Apex Focus Group Survey: Is It A Scam? Find Out

In recent times, the trend of making money through online surveys has gained massive popularity. With many survey websites available on the internet, many people have been trying their luck in this money-making gig. Apex Focus Group is one such paid survey website that has been making headlines lately. However, it has raised some red flags regarding its authenticity, and its users are doubtful about its credibility. In this review, we will discuss if Apex Focus Group is a scam paid survey website and explore the red flags that show its illegitimacy.

What is Apex Focus Group?

Before we dive into the topic, let’s brush up on Apex Focus Group’s background. Apex Focus Group claims to be a market research company that pays its users for participating in online surveys. It also offers its users the opportunity to join in the focus group discussions on a range of topics. According to them, their surveys help companies improve the quality of their products and services.

Red Flags

On the surface, Apex Focus Group looks like any other paid survey website. However, several red flags raise suspicions about its legitimacy. Here are some of those red flags:

Unprofessional website

First impressions are crucial, and the website of Apex Focus Group fails miserably in this aspect. On visiting their website, the first thing that strikes the user is its unprofessional look. The website appears incomplete with lots of empty spaces and lacks an aesthetic appeal.

Lack of information on the website

Another red flag is that Apex Focus Group’s website is bare and provides little information for the user. For example, their ‘About Us’ section only contains a one-sentence description of the company. Moreover, there is no contact information for direct communication with the company for feedback or inquiries.

Unsustainable payment structure

On further reading, Apex Focus Group’s payment structure seems too good to be true. They claim to offer users up to $150 per survey or focus group discussion, which is an extraordinary amount in comparison to other survey websites on the internet. Such a payment structure is unsustainable for a company that is not well-established.

No privacy policy or terms of service

Apex Focus Group’s website reportedly lacks critical information that assures user data security. This includes having no clear privacy policy or terms of service on their site, which raises the question of how they handle user data.

No external reviews or ratings

Lastly, there are no external reviews or ratings of Apex Focus Group, which can help to determine the company’s credibility. When a company is legitimate and reliable, reviews are usually readily available online. The lack of external reviews is indeed a red flag, indicating that certain facts are being covered up.


In conclusion, Apex Focus Group has raised red flags that hint towards its illegitimacy and lack of credibility just like other scam websites we have reviewed. For a company that claims to pay its users ludicrous sums of money, it fails to offer a professional-looking website or vital information such as a privacy policy. Even the lack of external reviews pushes us to question the legitimacy of the company. We, therefore, advise users to be wary of Apex Focus Group and proceed with caution.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Apex Focus Group:

1. Is Apex Focus Group a scam?

While we cannot outrightly confirm that Apex Focus Group is a scam, the red flags that raise questions about the company’s legitimacy cannot be ignored.

2. What is Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group is a paid survey website that offers market research services to businesses and pays users for participating in surveys and focus group discussions.

3. How much does Apex Focus Group pay for surveys?

Apex Focus Group claims to provide users with up to $150 per survey or focus group discussion, which is a massive amount compared to other survey websites.

4. Is there a privacy policy or terms of service on Apex Focus Group’s website?

No, Apex Focus Group’s website lacks vital information such as a privacy policy and terms of service, making it challenging to trust the company with user data.

5. Are there external reviews for Apex Focus Group?

As of now, there are no external reviews or ratings for Apex Focus Group, which raises concerns about the company’s credibility and legitimacy.

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