. WICKEDFUNTIMESXYZ was what appeared on my credit card for tudum.co. I was signing in to Sam’s Club app and next thing I know on tudum page. So if you see WICKEDFUNTIMESXYZ on credit card statement it’s for Tudum.co. tried to send email to them at tudum.co/contact. Would not send!

  26. Hi, I wanted to install the Spectrum App on my new smart TV and since the TV brand is Samsung I had to register the TV first, and then asked for my credit card info saying that I was not going to be charged, they charged $1.00 and I received a notification of my new membership to Tudum.com, I called immediately and asked them to cancel the subscription. I am hoping all that stops with this. I am calling my bank too.

  27. Im pretty much in the same boat you guys!! Two nights ago i asked google why they won’t redeem a prepaid gift card i bought to add coins to my casino game of there’s.all of a sudden this tudum company pops up.it has nothing to do with the gift card. I’m pissed i didn’t realize they took any money at that time but later checking my bank account i had a $19.99.charge from them.? for what I don’t know? after that i unsubscribed through my Gmail then phoned them i could hardly understand the representative but insisted on yes or no.yes he said yadda yadda yadda we will see? good luck to all you victims.and fuck you tudum

  28. I did not sign up for this scam company. Tudum has withdrawn $1, $1.95 & $39.99 from my bank account. I see I am not the only one.

  29. same as others, i noticed 2 charges on my bank acct, one for 1.95 and one for 39.95 a few days later with description DIGITST.COM 8552636013. i called my bank to dispute the charge, so the solution for that was to cancel the card and get a new one, etc. then i called that 888 number and turns out DIGITST.COM is just a customer service company, a 3rd party that answers calls for the REAL culprit called TUDUM.CO . the representative was able to confirm that i did have a subscription with TUDUM.CO. this was not something i knowingly signed up for, however she was able to “cancel” the subscription for me. we’ll see if that sticks.

  30. Looks like there are a lot of us out there that are being taken by this. Sorry to all of you. Glad to find a site that is trying to make it better.

  31. I just got a new LG TV, this Tudum was built into my TV !!! because I’m not hooked up to household Wi-Fi. The LG company should take some blame for, allowing this scam!!!
    I had a crazy idea I could use my phone cell internet, but couldn’t connect that way. In my excitement I thought this streaming service would help connect me, so I snapped a picture of the QR code on the Tv screen, and it connected me to this website Tudum. It sounded like a good deal $4.99 a month. They wanted my credit card # but said They wouldn’t charge me. Like all the stories it happened to me, I gave my credit card#, with a e-mail and password, but then came to my senses, few hours later. I decided to cancel the dum Dum thing. Next, to cancel I would have to create a new an account and password agreeing to pay $39.00 a month, which I didn’t do. So,
    I called my credit card Co. to dispute it
    Also, sent email to the Tudum Co. Saying please cancel me. So, I hope someone starts a class action law suit on them.

  32. Cancel my subscription immediately
    My account was hacked
    EVER !!!!!!

    Please respond that you have received this request and that it is being done….

    [email protected]


    1. I did not approve this account on my phone can u please delete this account asap please and thank you

  34. I was blocked from my normal game site. So I thought I needed to follow through with this link. (How dumb am I? = TuDum!!!) People seem to be asking for their “subscription” to be cancelled. To be clear, I WANT TO CANCEL MY TUDUM SUBSCRIPTION which I unsuspectedly walked into.

  35. I saw a charge from HITIFUN.com on my credit card and did a google search and found a website that had very little information on it. I called a 1-833 number and got an agent who said that the charge was for a streaming service called tudum.co that I never signed up for. She said that they are going to cancel my subscription and refund the charge. I’ll see if that actually happens. I’m getting a bit tired of looking over my shoulder for scammers.

  36. They got me. My card company called me immediately and asked if I authorized the charge. I told them no and cancelled the card. I hate scammers!

