Nakans Bra Reviews 2023: Scam Back Smoothing Bra or Legit?

Do you always dread while you wear bra and can’t wait to get rid of it when you get home? Are you looking for an alternative bra that gives comfort and firm shape? Nakans Back Smoothing Bra promises to give you that comfort you desire and also hide your back and side fat, help you correct your posture and shape your upper body. Wondering if these claims are true? You are on the right place. Go through this my honest reviews, it serves as an eye opener.

Nakans Back Smoothing Bra image.

What Is Nakans Back Smoothing Bra All About?

It is a deep cup bra that claims to give you comfort and your desired elegance and sexy look. As the name implies, Nakans Back Smoothing Bra hide your back and side fat, help you correct your posture and shape your upper body.

It is said to be made with nylon and Spandex which enables it to be stretch, lightweight, skin-friendly, breathable and Super comfy to wear everyday.

My Experience Using Nakans Smoothing Bra

I bought Nakans Smoothing Bra from two week ago and it arrived yesterday. I was skeptical if the Bra will fit my breasts that have become so large recently due to pregnancy and lactation. Sadly, it did not fit by breasts perfectly.

Meanwhile, when I tried to hook it up. The hook got spoilt and that became my first and last time of wearing the bra.

I searched online to see if other customers had same experience with me. The only customer reviews I saw was related to mine. That’s when I realized that Nakans Smoothing Bra authenticity cannot be verified. See customer’s review below-

I don’t know who designed this but it does not fit like the picture. I’m busty like the woman displaying this bra and it did not look like this when I put it on. The material is nice but the style was horrible. I could not get to fit correctly. Very disappointed.


Claimed Benefits Of Nakans Smoothing Bra

  • Provides seamless fitting
  • Gives comfort and your desired elegance and sexy look.
  • Available in all sizes.

Some Inconsistences:

  • Not suitable for those with small boobs as it does not have much foam in it
  • I experienced that the hook isn’t strong enough and it does not fit perfectly.
  • There are negative customer’s reviews online.


Nakans Smoothing Bra claims to be comfortable for all-day wearing. It is a cup bra that hides back fat. Its shapewear incorporated will not roll up with the side rods, made with soft-touch fabric that is very soft to your skin. However, the bra specifically for those with big boobs . Therefore, we do not recommend it.

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