Etsy Gardens Review: Legit Wreaths Store or Scam? Find Out!

Do you want to buy wreaths from EtsyGardens? Read this review to find out why our scam detector gave a poor trust score.

According to FTC, online shopping and negative reviews is the second most reported fraud category in 2021. As a result of this, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc. for our reader’s financial safety.

What is Website?

Etsy Gardens located at is an online store that deals in variety of door wreaths like farmhouse wreath, fall pumpkin wreath, Everyday pod wreath, etc. And these items are been offered for very cheap prices.

Unfortunately, Etsy Gardens is another online shopping fraud. During our investigations we discovered the following drawbacks –

  • It uses an email address ‘[email protected]’ that is being used by a blacklisted online store –Mayumiss, BubuWreath, EtsyRooms.
  • The trusted Seals on the website are fake, and not from the authorized organizations.
  • The website was registered on 26 August 2021, so it is working for just two months.
  • It has negative reviews on Facebook are all negative.

At this point you should be thinking of aborting mission! But if you’re still keen on shopping from this store, continue reading!

Other Reasons why you shouldn’t shop from;

Shipping & Delivery

EtsyGardens creates the impression that its physical store or warehouse is located in United States. However, this is not so. According to this report here, the website was registered in Anhui China.

In reality, shipping & delivery takes weeks, or months even. Meanwhile customers only know the order is coming from China after they’ve made a payment.

Customer Complaints

Costumers who shopped from this store have left reviews online stating that they received an entirely different item. In most cases, the wreaths were plastic, many sizes smaller, and didn’t look like the Ad. Also, all efforts to contact the store for refund were unsuccessful.

See what a customer has to say –

These products are misleading and cheap Quality. This is the picture of the wreath that I ordered and then this is the actual wreath it was delivered in the mail today. Very disappointed!! Came in cheap plastic bag shipped from China. The wreath it’s very poor quality plastic, I wish I would’ve seen these reviews before I spent $70 on a wreath and a bag!!!


Return Policy

This store’s refund and exchange policy is just a sham. In reality, the return shipping cost is often higher than the goods bought. So in the end you’re stuck with the worthless item.

Stolen Contents has stolen the works of sellers on Etsy. They’ve also used the name ‘Etsy Gardens’ in order to make people think they’re authorized by Etsy whereas it isn’t so. The images were gotten from Etsy and website of real sculptors/wreath makers.

This is quite common with lots of e-commerce sites from China. It is no news that China is the home of counterfeit products. There is no denying that counterfeiting as a kind of social phenomenon widely exists in China. Perhaps judging from culture in the broadest sense, counterfeiting represents a kind of culture. 

Is Legit?

From the crucial points noted above, has a lot of red-flags. This online store is owned by a fraudulent company stealing the works of Etsy artists.

Like most fraudulent e-commerce sites, this store uses super cheap discounts to attract customers. But when orders are placed, customers receive a different item instead of what was ordered. A classic case of bait and switch scam.

Unfortunate customers receive nothing at all, and have no means of contacting the store.


From all indications, is not an authentic online store. It has a poor trust score, and as such not recommended by us. 

Just like Peetlos, Mondreamy, BellaTrends, Hsbrace, Usgoodssale, and other reported suspicious websites, customers wouldn’t receive the item they ordered but a cheap item or nothing at all.

Have you been scammed?- Do This

Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, customers would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.

Therefore, it is advised to file complaints to your bank and request for a new credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you used Paypal as a method of payment, you should document (screenshot) the transactions for future purposes.

Yes, it is true that online shopping has made life easier, however when ordering things online check out the following-

How old is the website? Does it provide return address? Are there customer reviews online? Do the social media icons work?

Always remember you can get the items from trusted sellers on Amazon, like the ones provided above. One of the advantages of shopping from amazon is the return policy. If you are not happy with your order, you can always return your items and get your money back.


Wendy is an Entry-Level Security Analyst who's passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to protecting people and organizations from emerging threats.

She has spent the past ten years writing articles that reveal the alarming rise of online scams, fake products, and misleading advertising. In 2019, she left her role as a Threat Alert writer and founded SabiReviews. With more Cybersecurity certifications bagged, she knows her purpose; To educate the public about cybercrimes, to provide genuine reviews about services and products, and to stop cyber crimes.


