Get Polaire Review: Why Polaire AC Sucks!

Polaire AC is not a trustworthy store to buy portable air conditioner. This review exposes reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Polaire air conditioner.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Polaire AC Specifications

  • Saves energy 
  • Portable 
  • Zero Installation charge 
  • Humidifies the air
  • Zero sounds 
  • No disturbing element
  • Good for personal use 

should you have a reason to worry about

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Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

No Contact Info

One of the major reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Polaire Ac, is that there is no customer support. In fact, going through the website we realized they don’t even have a privacy policy or refund policy page. There is no mail address, phone number, or even a company address to tell us where this store is located.

We think this is enough reason for you to back off.

No History

Using, we realized the website was registered just 30 days ago. And just like, the owners have gone to every length to remain anonymous.

What We Found about!

At first glance, appears to be a legitimate online store selling portable AC. However, on further investigation, we discovered a lot of inconsistencies. There is no customer support, the website is just a month old, and those who ordered few weeks ago are yet to receive their order.

We believe Get Polaire is another AC scam just like the viral BlauxportableAC, we advise you to buy from trusted sellers on Amazon.


  1. Thank you for this report. I was intrigued with this cooler but will not buy it now thanks to your advice.

    1. I just opened the packages and set up the Polaire. Stupid me for buying online junk k owing that the physics make no sense. The casing is more flimsy than a throwaway toy. The tank leaks on one of the units and I had a very difficult time plugging in one of the units. It barely cools at the highest setting and that’s if you duct tape it to your face. I suspect these were manufactured in China for 0.97 cents. This is a scam and a rip off.

  2. Pay close attention to the YouTube ad. It’s full of typos and has the same general theme as an ad I saw for a drone. Same music, same “we could build this cheaper,” sob story. This is a scam. Avoid!!

    1. Yes! I knew the ad format looked super familiar! I remember seeing the drone ad too! I bet it’s only a matter of time before there’s another one selling some other piece of garbage with the same theme. Someone is behind it all.

    2. Yeah they straight up ripped off that drone ad and clearly don’t speak English as their first language.

    3. As soon as I saw “wisper” soft, I knew it was a scam. You’d think scammer would’ve wised up.

    4. Typos and tons of grammatical errors. If they cannot spend enough to get decent copy for their product, what does that tell you?

    5. You are right! It is copy and paste from the drone ad! Even the same music. How dumb do they think we are?

    6. I thought the exact same thing! That drone ad was intriguing, but they try to fool ppl with cool music, a do good story, etc…, may just be a cheap humidifier with pretty coloured lights. These youtube ads are the new late night infomercials. when u google reviews, all u get are fake news sites, clickbait… telling u about the unit. Thank you guys for all your leg work and investigating.

  3. Thank you for this report. I was very interested in this product and ready to buy several. I just thought I’d check reviews before going ahead. After reading your report I will not purchase from this company now. Thankyou very much for your advice.

  4. Why are YouTube allowing companies like this to advertise? There are a few products with similar adverts such as the cheap drone one and it’s time YouTube investigated.

    1. YouTube is in business for the money not ethics. Many companies are and they aren’t concerned about the well being of others nor do they “hold the same opinions and views” about products. They are strictly going for the advertising dollars!

    2. This looks like a simple fan with some kind of paper filter in front that holds the water. Looks like a toy humidifier It’s time youtube be investigated about lots of stuff!! period!!!

    3. Considering also that the girl in the hooded sloopy and tracksuit pants sitting in front of it..I mean how dumb are these advertisers and also it states to aussie guys…yeh right and then on other sites its says 2 japanese….yes exactly jewtube!!

      1. I’m sure you must have a LOT going for you if you spend your time posting anonymously about portable AC units. You’re probably sexy and fit and… Oh, wait, maybe not. Guess you have nothing better to do than ponder about the Jews. What a great life you must be living!

  5. They use the same advert for crappy drones and cheap android phones, two young engineers leave top company and start selling cheap Chinese products as though they were high end.

    1. If all those products were actually as good as claimed they would be selling their self by word of mouth and you’d already know about them. Before buying anything of this type always do some research. That old saying is true – if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

  6. Absolutely a scam

    Check the terms and conditions and you will see the parent company is Sable Services LP. They are registered as a limited partnership company in the UK and the only address listed is for a mailbox in a virtual mailbox company in Scotland, ie there is no physical address for the company. The company is run by a man named Ricardo Jose Santos Diogo, who still resides in Portugal.

