Lacy Bra Reviews 2023: Complaints & Personal Experience Wearing This No-wire Front Opening Bra

Do you always dread while you wear bra and can’t wait to get rid of it when you get home? Are you looking for an alternative bra that gives comfort and firm shape? Lacy Bra which is sold at promises to give you that comfort you desire and also hide your back and side fat, help you correct your posture and shape your upper body.

some users have shown concerns about the efficacy of this no wire front opening bra by In this review, I’ll share my experience wearing lacy bra

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Overview of Lacy Bra by

Lacy Bra is a no-wire, front-opening bra sold at This bra is sold with the claims of hiding side & back fat while lifting, supporting & comforting breasts of all sizes. Currently there’s an ongoing discount sale were you can get 60% off each purchase.

My Experience Using The Lacy Bra

I purchased The Lacy Bra from and it arrived after 2 months of back & forth with the customer rep ‘Paula”. When it finally did arrive, I wasn’t totally pleased with it. On one hand, I do feel like it improves my posture and pulls my shoulders back, which is great for my back pain. However, I have a couple of issues with the bra.

Firstly, there is no adjustment on the shoulder straps, which is a bit of a problem for me. I have quite narrow shoulders, so the straps are a bit too long for me. This means that the cups don’t sit quite right on my chest and my girls are bulging out of the cups. It’s not a good look and it’s not very comfortable either. I feel like I have four boobs instead of two!

Secondly, for the price I paid for this bra, I would expect it to fit perfectly straight out of the box. I shouldn’t have to sew the shoulder straps shorter to make it fit properly. I’m a 36D, which is a pretty standard size, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a bra to fit me properly without any alterations.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed with The Lacy Bra. While it does have some good features, the lack of adjustability on the shoulder straps and the poor fit of the cups mean that I probably wouldn’t buy it again

The Lacy Bra Pros: What I Like About This No-wire Front Opening Bra

  • It improves my posture
  • Pulls my shoulder back, reducing my back pain

Lacy Bra Cons: What I Don’t Like About The Lacy Bra by

  • Delivery takes months
  • The size chart isn’t accurate
  • There’s no adjustment on the shoulder straps
  • The company does not grant refund


I am not totally pleased with The Lacy Bra, especially after the two months delivery delay. However, it did help improve my posture and reduce my back pain. Still, there’re some flaws that need to be looked into. Lacy bra company needs to recall this bra and make one with adjustable straps. They also need to give accurate sizing measurement. Lots of buyers received sizes that were either too big or too small.

Overall, If I’m to rate Lacy Bra, I’ll give it a 4/10 for efforts. It’s just a little better than the Nakans bra I bought earlier.

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