Mangolift Bra Reviews: Does This Push Up Bra Give Support? See Details!

Do you always dread while you wear bra and can’t wait to get rid of it when you get home? Are you looking for an alternative bra that gives comfort and firm shape? Mangolift Bra promises to give you that comfort you desire and also hold everything in place. Wondering if these claims are true? You are on the right place. Go through this my honest reviews, it serves as an eye opener.

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Product’s Description

Mangolift Bra is a push up bra claims to give you comfort and your desired elegance and sexy look. It also claims to give support to women’s breasts and helps to cover them properly without them sacrificing their comfort.

According to the website, The bra has a “v” shape that guaranteed to accentuate your figure and the front hook strap protects against slipping or sagging all day long.

Sounds convincing right? But are these claims true? Below is my honest review after buying Mangolift bra. Keep reading!

My Experience Using Mangolift Bra

As a mother of four adorable kids, I now have sagging breasts. I stumbled on Mangolift Bra ads while scrolling on Facebook and I decided to buy. I ordered it from its official website three week ago.

After sending emails back and forth, It finally arrived yesterday. I was skeptical if the Bra will be of good quality because the website already has poor customer support system and it took so long for my order to arrive. Sadly, my fear becomes realty. It did not fit by breasts perfectly. It also has 2 deformed cups of incredibly cheap foam with a normal bra band around it and another loose band that attaches in the front.

Meanwhile, when I tried to hook it up. The hook got spoilt and that became my first and last time of wearing the bra.

I searched online to see if other customers reviews. The reviews I saw on Truspilot were related to mine. Some customers did not even receive what they ordered for. That’s when I realized that Mangolift Bra authenticity cannot be verified. I regret spending my money on this sham. See customers reviews below-

This product does not fit as advertised. Also when trying to get information to return for a refund they responded initially and requested photos of the packages and then kept stating they were unclear so resent 3 times and now its radio silence. I sent emails to gmail email and Services email. Still waiting on more info.

Lindsay Kraus

I got scammed by this company. Placed an order , did not receive. Tried to email company but email is not a working email.


Claimed Benefits And Features Of Mangolift Bra

  • Provides seamless fitting
  • Gives comfort and your desired elegance and sexy look.
  • It is strapless
  • It does not have an under wire
  • The slightly padded finish and the three quarter (¾) cup size gives enough coverage
  • Can be worn with any clothing and will always be invisible
  • The bra comes with a premium adhesive which gently adheres to skin, giving a natural push up look
  • Available in all sizes.

Some Inconsistences:

  • Not suitable for those with small boobs as it does not have much foam in it
  • I experienced that the hook isn’t strong enough and it does not fit perfectly.
  • There are negative customer’s reviews online.


Mangolift Bra claims to be comfortable for all-day wearing and  provide you with an instant push-up effect on your breasts. However, I experienced that the bra does not live up to its claims. It was made with cheap materials. Therefore, I advise potential customers to tread with caution. I reviewed similar bras sometime ago. They are- Lacy Bra , Nakans Bra, Mila Secret Bra etc.

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