    All this information is publically available on the website

    1. I also found a link to a vague address in China. Perhaps that’s where it’s manufactured? Either way, we should STAY AWAY. Thanks for the extra info about this SCAM.

    1. How could you watch that ad and not notice all the typos, misspelled words, and grammatical errors? Dead giveaway that it’s not a “good option.”

      1. The ads would not exist if some did not miss the typos and misspellings. Don’t judge, this is what this forum is for to point such things out.

      2. Also, there’s more than one ad out there now. I’ve seen three so far. One of them was a bit more slick.

        Scammers of this $89 fan during a heatwave (July 2020) is sadly going to find some desperate suckers. Even worse, the fine print on the vague website states the customer must wait at least 30 days to receive the cheap fan. Ugh!

  7. This sounded to good to be true. Glad I trusted my instincts, did a bit of research and read this review. Well done guys for exposing these scammers

  8. If you look closely, you’ll also see the “actual” brand name of the thing is “Arctic Air” which is an as seen on tv product. They just stole their advertising clips and added the notes over top. Scumbags.

  9. Sounded too good to be true. The bad english and typo’s had me looking for product reviews. Thanks for this info. I won’t be buying today.

    1. The physics are fine. This is just a repackaging of proven concept that has been around for ages. Look up “evaporative cooler” or “swamp cooler”. It’s just not some new high tech concept, but a tried and true low tech concept, and the small size limits it to a small area of effect. That being said, still overpriced for what it is.

  10. As far as some new technology that they discovered they are just selling an evaporative cooling unit in a neat package same as every other portable AC. The industry as a whole has monitoring done by outside quality control companies so there claim that products were just getting worse and costing more is a pretty lame statement. Your gonna get what you pay for like with a car. I would steer clear of this product

    1. Not sure what you classify as “portable AC”, but those portable AC units that are about 3 foot tall on wheels with window venting are indeed real AC units with compressors, coils, and refrigerant gases. There are evaporative coolers that size also, but evaporative cooling doesn’t require venting.

  11. I ALMOST ordered, but when I saw the upside down “e” on their site…multiple grammar and “bad English” sentences, I knew it was NOT a European company. The scammers may be in Europe, but this all seems to familiar like all the scams I have fallen for from sellers (even on Amazon) from China. They take your money and send you a tracking number and it just says “awaiting shipment” for weeks, then months I am guessing they hope you forget about it. And you contact them and they say it’s on the way but due to the conditions it is held up in customs. No more…not buying anymore Scams from China!!

  12. Fake Chinese Bull shit! FUCK China! Boycott everything made in CHina! Take back the Wuhan Flu made in a lab!

  13. First, this is a scam. But, even if the company were legit, this is not some new technology. Evaporative cooling is used a lot and is well-known. It is useless in humid areas like the southeastern U.S. It will add mositure to the air – the opposite of what we want.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I reside in southern Ontario Canada (very similar climate to SE US) and was wondering how this unit would extract the humidity. As you know, it’s the humidity that’s a beast in our part of the world. How could this thing work in our environment and cool down?
      Sadly this product will not solve my battle with the heat :/
      Does anyone know of a small, portable, and inexpensive product/solution for very hot and extremely humid environment?
      Thank you all.

  14. Thank you for this report and thank you for saving me money. Having 3 air conditioners at home means a huge electric bill, so when I saw the ad for this product I wanted to find out more info. As I looked to find some more info on the company and came up short, I was somewhat suspicious. Then I found your review and was happy to note that my suspicion was correct.

  15. I was completely taken in by the low price. So glad I found this review! Obviously a scam. Thank you!

  16. By the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, an interior a/c unit can never cool as well as one that vents heat outside the house, because that heat has to go somewhere. In the case of a portable evaporative cooler like this one, the heat goes into evaporating the water, so the more you cool, the more humidity you create. Your body actually cools itself off in exactly the same way, by creating sweat, which expends heat when it evaporates. And the more humid it is, the harder it is to evaporate more water, as the air becomes saturated with the humidity. So when it gets really hot, there’s a practical limit to how much an evaporative cooler like this can cool the air, and once you reach that limit, it’s so humid that your body can’t cool itself off as well either.