  37. these scammers have charged me $39.95 recurring for 8 months, they stole $320. I had to go to my bank today and cancel my account. I have no idea how these slimedogs got my financial info. I will not rest till these criminals are in prison! We should also hold some of these 3rd party billing companies that are in bed with tudum accountable. It’s beyond belief that these scammers are apparently getting away with this! I have compiled a list of so called billing companies that are helping tudum rip us off these fake billing companies that are in bed with tudum know what’s going on and need to be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law
    nkedsumgam.com flashpartyhub.com theworf.com thedarksa 8-ks.net CONTENTBODE.CO CHARSAND.COM SHGRILDEEH.com. co-hit.net Justimagineview.com houseoflordmark.us mastonstre.com abhelpline.com Diststal.com
    prdifl.com. MASH-ENT.NET NONSTOP2NOWHERE Som-farbe.com cyb-dig.com ASLYSRE.COM WAKEUPTHEMOUNT DEN-H.COM DIG-P.COM. abhelpline.com AMORPHVID.COM Athemic.com xnetshp.com digitprod.net probably many others

  38. I was charged $1.95 on 8/8/22, then $4.95 on 8/22/22, then $39.95 on 9/2/22 under the name “ Massbas.Net “. Upon further investigation I find out that they “claim” I signed up for movie streaming under “TUDUM.CO” and “Massbas.net” is the 3rd party in charge of the acct. I have researched “Massbas.net” and have found this is a fraud. Even tho “Massbas.net” “claims” they are refunding me, I cancelled my credit card w/my credit card company and disputed the charges. The customer service # that “Massbas.net” provides on their website is +1 (833) 804-9574 (note (833) area codes are ALWAYS scammers!). When I called it was an Middle Eastern man that dealt w/my call (I could hear other Middle Eastern voices in the “call center” speaking also. I would like to note that they HAD my email address & card info! They sent me a generic email (it looks like I typed it up! No logo, no employee name or id# provided on email) saying I would be refunded. If they are NOT fraudulent (which I highly doubt), my cc company will process the refund & drop my dispute. They claimed to me that “TUDUM.CO” was a media streaming site. I have seen them claim it’s a “dating, media, or movie streaming site”. Negative! They are fraudulent! I hope this information helps someone out there!

  39. I NEVER get scammed. Very cautious. Today I was trying to pair my iphone with my computer. Followed the instructions until I came to a page that said congratutions, my credit card would NOT be charged. HOWEVER, they wanted me to enter my info. There was a button at the bottom to accept a free 5 day trial. I never take those. Before I could close the window, another screen popped up thanking me for my subscription. I DID NOT CLICK THE ACCEPT BUTTON, and was shocked. Had an email from them saying thank you, but NOT showing the amount. I sent them a couple of emails telling them that I had not taken this and to cancel it. Assumed it was a small amount, but still….My company called me and I didn’t recognize the number. Then I got an email about suspicious activity on the account. Contacted them, researched info and found that it’s a scam. I’M FURIOUS!

  40. i thought i was getting tophatter they charged my bank card 1.00and if i cancel it i have to pay 37.00 and im not paying it im am tired of all u scammers try to get money out of the poor to make u rich i want it cancelled right away i have contacted the fbi in quantico virginia and they are aware of u and my local police department in henrico va so they are aware of u scamming all of us i contacted my bank and i want my subcription cancelled or my next step is go go to my local paper and tell what u are doing to us

  41. It happened to me as well. I had to replace a damaged cellphone and while i was reloading apps, it first popped up on my bank statement. $1.95 for something called aracedeflames.com. Then another $1.00 for the same group. Today, my bank statement reflected $39.95. When I contacted the company,they told me about tudum.com. While I was talking to them I got so mad I cancelled Netflix which I had not been watching for awhile. I told them cancel it.


  43. 3 charges of $39.95, 2 for $4.95 and 1 for $1.95. Came out of bank account under SHOK–MACH out of North Carolina. with the description of clothing. Started disputing charges with the help of my bank. I’ve been told it’s for a company called TUDUM an affiliate of Netflix which I have never had. Terrible people do this. Good luck all..

  44. Signed up for a free Flickr account.
    Had to submit bank info
    Bingo. $39. Deducted for my free account. On with my bank now.
    theiving bæsturds

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