Earpap Anti Snore Device – 100% Scam? Honest Review

Does Earpap really work for sleep apnea or is it a rip off? is the reviews online real or fake? should you spend $169 on this device? Read this review to find out!

First of all, a lot of things don’t add up about this anti snore device and the reviews online.

Barbara calls it an uncomfortable device that doesn’t stop snoring. According to this customer, EarPap anti snore device only wakes you up when you snore. The claim it detects and corrects snoring without waking you up has been tagged false.

But why are there glowing reviews online? Why is this device glorified as the new miracle product?

This review answers all your questions.

What is the Science behind Earpap anti snoring device?

Unlike CPAP machines, EarPap doesn’t send a steady flow of oxygen into your nose and mouth as you sleep. There’s no tube or head gear, it is just a small device that you wear on your ear like an Airpod, ( I think that’s how its derived its name), then it does the following –

  • Automatically detect snoring using built-in sensors.
  • Uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the vagus nerve in the neck
  •  This will then re-open the collapsed airways.

Viola! No more snoring. Sounds quite simple right?

It even has the following perks – Its rechargeable, comes with an App that helps you track and analyze your sleep quality over time.

But wait 🤚🏼 should you really spend $169 on this device?

Earpap Reviews:

As a rule, before buying any thing online I always dig for genuine independent reviews. Why? Because I’ve been burnt many times by fake stores and products. I once bought an air conditioner that was the rave of the internet, ended up being a sham. Same with this Mouthpiece toothbrush and this ear wax cleaner.

So yeah, I had to go digging again for genuine reviews, and boy, I really hit some can of worms! Forget the positive reviews on myearpap.com, there seem to be something fishy going on their Facebook page.

First, I noticed lots of comments were being rapidly deleted. Then I visited the Reviews page on Facebook and saw the following –

According to the above review, EarPap is uncomfortable to wear. Barbara says it is difficult to know when it’s turned on, also the app is unreliable. After using it for two weeks she noticed it doesn’t make any difference to her snoring.

Hmmmm, sounds interesting. Let’s see what another customer has to say about EarPap AntiSnore Device.

According to Michael, the device did nothing but wake him up every time he snored. After using it for a week, his patience wore out, and he had to look for means to return it.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that these two customers had similar experience when they tried returning the device. Below is what happened –

  • Had a tough time contacting the customer support
  • Told only $60 would be refunded out of the $170 paid

Now, this doesn’t look good at all. Another customer also complained of being unable to contact the customer support after placing an order. She alleged that it seemed she has been ghosted, as her mails were not replied.

Did this happen to you too?

You can contact the company with these contact details –

Is myearpap.com a Scam?

We are skeptical about this company as there are a lot of red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. Though it claims to help people with snoring problems, real reviews says otherwise. Have you shopped myearpap.com? What were your experiences? Please drop a comment!


  1. says 7 day delivery but still waiting now 20 days .
    So can not comment on actual product as yet but definitely will once and if received

  2. I ordered an Earpap over a month ago, 8/12/2021. I received an USPS tracking number that shows a shipping label has been created but the USPS is waiting on delivery to them. All attempts at contacting the company have gone unanswered.

  3. Like a DUMMY I ordered this thing before checking it out and lo and behold I found this page and found out that it is not as torted, hope that I can get monies back.

  4. DO NOT BUY! The 60 day money back guarantee they claim is not honored. This is horrendously uncomfortable and does not perform as advertised.

  5. This is a complete waste of money. This company is a fraud and the product does not work. DO NOT waste your money, it is all a lie. It does absolutely nothing when you snore and it does not monitor your real sleep habits.

    1. I actually received the product, but they shipped 2 and billed me for 2. Of course it didn’t work. I contacted them by email several times. Finally they sent me a return label and I sent them back. I traced the shipment and it was received at their San Bernadino office on Sept. 16th. No refund and they don’t respond to my emails. The phone numbers are bogus. It’s a total scam! And I fell for it.

  6. Total scam. Company is a front; even my credit card company is not able to deal with it. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY.

  7. Cannot get customer service to respond to my return request. When I placed the order it showed 60 days to return for full refund. I guess I have been screwed!

  8. I never received an order number, tracking number, anything. Only text acknowledgement of my order. I did receive the product, tried it for several nights, and it does nothing to help my snoring. It’s uncomfortable, too, but I would wear it if it worked. I have a feeling I’m screwed.

  9. Same story. Simply doesnt work as advertised, and very uncorfotable. Send many emails to claim a refund, not being answered at all. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!!!

  10. This company is a complete scam and I’m going to make it my life mission to make it known so no one else falls for it. First, the device itself doesn’t have a way to adjust to your ear so it’s one size fits all but the real problem is that it simply doesn’t work as advertised. The app itself is clunky, developed somewhere overseas and doesn’t work whatsoever. I put it down for a few hours and it registered fake sleep data for the few hours it was sitting on my desk. The support is a joke, they don’t respond to emails and I’m yet to hear from anyone about my refund. This company is preying on people who are desperate for a quality night sleep and taking full advantage of them. Do NOT buy this product.

  11. definetely a scam. I ordered it and it never arrived. Contacted their support. Got an auto response but they never responded. Their phone numbers seem to be fake as they don’t connect at all. definitely avoid

    1. The device does not work. I will say it did not wake me up and I barely noticed it on my ear, but I have another app on my phone that tracks my snoring and sleep apnea episodes and they did not change. I am sending it back to the company but I already disputed the charge on my credit card.

      Here is the US address: My Ear Pap, 6010 Cajon Blvd, San Bernadino, CA 92407

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