  17. Thanks to their advertisement and some research due to my annoyance of a fake limited time 50% off timer, I found out that having fake deceptive timer countdown for a discount on the purchase page of website was (or may still be) illegal. Why would I trust any company that starts off trying to deceive me? If I refresh the website and see the countdown start over then it is obviously not a real limited amount of time offer since I can refresh it any time later and get the same amount of limited time!

  18. Um, okay, those are signs of a risky website/company, but did anybody actually test the machine itself? That would seem to be important if you’re going to review the Polaire.

    1. How would you test it when your order never arrives? Aren’t you getting it? They take your money and not send anything.

    2. Well… its hard to test something that never arrives, but we count on you to be the first in bringing us that review 😉

    3. How about: “Ripoff alert! The expensive Polaire ($89) is a cheap, personal fan with sponge-like material that you just wet with water, so the air is slightly cooler from the fan due to basic evaporation. The website says to feel the special coolness, you must be right in front of it….but it still feels like a small fan made of cheap plastic.”

  19. Warning flag 1: The first paragraph explaining who they are has at least three grammatical errors.

    If they actually send you this product just be aware of what you are getting.

    They make it sound like this device uses some secret information the evil AC companies don’t want you to know. It does NOT. This is a fan blowing air over a dampened filter material. Yes this will cool the air but as they say in their own explanation “they only cool down your personal area” Which as they explain “you have to be in the center of the devices air flow with the device’s front grills facing towards you” Not as shown in their pictures but rather aimed right at you to get the cooling effect.

  20. I don’t care if it’s a product scam, “air conditioners” like this do not work. A real air conditioner cools air in one place (inside) by moving heat from the air to some other place (outside). This also removes humidity from the air. The advertised products is NOT a new patented idea, it is the same as the evaporative cooling device I had 55 years ago! Blowing air through a damp filter will cause water evaporation which cools the air a little while adding humidity, as described, but not nearly enough cooling to make the air comfortable and the added humidity is a detriment not a benefit! If you want comfort, do not buy an “air conditioner” like this one, from ANY company!

    1. Yep. For essentially the same effect, a person can simply put a bag/bowl of ice in front of a basic fan on high speed…and sit in front of it. Voila! Saves hard-earned money too. 🙂

  21. Thanks for this information. I just discovered the Polaire from an Instagram ad and was very nearly going to buy one or two units! I thought I’d look for some reviews and luckily discovered this site so will not be falling for yet another scam!

  22. There are a number of things just in their ad that gave it away. First is the numerous spelling/grammatical errors. Then the claim to be able to actually cool the air in any sized space. Talking about people complaining of headaches and such. Super-high electric bills. Aged technology.. I’m in the HVAC field. So I know BS when I see it. That tiny device is incapable of cooling even a normal sized living room. Maybe at night, with nothing on and no one in there providing heat load. In the north.. in winter.. and talking about increasing humidity… That’s a STUPID thing to want to do! Raise it enough and you get MOLD and MILDEW! That’s why houses with over-sized AC units in humid areas get that smell to the air! They don’t run long enough to dehumidify! An increase in humidity in a hot room would make it feel hotter because you cannot cool through evaporative process from sweat. As for aging technology… That is also false. The PROCESS used by modern AC units IS based off old knowledge, about condensing and evaporating a refrigerant in a closed system. But technology today has made them much more efficient both in cooling capabilities and in electrical consumption. This product is a joke. And from what I’ve read isn’t even a real product. Don’t waste your money folks! Just get a regular AC system. Long as you take care of it, have coils cleaned regularly (at least your condenser, evap when needed) change filters every 3-4 weeks.. it’ll last. I’ve worked on units 30+ years old that still run great.

  23. This is a very low power swamp cooler. Great for places with very low humidity, almost completely worthless in places where humidity is high. What’s the CFM of this unit anyway? How much water can it hold? Knowing these values and a little HS algebra and you can figure out this cheap alternative is not even worth its affordable price.

  24. Everything you stated as a fact (not opinion) is 100% true. Thanks for taking time to protect consumers.

  25. Miniature swamp cooler? In a dry climate set a pan of water in front of a box fan for the same effect. In a humid climate no joy.

