MRS BPO LLC Scam Debt Collection Targeting US Residents: Beware!

Scammers are posing as MRS BPO LLC – a debt collection company- to scam people off their hard earned money. Lots of people have reported threatening calls, voicemails and text messages from MRS BPO about a debt they don’t owe. This article shed a light on how the MRS BPO scam works, how to verify if you owe a debt, and steps to avoid being scammed.



Launched in 1991, MRS BPO LLC is a debt collection company based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and owned by  Saul Freedman. This debt collection company buys debts accounts from banks, credit unions, consumer finance companies, commercial retailers, and auto finance companies, then they find ways to collect the debt. NOTE: They also collect on delinquent student loans.

However, lately they’ve become target of a network of scammers who pose with their company name ‘MRS BPO LLC’ to threaten and scam victims.

So how do you differentiate between a legit MRS BPO call or text message and a scam one?

How To Differentiate Between a Legit and Scam MRS BPO LLC Debt Call

  • MRS BPO LLC wouldn’t tell you to call a certain number
  • They wouldn’t ask you to provide your SSN either via call or text
  • Doesn’t collect debt for Paypal or Spectrum
  • Wouldn’t harass you without providing concrete evidence of the debt you owe

Below is an excerpt of the scam MRS text ;

Please contact MRS BPO, LLC at (866) 809-1062 regarding a matter for SPECTRUM. MRS is a debt collector. If you want to opt out of future text messages reply with STOP. Visit us at:

How The MRS BPO LLC Scam Works

Threatening Text Messages & Calls

The scam starts with threatening text messages, calls, and voice mails claiming you’ve a debt from Spectrum, PayPal or an undisclosed company.

Asks for Sensitive Info Like SSN

Asks you to provide sensitive data about yourself like name, date of birth, SSN, etc. The legit debt collection company already has all the necessary information about a borrower, down to the SSN. So if anyone from MRS is asking for your SSN, it’s clearly a scammer.

Coerces You To Call Them Back

The scammers would often tell you to call them back at a certain number or email address. However, MRS do not ask of that from debtors. Legit debt texts from MRS directs you to their official website to verify the debt.

If you fail to heed to their words, the scammers would threaten to sue you and if you give in to their threat they’d find ways to scam you.

Scams Victims and Absconds

This is the last stage of the scam, after convincing victims of unknown debts, the scammers would get them to provide their sensitive data via call. They might also ask you to make a deposit to an offshore account.

How to Spot a Scam Debt Collector This 2023

  • They withhold information from you
  • Pressures you to pay by money transfer or card
  • Threatens you with jail time
  • You don’t recognize the debt they claim you owe
  • Calls you at inconvenient times


Watch out for the MRS BPO scam targeting US residents. The scammers pose as MRS BPO to gain people’s trust, then proceed to scam them with fake claims of debt owed.

Phishing scams are on the increase daily, and we’ve been able to fish similar phishing scams like – EireVerify, Svieducation scam, Vince Camuto email scam, NYSDOL scam, USPS scam, to mention but few.

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