Tvidler Reviews 2022: Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner Scam or Legit? Find Out!

The ear wax website ‘’ has been called out by numerous customers for overcharged fees. As a result of this, it has been labelled a scam by buyers. Still tempted? read this review to find out if the website and product is worth the risk.

Tvidler located at

What is Tvidler

It is allegedly a revolutionary tool that helps you clean your ears effectively. According to the information on the website, this tool reaches deeper than a cotton swab. It also rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canals.

Sounds like a wonder tool right?

Let’s not be too quick to conclude!

First of all, lets take a look at the website ‘’. There seem to be a handful of positive reviews. Now, we all know how important reviews are for e-commerce sites, but in most cases it gets abused.

For instance, has provided customer profiles and reviews which are fictitious. When you reverse image search on the pictures of supposed customers, you’d hit a can of worms!

Below is the result you get when you image search the customer ‘Sinan Limani’

Tvidler Reviews Image Search Result

As you can see, the exact image has been used by many sites. It is one of those images you can get on Stockphoto. The case is the same with the other customer profiles.

Interesting investigation right? lets move on!

Tvidler Scam

I’m sorry if you had fallen for the 50% discount pop-up hoax, that somehow adds multiple Tvidler to your cart. This issue is not particular to you alone. A lot of customers have sent mail detailing their experience with this store. You order for one, but get charged for four. There is no confirmation screen so you don’t know what they have added until its paid for (PayPal)

Now, this is quite sad. Especially if you were trying to give this ear cleaner a first try.

So what should you do?

unfortunately there have not been any progress sorting this issue with the company. You should contact your bank or PayPal (if you used it).

Are Ear Wax Removal Tools Safe for Use?

 Tools like ear picks or spiral tools could accidentally puncture your eardrum and cause permanent hearing loss. When you search “earwax removal tools” online, you’ll find many of these types of tools claim to be safe for earwax removal. However, they can be dangerous to use in your ear.

A common way to clean your ears safely involves an earwax softener. The kit usually uses a type of oil or hydrogen peroxide to soften the wax. Follow the instructions on the package to soften and remove earwax. You can buy an earwax softener kit on Amazon.

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  1. Ordered one … received eight! Numerous emails to try to resolve issue unsuccessful … only further reduced price offers in lieu of repayment. Avoid at all costs.

    1. Wife pulled it up and I ordered it without checking. Thought it was safe due to being able to use Paypal. Like many have said, Ordered one, they shipped and charged for four. Also, ordered on a Canadian site, saw I was charged for four, and called and emailed immediately to correct. They still shipped 4. Turns out it was in American funds also, which it didn’t show. 29 emails with them later, they agreed to wave the restocking fee, but I still had to pay shipping. Went to the post office to see the cost of shipping to the address they gave. $89.61 cdn to ship back, when they told me it would be approximately $15. So, going through VISA now to get this corrected. Wrote them a scathing review on there website. They pulled it and said they still have 100% positive feedback. Lesson learned.

    1. i ordered one, they added $20more for stuff i didn”t order. called my credit card company right to stop payment. what a rip off .lt

    Estafa total! NO SIRVE!!!!! Mi pedido de triplico y me dijeron que no podían anularlos porque, aunque trate de anular en el minuto mismo de la compra, dijeron que ya había sido enviado. De los 3 pedidos llegaron 2 y eso hace casi 60 dias!!! arreglan todo a su conveniencia:
    No aceptan anular un pedido triplicado.
    No aceptan devolverme mi dinero aun cuando han pasado 60 días y el producto no llega.
    No aceptan devolverme mi dinero por el pedido restante que no llega, porque soy un cliente insatisfecho con productos que son una estafa!!!!!

    No he probado uno ni dos; sino 4 de sus productos(porque el pedido se triplico y tuve que darselo a familia y amigos) no sirven son una estafa!!!!! y encima pretenden reducir de mi dinero gastos de envío por algo que no recibí, y encima deducir una tarifa de reposición???? ROBO CON MAYUSCULAS!!!!!

    No me dan ninguna solución, solo quieren quedarse con el dinero reembolsándome solo el 15 porciento del valor de la compra.

    1. Ugh. Why didn’t I search before I bought. They added $60 of tvidlers to my order. It’s in resolutions with PayPal but that didn’t help you?! I also contacted tvidler customer service. So disappointing. Did you actually receive any product from the company?

  3. Tvidler is a total SCAM. DO NOT BUY from them. I purchased the ear wax product, which did not work. Because I tried it, they would not take it back and refund my payment. How is a customer supposed to know whether it works if they don’t open it and try it. They expect you to magick it back into its original pristine condition before they will issue refund. Terrible company. Steer Clear!!!