  26. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU ARE IN A VERY DRY ENVIRONMENT. This is nothing but an evaporative cooler, plain and simple. Units like these, on a much larger scale, are used in Arizona, Nevada and other regions where the humidity levels are very low throughout the year. It’s a very simply concept; a fan blows air through a sponge-like wick, saturated with water, that cools the air through an evaporative process as the fan blows air through it. Hence the name, evap cooler. This is the same thing!! It ADDS humidity to the air.

    An Air Conditioner, as most of the world has come to know, is a combination of machines that cool the air through a process of cooling AND de-humidifying. POLAIRE cools the air by blowing room temperature water particles into the air. If you live anywhere where the summers are warm and humid, POLAIRE will only make a moldy mess of your home. How do I know this? My great, great uncle invented modern Air Conditioning. His name is Willis Carrier.


  28. The thing that struck me first? When it’s hot and humid, why in the hell would you want to humidify the air. Air conditioners cool by removing humidity, THAT’S HOW THEY COOL!!!!

  29. I went to their official website at and found contact information, address, privacy and refund policy, shipping information, etc…, etc… I DID NOT go to Try the OFFICIAL website where you will find all the above information plus more. Thank you for being watchdogs! Hope this helps!

  30. I unfortunately was hot! And saw the add ,it seemed legitimate so I ordered but now am out money! With no AC, no one to contact and actually received an empty receipt and PayPal so far will not help,keep saying deal with vendor but I keep saying there is no vendor,they took my money via PayPal and now they are no where to be found. Judy in Massachusetts

    I bought two, one for my mother and one for me. All the water leaked and ruined my dresser.
    Ihave to pay the return shipping myself and have to send it to SHENZEN CHINA ????!!!
    No phone number to call and so on……

    1. I should have consulted all these reviews. I bought two also and when I opened on it felt like a warm fan. The it leaked fro the bottom. I’m returning both and God knows if I’ll ever get a refund. TOTAL SCAM!!!

  32. This is where they the company is :
    Rum 11C, byggnad 11, Luyincuidi,
    Nr 1 Pengxing Road, Luohu District,
    518000 Shenzen stad

  33. I bought one of these as I was curious and since it’s been incorrectly reported as having Customer Service, thought I’d rectify some error in this review.
    Yes, they are using a customer support centre, which I suspect is hired.
    Yes, I received my product….after almost 4 weeks.
    Yes, the product exists.
    Yes, the product is crap and the build quality is cheap, nasty Chinese crap, which leaked on my desk 10 minutes after use.
    I do not recommend this product as it really is cheap and nasty and isn’t dispatched in any kind of protective packaging, so my unit was slightly crushed after being thrown into a shipping container.

    The interesting part will now be seeing about my refund, although I was wise to pay via PayPal, so should be protected.

    For the love of any deity you choose, do not buy this crap, it might work, for a short while, but is terribly produced and cheaply manufactured.

    1. Gosh crap and crappy people behind it they actually have committed a serious crime! please all you other can’t we do some action that makes them at least pay us back , the money we paid. I have wroten two formal letters by mail to te company claiming the device was not in any usable condition, but parts were

  34. Oh dear… I was so desperate to feel cool in my therapy room that I purchased 2 of these machines. What a total pile of crapola they are. Made so cheaply (not like the picture in the ad, but an approximation of it) and when I tested it out it leaked all over my desk and papers. I want my money back. What do I do? I need to speak to someone and have an address from where it was dispatched, but need to know I’ll get my £90 back. I feel a complete and utter mug.

  35. I received my polar yesterday. The water pours out of the bottom until there is only 1 inch of water left. No phone # to call and ask for help. Tried to email them but it says I need a invoice #. I did not receive any paper work with the order and I ordered 2 and have only received one

  36. OMG!!!!! I ordered 2 of them three weeks ago and only got one so far. I was excited to get it, but when I opened it, it was a different product called “Arctic Air.” Same idea, but a different name. The box had obviously been opened and the product was used. It was a bit dirty and the box was kinda soggy and crushed. Some of the parts fell out and the filter was uneven. Needless to say I was disappointed and angry with myself for falling into this SCAM!! Yesterday I emailed them to get a refund and of course they have yet to respond. I’m pretty sure I’m out $140 dollars.

