Arctos Portable AC Reviews 2022: Scam or Legit?

Arctos Portable AC is not an Air conditioner as you were made to believe. It does not even come close to being an ‘Air Cooler’. The advertising and branding of this product is deceptive.

It cannot be an A/C unit if it is self-contained. A/C units are heat pumps — they remove heat from the air and transport the heat to another location, i.e. usually out of the space that you want to cool (think of a refrigerator moving heat from inside the closed space to the outside of it).

Arctos is not an AC but a swamp cooler. It only humidify the air surrounding your feet, and can not work as an air cooler or regular fan.

It’s an evaporative cooler. It works with an ice tray which you have to fill with water, place in a refrigerator, before putting it inside the ‘Arctos’ This is what it uses to blow cool air. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned in the Ads online.

Is Arctos Portable AC Worth Your Money?

Apart from the fact that Arctos is wrongly called an Air Conditioner, below are other reasons why we can’t recommend this product.


It is been sold for extremely high prices. is offering this ‘portable Air cooler unit’ for almost $90 whereas this exact compact swamp cooler can be gotten for far cheaper prices online.

On Amazon you can get similar ‘portable ac’ for 20$-50$ and save yourself more money and time. Still, mini portable AC don’t do much.

False Money Back Guarantee

Unlike you were made to believe, you can’t return your Arctos Personal Space Cooler in 60 days time, especially if you opened the box already. The 60 days money back guarantee is just a sham used to buy your trust. So, you’re stuck with your dear portable AC for life (Laughs)

Negative History

The Arctos Mini AC is marketed by Ontel Products, 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004 . A google search showed that the company has some bad reviews online already, dating as far back as 2020.

Why this does not make them totally bad, it still doesn’t paint this company in a good light.

What this company does is buy products for cheaper rates in China, then invest in social media advertising, SE0 advertising, copy writing and all the likes, to make the products look real or legit to buyers. This is why when you search for Artic Air Pure Chill AC reviews or as seen on tv artic air pure chill ac reviews you’d see tons of reviews from blogs endorsing the product.

But one thing stands out…..the contents are all similar. All hog-wash, make believe reviews. Unfortunately, you would get tempted to buy this product. Don’t beat yourself! Who wouldn’t? The reviews look real, moreover they’re from popular websites. What a shame! Sponsored reviews do the most these days.

Fake Reviews

During our investigation, we realized the positive reviews online, both that of YouTube and Blogs, are all fake. This is they’re all similar. We realized these reviewers are just affiliate marketers who get paid commission for any sale they make. So they are reviewing the product without even using it for starters.

Also, the reviews on are unverifiable. They shouldn’t prompt you to make an order.

Classified Junk

We have reviewed similar product before, Blaux Portable AC, Polaire, Williston Force. Either called air conditioner or air cooler or portable AC, they all work the same way. And from these reviews, you’d see that the product was far from satisfactory. It didn’t meet the expectations of customers.

Arctos Portable AC Customer Complaints

People who’ve bought and used this product have left reviews online stating that that they’ve been unable to contact the store after making their order. There’s no available means of contact so they can’t know their order delivery status. Review: Is It Legit?

We are skeptical about Arctos AC as there are a lot of red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. Have you shopped from What were your experiences? Please drop a comment!

Do Mini Portable Air Conditioners Really Work?

Yes they do, but only for a short while.

One of the ways that an air conditioner helps to cool you, is by removing the humidity in the air, allowing your sweat to evaporate. This unit, while it does decrease the air temp by a few degrees, it also increases the humidity in the air, and that will make you feel worse in the long run.

Mini Portable Air Conditioners are swamp coolers, they’re only ideal for hot summers. I live in Los Angeles, where the summer air tends to be hot and dry in the daytime, and warm and dry at night. That little cooler on the table next to the bed keep that immediate area nicely cooled and works fine. IT DOES NOT COOL THE WHOLE ROOM!

watch video review here


  1. This Arctos portable cooler is nothing but a swamp cooler. I guess people have forgotten what a swamp cooler is. They work great in in dry, low humidity states like Arizona, etc. High humidity states however like Missouri, Iowa, etc. etc. and there are a lot of these states they don’t work near as well. Yeah lets add some more humidity to 65% awful humidity levels I’m already dealing with. Get a fan and hang a wet towel in front of it….sheesh.