  4. Like many others, I got duped by this despicable low-life of a company. Call your state’s attorney, atty-general, Federal Trade Commission, or other organizations set up to investigate these companies. If enough complaints are pushed through legal channels, they will hopefully be threatened into non-existence. And, most important, if you used your personal information in any way, run, don’t walk to your bank, and notify them as you put a freeze on your acct. What-a-drag!

    1. Sadly, I also fell into this evil trap. They tried to ping my credit card company 4 times.. (unfortunately, I had already given them my pay out information). I called customer service within the hour to cancel my order, got a very pleasant man who spoke broken English. I was told a representative would contact me. Two hours later, I notified the company by e-mail. (The tracking site, showed is was in progress), still had to time to cancel before packaging and shipping. I sent 3 more e-mails to no avail. Sadly, I had to cancel my card. At Midnight I was notified my products were shipped. Now if I desire, I may pay a 15% restocking fee and $10 per item… yes… huge rip off!! Do not purchase!!

  5. Our ears are naturally made up to have wax for protection purpose and our ancestors lived exactly the same way without any issues. Please do not remove the wax from your ears with any device, not even cotton buds.

  6. East European scammers. Don’t stick things in your ears! Learn to spot fake reviews…5 stars have bad grammar laced with semi technical terms no normal person would use. 1 stars are written in normal language and are all warning you against whichever scammer is spewing their wickedness into your life.

  7. DO NOT BUY!!!! Doesn’t work!! They try to charge you for items you didn’t order. If you try to return the item(s), the shipping to Lithuania is more than your order. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

  8. I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered a Tvidler. It’s been a month with no delivery, yet I receive regular emails from different people saying they are the head of customer support, and also say to click the link in the email to track my package. None of the emails contain a link, plus Tvidler or ecomlita send endless emails advertising other products such as knives and language courses, probably also scams.

  9. I also got ripped off by tvidler. Purchased one ear tool using Paypal , got a receipt almost immediately. Then within 5 minutes a 2nd receipt came in my email for an additional 4 ear tools that I did not order. They must have somehow picked up my Paypal info and used it for this “purchase”. After advising Paypal to get involved, they said this was a legitimate purchase and they could not help. Ecomlita portrayed themselves as Paypal customer service; it’s not legit. Just a barrage of phoney emails back to me claiming they were working on it…no less than 15-20 BS emails.

  10. I did try to order ONE Tvidler on line at and when I got to the “order processed” part is showed I had ordered FOUR Tvidlers. Within THREE minutes I tried Chatting, phoning, emailing in order to cancel the order. The Chat worked for a few minutes then froze, the email froze and the different fields would not take any input, the phone number is just another machine whatever option you select…no humans to be had. The following day got an email saying I had an order but no shipping information…my experience is once an item has been handed over to a shipper or mail then a shipping number is available…they cannot provide that. I have been told that is has already shipped today 12/19/2021 is Sunday. I placed the order at 3.41 pm MT on Saturday 12/18/2021. I gave Chat my order to cancel at 3.44 pm MT, have photos to prove this. BEWARE

    1. The same happened to me. I chatted with customer service within minutes of ordering–I ordered 1 and was charged for 4. Customer service opened a ticket (I got an email about the ticket within minutes) and they would be contacting me. She said she changed my order to just ONE Tvindler. No one contacted me about my ticket so I responded to the ticket. The reply was “Sorry, it has already been sent.” I was suspicious about that this product would even work but my hubby wanted to try it. I usually always check these sorts of things, but this time I didn’t because it was an Instagram ad and I’ve never had a problem with the many things I’ve ordered through Instagram. Total ripoff. I should have known when it said “Get a second at half price” etc about 4 times before I checked out! Told my CC to investigate and hopefully they won’t charge me for the $64.91 charge from Tvindler.

  11. I agree with everyone above! This product is a joke didn’t work at all and it’s way over priced!
    And here’s the worst part, They will not stand be their guarantee even though they clearly state they will in the add on the Tvidler web page! Plus they bombard you with adds once they have your email!
    Your only chance is to dispute the charge with your credit card company!
    Best of luck to anyone who fell for this cheap China Junk!

  12. I had the identical experiences. If this is not a scam, I don’t know what is. I tried to cancel within minutes. I only ordered one at 50% off. Ended up with a $144 charge. Bank couldn’t or wouldn’t help because I had approved the charge. I was not aware of doing that. It’s heartbreaking to be scammed like this. There customer service # is an Alabama #. Their telephone agents are from the Philippines. Their factories are allegedly in Europe and Canada. The package I was sent came from Vernon, CA.. The products had to be returned to Lithuania. I had to pay shipping and restocking fee. I didn’t do it. I didn’t trust that. So I’m stuck with them and the pain of being so blatantly scammed.