    Don’t fall for it. Please don’t

  37. Defnitely a rip off, and i was stupid enough to buy 2 for 123 USD, yes, more than 100 dollars for this piece of junk. I only got one so far, not sure when the other one is coming. Better to just buy a regular fan from Costco or any department store. Buyer Beware!!!! This product is a full on gimmick!!

  38. Spot on, company is fraudulent. They are selling Arctic Air products which are “as seen on tv” and you can waste $20 on most US websites on. Report them so they get shut down shipping to the US.

  39. Silly me I fell for it on a particularly hot day in England. It is rubbish and unless you sit about 6 inches away even on highest setting you feel nothing. As has been said the web site has no contact information to complain to. DO NOT BUY

  40. I’m so upset about buying the stupid portable ac Polaire portable. Es que la verdad es una basura de producto. Y compre 2 para poder. Just on opening the product come apart I feel like an idiot please don’t buying any of this scams. Ac Polaire I can even find the customer service number or anything all saw was a P.O. Box Rosemead California. Adress I’m the package. It sucks sucks sucks !
    Where ever you are Polaire Give me back my $129.00 dollar s And take your scam product.!!!

  41. is a scam. I ordered 3 units, took over 40 days to receive the first one, and another week to receive the third one. I opened the first one, the packaging was shoddy and old, the unit looks used which may be a returned unit. The USB AC charging adapter was missing. I plugged it in with my own USB AC adapter, there is no noticeable cool air at all. The website provided no contact information to return, I sent multiple emails and no response. I finally sent back both units to the sender address in Rosemead California which cost me $16.90 each to ship back. A week later, I received the third unit and I directly asked the mailman to return to sender in California, and I sent another email to the website and received a reply from [email protected] after 1 week. They delayed your reply much time was lost without specifics about refund. Finally they told me that I had to return the units back to China, but I told them that the sender was in California and I already returned them, they insists that the units be returned to China. I told them that if they had disclosed the return policy clearly in the website that return had to be sent to China, many customers like myself would not be interested or take the risks. Anyway, no progress on refund, scam company, product does not work as advertised, and poor customer support, they are interested to sell, but discourage customer from return by causing great inconvenience and to pay a high economic penalty with return shipping cost. Warning, don’t be another victim to this scam business practice. I had to cancel my credit card immediately.

  42. I actually purchased one. It came. It leaked. It did not turn on. The vents were broken. I disputed the charge on Paypal. They told me to send it back and I’d get a full refund. They told me to send it to address in China. The postage alone was $40.00. It is a CHINA scam. Boo Hiss. Never again.

  43. I was fool enough to purchase two of these coolers. They were both damaged on receipt and had no return addresses or company information. On reading the instructions, I found I was supposed to replace the filters 2x a year at a cost in excess of £40. I tried to claim the cash back through my credit card but because there was no formal invoice and the supposed return form was through a third party with a non-traceable link and a non-reproducable return form, I’ve been told that there’s no chance of a successful claim.

  44. I got suckered into buying this “piece of crap” due to their marketing machine and a couple of “paid off” endorsements on social media. Please keep in mind that it is the same piece of plastic useless gadget with various new labels on it including “Polaire”, “Arctic” etc. So, let me share my experience with you, please also see the pictures attached.

    I ordered this unit from their website and it took over 45 days for them to even tell me that the unit was stuck at some border in Canada as it originated from China, they claimed it was due to Covid-19 which I accepted. After another 10 days, I told them that I was no longer interested in the unit as they could not provide me with estimate of delivery time, so, their customer service agreed to refund me. Their customer service was managed by 2 people in some part of the world who have no idea of what customer service is and kept leading me on for another 3 weeks…but never refunded my credit card!! The unit finally arrived about close to 70 days after the order was placed even though I had cancelled my order…

    Now, description of the so called product, have a look at the pictures, this seems to have been put together as a science experiment by Grade 8 students. It does not work, there is no technology inside besides some pieces of plastics glued together and flashing lights.

    Please do not buy this crap and encourage these type of companies to exist and scam more people. Btw, I ended up paying over $120 CDN for this piece of plastic which is probably worth $3 CDN.

    Very unsatisfied Customer

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