  1. I didn’t see reviews for this company before I ordered and I ordered a wreath in September and still have nothing. It’s definately a scam organization. Never again will I order without checking them out. Live and learn….so sad that people do that to other people. 🙁

    1. I did the same thing. I received my wreath yesterday. A cheap plastic piece of garbage that looks nothing like the photo of the one I ordered. I filed a fraud claim with my credit card company.

    2. You will probably get the wreath, as I did. Ordered Sept 15, received October 28. Cheapest plastic small thing ever and nothing like the photo. I was not able to get resolution via Paypal because I did not respond to their request for more documentation in time. I let them have it and reported it to their fraud section to. I am seeing if I can get resolution from my bank. I called the phone number etsygarden provided on Paypal and it is always a busy signal. I have emailed them and received no response so far and I do not doubt I ever will. They have the money and are gone. You cannot find their website online, or at least I cannot, but they do provide a link in the shipping notification email that they send you when the product ships. It is just all fake. I will report to Facebook (again) as well. I am usually all over this fake Chinese stuff, but this time I let my guard down. Fake photos from all over the site, the same stuff is sold under numerous fake sites, stolen photos all. What a crock.

  2. This company is definitely a scam. I ordered a wreath, and I did receive one which looks nothing like what was advertised. So cheap that I estimate it cost $1 to make and tiny. I sent an email to the company, but of course it was ‘undeliverable’. I am now in the process of trying to put a claim through with PayPal.

  3. Received wreath today in the mail and it was covered in plastic-not in a box-that traveled 20 days from China. The wreath is about half the size of the one pictured with about half the amount of foliage in cheap plastic

  4. Ditto what others have said. I finally received my wreath, which does not look anything like the picture. All plastic with styrofoam pumpkins!! Not good for the environment, which I thought they said they were being mindful of. Half the size and smells awful. Do not buy from them!

  5. I also was scammed by this company. I received the wreath I ordered which looked nothing like that pictured on the website. The wreath was 1/4-1/3 the size as pictured and instead of natural materials was made of cheap smelly plastic. I have contacted the company demanding a refund but have heard nothing back. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIs FRAUDULENT COMPANY.

    1. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS FRAUD of a company!!!!!!!!
      What I received were two $1 green plastic wreaths with white plastic pumpkins 12” instead of the beautiful 34” wreath filled with foliage. I contacted my credit card company and received my credit of $70.
      I learned a lesson ; look up company if unknown to see if it’s legit.

  6. SCAM. Do not buy from this place. Everything from the other reviews are correct. Cheap, cheap, cheap. I did get an email back after I complained but they told me I had to pay shipping which would cost me $30.00. Threw it away.

  7. After 15 days and $43.92, I received the hideous wreath today. I would not have paid a dollar from The Dollar Store for this. It looks like something a kid would put in the bottom of a fish tank. I have submitted a dispute through PayPal. I was really taken in by the Etsy on the name. When I went to Etsy and typed in Etsygardenwreaths, a bunch of beautiful wreaths appeared so I thought this was legit.
    I am so angry!!!!

  8. I also ordered a wreath from them. It was not at all like what they advertised and what I thought I was ordering. I was so excited to get it and when I opened it, it was cheap plastic junk with 4 tiny white plastic pumpkins. Nothing else. I have written to the company and they asked if I would accept a partial refund and I told them no. I am probably just going to throw it in the garbage. And it did come from China. I thought it was through Etsy.

  9. Pure garbage. I received a cheap plastic wreath that looks NOTHING like the picture. I am extremely disappointed with this scam. I purchase a lot from Etsy and think they should block this organization immediately from performing this scam. Completely unacceptable. If I wanted to shop Amazon, I would. I shop Etsy to support the small independent artisans and companies that make our economies stronger. Shame on Etsy for allowing this to continue.

    1. This company is in no way affiliated with Etsy. Unfortunately, we were all fooled by the name. I. too, received the tackiest wreath that was half the size of what I ordered and made entirely of hideous plastic and sent wrapped only in plastic. I have tried to email this company and call, but all emails I (and the real Etsy) have found for the company are no good. I’ve yet to find a phone number either.

  10. I also was scammed by this company.. what I don’t understand is why does facebook allow this company to advertise if they are aware of the prior complaints..

    1. I agree! Face Book must start shutting them down. The amount of people getting scammed from about 6 different assumed names is massive.