  13. I had the exact same experience as T. Rowan! Very upset and it is definitely a scam…They are aggressive and shameless scammers…

  14. I experienced the same thing. The company is a scam; don’t buy its products. It adds more items to your cart and you won’t know before one hit pay. They charge and make cancellations impossible, even if one calls within few minutes of the order.

  15. I order 1 charged for 4 I caught with in 15 mins. Called they said it would be corrected. And I would receive an email to confirm. After 4 hours no email I called back told the order had been processed and on the truck. They must be very efficient if that was done within 4 hours. I told them I would not pay for 4. Checked my charge account charge had been processed. Called the charge company It had not been paid they will dispute and not pay until resolved. Got email saying that if I removed the dispute for over charge would make refund. I said process refund then I would remove the dispute. Charge company agreed. I was sent 4. I called said I will not pay for 4. I was told to send 3 back at my expense I said sent me a prepaid label then I would return. Oh well just keep all 4. They never process the refund the dispute resolved they were paid nothing. They don’t anyway.

  16. Hejsan! Beställde en Twidler efter massiv reklam, betalade 180:-kr och det har nu gått två veckor och jag har inte sett till den här prylen! Detta är helt klart SCAM – the company is located in LITUANIEN….Shame on TV channels and Youtube who let them make reklam for this SCAM-company!!

  17. All the above is true plus the cleaners are for children. They do not reach far enough to clean a normal grown-up’s ear. I had a good one before but these are not worthwhile. When I visited China I, unfortunately, did not look at people’s ears but I now assume like their eyes they also have different size ears.
    Has anyone contacted AARP? I got taken by them and if we all complained to AARP about false advertising we might also recover our losses. They must know that they are allowing scammers to advertise in their monthly magazine. Shame on them.

  18. Do not buy from this company. They are UNSCRUPULOUS!!!
    #1:The way they set up wording at checkout you end up buying more than initially requested.

    #2: I emailed them the same day to request a refund for the 2 packets that weren’t used. I was offered 15% refund if I kept the product or 15% restocking fee if I mailed the item back with refund difference of purchase price and restocking fee. I replied indicating I want a refund which they interpreted as my wanting to keep the item. I wanted a refund after returning the item. We went back and forth as the customer service said I could no longer return even though as I was few days into having the item because of their interpretation of what I meant by refund. I offered to start a claims with PayPal then they changed their response. Said I could then return the item

    #3: even though the item was mailed from NJ, the return address is to Lithuania. I read a review just now that they did the same and the person had to pay $100 to get his return to Lithuania.


  19. I fell for it, but fortunately bought through Klarana 30 day pay, and let them know, so they are investigating. I accidently ordered 2 (falling for the fake reviews they put out) then tried to cancel immediately on a Saturday (they shouldn’t ship until Monday). Any other company, like Amazon, or Zlando, would have been able to cancel the order no prolbem. But they insisted on sending the products anyways and saying I could return them. Then it turns out it would cost just as much to return to Luthuania. False advertising with Swiss and Swedish flags all over the product website, then you find out it’s in Lithuania, and they start to send you a bunch of junk mail about how you are in the Tvidler family from “hot” lithuanian babes named “monica” or “julia”…. who want to “chat” to fix things. Frigg’n SCAM! They’re not going to get a dime! I’ll drop off their tVidlers the next time I’m in Lithuania…. or they can pay for shipping.

  20. I too fell for this trap. Bloody stupid East European company. I ordered one and was charged for four. They do not send you an email invoice immediately thus you are not able to dispute the charge immediately. I finally received an email invoice only after I went to their chat site and brought it up. That is when I discovered the charge. All efforts to correct the charge were in vain. They offered me a 15% discount to accept the erroneous order. The product advertises a 30 day return windown. However, shipping charges and a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. The worst part is I used my credit card instead of paypal. I did not see this scam website until afterwards.

  21. Add me to the list of suckers. this company needs to not be allowed on the internet. A total scam. Previously reviews mirror my experience. Order one at $19.95 get charged $120.00. I filed a complaint and challenged
    the charge. but, there must be some way to go after the company. It is simply credit card theft.

  22. DO NOT BUY! even though the product was sent to me as I ordered it, it simply DOES NOT WORK! No wax comes out on those tips no matter how long you turn them for, complete rip off.

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