  2. I thought i was calling ARCTOS but it changed the product i received was ARCTIC AIR PURE CHILL,I told them i was sending it back,Told to keep two of the three for my trouble,told them no,When called my credit card company they charged me $158.31 twice on my card on the same day.Would not deal with either company.

  3. Thank you for reporting the truth about ARCTOS. My mother fell for this scam despite the several red flags “review” sites and ARCTOS’s own website raised for me and I’m not looking forward to the fallout of telling her she’s been ripped off.

  4. These units are available under different Brand names but they are all deceptively advertised as portable and AC units. First off they are not portable as you might expect. You must plug them into an electrical outlet or extension cord. They are not battery operated and can not be used in remote environments. Secondly, they are not AC units but swamp coolers. They can not cool you down as stated even in Arizona where we too have high humidity a good part of the year (Monsoon). They will help to cool you down about as much as any fan would do but “chill” is not in their vocabulary. Availability? Just bought four units from Home Depot @ $40.00 ea.

  5. Piece of garbage. Doesn’t do anything in a small are. Just a cheap cheezy fan that came in pieces. It took to weeks to come and was also cracked. I doubt I would get my money back after seeing the lies about what I was getting. It will be going in the trash. Waste of money.

  6. This product, Arctos, should be banned. A Lot of trouble to reach them, they put two charges on my credit card, finally got them to take back the one I received, but they refuse to pay shipping, Really awful people, I would warn all prospective customers to Stay Away!

  7. This company is a total RIP OFF..Buyers beware..When I finally, after many attempts, contacted the company via email to let them know I was returning this glorified table top fan they stated they have a 90 day return policy MINUS THE PROCESSING AND SHIPPING..if I chose to keep the items they would give me a discount of $90.00 and IF the outer shipping box as been opened, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs..
    Another way to “con” your money..

    1. These coolers are worthless, do not work as advertised – DO NOT BUY THESE COOLERS!! After reviewing Arctos websites and 4.8/5 star reviews, I fell for it and bought two coolers. Simply put, their websites are full of lies and misinformation – they do NOT cool a room within seconds; they are NOT easy to use; water & ice has to be added every 15 or 20 minutes; all of the website reviews are FALSE! This is FRAUD, yes?

        1. Thank you for all the information provided. I was bluffed by the advertisement and was about to purchase a unit to give it a try. But after considering your comments, I decided not to go ahead.
          Thank you for your precious review comments

  8. I did not see this website before I ordered, it’s been three weeks. At two weeks I tried to cancel the order as they were waiting on parts from China. Now I’m concerned that I don’t have to find another product to do the job

  9. I don’t know much about the law but I think we could all come together and sue these people. It’ll cool a room in 10 minutes or less or whatever they say it doesn’t cool a 5 foot five section in 24 hours in fact the air coming out of my fan is cooler than the stupid thing that I wasted money on. I was suckered I admit but this is ridiculous. IS THIS NOT!!!! False advertising?

  10. I searched multiple sites prior to purchase and yet somehow never once came across this – relevant to the exact same product – website? Yet now my product has not arrived going on one month and NOW this shows up as my first search option?? It’s as if google is in on the shopping scam.

  11. I too was taken by the marketing skill of this deceitful company. The product fails on every level. It leaks, damaging anything around it no matter how level it is. I tested the 4 I bought on their promotion and they all have the same problems. Arctos ac is a swamp cooler that is incapable of cooling anything further away than 4 feet and that’s a stretch unless you jump through all the hoops. Wet and freeze your filters, add cold refrigerated water and add ice cubes. On a hot day this last 4 hours at best before it leaks all over the place. Buyer beware this product sucks.

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