  11. I also bought the wreaths and I’m not sure I’m happy I actually received them! They are very cheaply made! I paid with PayPal so I hope I have SOME recourse. I looked them up and many people are getting scammed!

  12. Well, I wished I’d had the foresight to look up the seller here before I ordered the lush appearing White Pumpkins and Rununculus Wreath as a surprise gift for a friend. I thought I was ordering from a trusted Etsy site. Luckily it was on sale for $39.95 as opposed to the original $73. What a disappointment! When I saw the wreath had been delivered, I contacted my friend to find out how she liked the gift. She was candid, not knowing it was from me, she was puzzled when a cheap, poorly made, unattractive, and very small wreath was delivered. She actually thought it was a “gift” from a non-profit charitable institute and promptly got rid of it. When I sent her an image of what I had ordered she laughed and said that was like comparing a Monet painting to her 3-year-old grandchild’s finger painting. I’ve sent an email to the company using all three service emails associated with the company. Not holding my breath. What a scam!

  13. My experience with this scam company is the same as all the other reviews. I have now heard back from the company twice telling me a full refund would only be issued after I paid the shipping to China which would be more than the value of the wreath! The only thing they were honest about! They are now offering me a 10% refund. $3.95! My guess is that is for issues with PayPal. Since Facebook and PayPal don’t vet these companies my policy going forward is to never order through any link they support!

  14. Scam!!!SCAM!!!@!

  15. It sounds as though all experiences have been the same as mine. My cheap Dollar store wreaths arrived today. They’re definitely nothing I would buy, and the price was ridiculous for what was sent. Not at all like the pictures. There was no indication that this was in China until my credit card company notified me of a foreign transaction through PayPal. I hope to get a refund. If not, lesson paid for.

  16. Do not order anything!! Complete fraud. I ordered a wreath and what came can only be described as Dollar Store crap!! Incredibly small wreath, falling apart, lowest quality products and unfinished foam pumpkins!! I will lodge a complaint with Pay Pal but I am sure I am out the money at this point. Wish I had seen the reviews first so I hope people are finding these reviews useful.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Not only did it take almost two months to receive it, but i got a completely different wreath from what I ordered. Very cheaply made, small and falling apart. What a scam!!

  17. The wreath I ordered was substituted for one that looked nothing like the photo on their website. It took them several days to return my email asking for a refund. I was given 2 options: return it China, or receive a 10% refund ($7.70).

    Do not throw your money away on their products. I can only hope this helps someone else before ordering from them. Today I will cancel the debit card I used to place my order.

  18. Me too! I am usually more careful when I order from companies that I don’t know. I can’t believe I was this careless.

  19. Same experience with this company. Just got my pumpkin wreath and it was complete junk.. I have been fighting with this company ever since the order was placed to cancel after I realized this was coming from China, not CA as they advertised. They told me the same thing, $30 to return, but they would give me a 10% discount if I kept it. HA! I wouldn’t put this in a doghouse!! I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge and they issued a credit after I told them the story. I’ll post pics of what they advertise and what they sent all over social media.

  20. I also was scammed. Ordered the pumpkin wreath. It looked beautiful in the picture but what I received wasn’t even a third if the size and all plastic. Really awful what they have been allowed to keep doing. Same of Facebook and shame on me for not doing my homework. Thought I was safe cause I thought it was a US company and was an Etsy company. Never again. Lets keep spreading the word.

  21. Same experience here. The 12-inch wreath I received was half the size of what I ordered. As to quality — absolutely nothing like what was pictured. Cheap plastic. And, to add insult to injury, the pumpkins were all hot glued in upside down! I have disputed with the company and so far we are up to a 40 percent refund offer. A lot of you on here are comparing the wreaths to cheap Dollar Store junk —- you’re giving the Dollar Store a bad name when in fact the items sold at the Dollar Store are better quality than the EtsyGardens wreath!

  22. I had the same experience. I filed a dispute with PayPal. The seller originally offer $30 refund of the $101.99 that I paid. I declined their offer and continue to dispute with PayPal. The item was definitely not as represented. Today I was notified The seller will refund the $101.99. And I don’t have to send the fake $3 wreath back to China either. Perseverance.

  23. Wish I would of read reviews prior to purchasing!!! Took months to receive and cheapest plastic ever. Nothing like photo went straight to garbage can. Wouldn’t give it away for free!!!

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