Secret Lane Bare Bralette Reviews: Does It Provide Breathable Coverage?

Are you considering buying Secret Lane Bare Bralette to improve you posture and make you comfortable? Don’t do that yet. Go through this Honest Review to find out if this wireless posture bra is really worth your money.

Mila Secret Bra

Secret Lane Bare Bralette: What Is It?

Secret Lane Bare Bralette is X-back design that pulls back shoulders for improved posture. Relax and relieve stress from your shoulders. It is ultra-lightweight design and seamless. Bare Bralette provides delicate and breathable coverage. It has removable padding and a front hook-and-eye strap, adjust your coverage for your personal comfort.

Does The Secret Bralette Really Work?

From my experience, It certainly doesn’t really work as much as claimed. First of all, does not fit perfectly and does not prevent sagging. When worn, it couldn’t hold my breasts properly even when I ordered my exact size.

Meanwhile, when I chatted the company up, they refused to issue a refund or compensation. After more than 1 attempt I was completely ignored.


On Amazon, customers have left negative reviews stating that the bralette is of low quality and major complaint is the very small and does not fit. See some of the complaints below;

This bra uses cheap fabric and is cheaply made. It provides no support.


Flimsy piece of JUNK! Poorly made from cheap materials in CHINA! WAY too small in the cups. I ordered a 34H…this MIGHT fit a 34C. Marked 4XL. Waste of time and money. Didn’t purchase through Amazon, but directly from the company Secret Lane.

Babs Medina

Is Secret Lane Bare Bralette A Bra ?

The answer to this question is NO. t is a bralette which is a less structured version of a bra – it’s a hybrid garment that lies somewhere between a bra and a tank top. It doesn’t have any under-wiring, and has less structure

Claimed Benefits Of Mila Secret Bralette

  • Provides seamless fitting
  • Gives comfort and your desired elegance and sexy look.
  • Makes you shoulder and back not to be tired at the end of the day
  • Available in all sizes.

Some Inconsistences Of Mila Secret Bralette

  • Exposes you nipples
  • There are tons of negative customers reviews online about it


Mila Secret Bralette claims to give you comfort and your desired elegant look. It  support of a traditional bra, the Bare Bralette provides a gradual push-up for a perky fit. However, there are tons of negative reviews online about it yet. Therefore, we do not recommend it..

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