Review – Legit or Scam Clothing Store? Find Out!

Thinking of buying jackets or pants from Carrter Collection? Read this review to find out why our scam detector gave a poor trust score.

According to FTC, online shopping and negative reviews is the second most reported fraud category in 2021. As a result of this, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc. for our reader’s financial safety.

Our review of this online shop serves as an eyeopener. Don’t shop from before reading this review!

What is Website? otherwise known as Carrter Collection is an online store that deals in variety of clothing items, paintings, and home decoration products. And these items are been offered for a flash sale of 10% off. Yes, you heard me well!

But is it worth it? or is this another online shopping fraud?

If you’re searching for Carrter Collection Reviews, you’re at the right place. Before jumping at the offer on the site, see our findings:

Pros of

  • Products are for women, men and kids.
  • Website is secured with SSL encryption
  • Accepts various means of payments


  • Offers no Company address.
  • Offers no contact information
  • Website Lacks seal trusts for authorized organizations.
  • Provides no company information
  • No working social media pages ( The social media icons on the site are fake)

Stolen Contents makes use of contents stolen from other websites. As can be seen through Google text search, the About Us content has been copied word for word from other websites. This shows the website is not a genuine one.

Return Policy

This store’s refund and exchange policy is not favorable to shoppers. Unlike most known stores, customers have to pay shipping fee when returning an item. Why this doesn’t necessarily make it fraudulent, we’ve seen cases were the return shipping fee is higher than the cost of item bought. This is one action most dubious sites use in frustrating customers.

Shipping & Delivery creates the impression that it physical store or warehouse is located nearby, by claiming shipping takes 3-7 business days. However, it has cleverly not mentioned where it is located. This missing information is common with stores located in China. Instead of the stipulated time, delivery might take weeks or months even.

Customer Complaints

Costumers who shopped from this store have left reviews online stating that they received an entirely different item. In most cases the items were far inferior from the images seen on the website. Also, all efforts to contact the store for refund were not successful.

A customer has this to say about Carrter Collection –

This company doesn’t deserve a star, but I will give them one because my order actually arrived. What a scam! I ordered sneakers in January 2020 and received them finally by March 24th. I sent several messages inquiring about my delivery only to be told it was on its way. When the sneakers finally arrived, they were nothing like the picture. For $45.94, I received sneakers that were cheap, no support, too big and too wide! There is no way I could wear these sneakers!! Now the dilemma will be, to see If I get a refund! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!


Is Carrter Collection Legit?

From the crucial points noted above, has a lot of red-flags. It provides no return address, phone number, or working social media links.

This online store uses super cheap discounts to attract customers. But when orders are placed, customers receive a different item instead of what was ordered. This is the modus operandi of fraudulent e-commerce sites.

From the look of things, it is obvious that Carrter Collection is not a legitimate online store. Don’t let the very cheap price trick you. In reality, the products are a far outcry from the images seen on the site.


From all indications, is not a reliable online store. It has a poor trust score, and as such not recommended by us. 

Just like Peetlos, Mondreamy, BellaTrends, Hsbrace, Usgoodssale, and other reported suspicious websites, customers wouldn’t receive the item they ordered but a cheap item or nothing at all.

Have you been scammed?- Do This

Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, customers would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.

Therefore, it is advised to file complaints to your bank and request for a new credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you used Paypal as a method of payment, you should document (screenshot) the transactions for future purposes.

Yes, it is true that online shopping has made life easier, however when ordering things online check out the following-

How old is the website? Does it provide return address? Are there customer reviews online? Do the social media icons work?

Always remember you can get the items from trusted sellers on Amazon, like the ones provided above. One of the advantages of shopping from amazon is the return policy. If you are not happy with your order, you can always return your items and get your money back.


  1. I have ordered painting from carrier collection three months back. Item not yet received nor is customer care number and email responding. What do I do?

  2. I got my product from them all ok but shipping took a long time. May be due to the Coronavirus affecting shipping Im not sure.

    1. How legitimate is this thougg?

      Im hoping the corona virus delay is the reason for the late shipping process

  3. I bought one pair shoes for my husband as birthday gift.I never know there is trap for online order.first I shocked the shoes shipped from China not from took about couple of weeks to arrive.and no any logo on the shoes.and the color is different then the image.and the material was not the leather .and when I was thinking return,and I found they are not allowed return or refund.omg

  4. Hello I had a very unhappy experience with this company. I received the shoes I ordered for my son’s birthday very late, after sending multiples messages to pay pal and the carrtercollection company as well. The shoes finally arrived and they were packed in a poor material bag. They were all scratched at the from off the shoes. and the company didn’t handled my situation properly. They offer me to return them and pay all the cost involved.
    I am very disappointed and won’t give any recommendation .
    Be careful when ordering.

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