The Truth About WriteApp: A Fake Get-Paid Platform

WriteApp Reviews is a platform where you can make money by promoting the app reviews you write for them. You have the potential to earn from this, but there are some important things you should understand before getting started. To become a member, you need to pay a $27 fee.

Are the reviews on Reddit and other social media handles concerning this website legit? You should be very careful while dealing with platforms like WriteApp Reviews. This article exposes how this platform works to deceive and rob users across social media and the site itself.

What Is WriteApp Reviews

Write App Reviews is a platform that says you can make money easily by just writing reviews for apps from home.

When you sign up for, you can see a list of apps and products you can review. You pick the ones you like, write your thoughts about them, and send your reviews through the platform.

How WriteApp Reviews Scam Work

At the start, you receive free training on how to write good app reviews. The platform mentions any costs you might have to pay right away.

The website suggests you’ll be paid for writing reviews, but that’s not true. With WriteAppReviews, you don’t actually get paid for writing reviews. Instead, they give you a ready-made website where you can publish app reviews. The hope is that these reviews will attract visitors through search engines, and you’ll earn money from ads. However, you might not make any money at all with WriteAppReviews.

Evaluating WriteApp Reviews Scam

When users sign up for WriteAppReviews, they gain access to the platform’s database of apps to try out. However, the apps provided for review are not well-known, which can make it tough to get people interested in the reviews they write. As a result, earning from the site might be challenging.

When people write reviews, they can post them on their WriteAppReviews page and include affiliate links. But if nobody is interested in their review, they may not get any clicks on their affiliate links, and they won’t earn any money.

Is WriteApp Reviews Legit Or Scam

Yes, WriteAppReviews is a scam. There are no real user reviews to confirm that it’s legit, Many people fall for the scam because the creators flood search engines with fake reviews. When you search for reviews or legitimacy questions, you’ll see positive fake reviews. If you’re unsuspecting, you might sign up, thinking it’s legit, only to realize later that you’ve been scammed.. It’s best to avoid WriteAppReviews altogether.

WriteAppReviews promises a quick way to promote affiliate links by writing app reviews. While there’s nothing inherently bad about that, it’s important to remember that there’s no easy way to succeed in affiliate marketing.

How Much Does It Take To Sign Up

When you sign up for WriteAppReviews, it seems like it’s free, but you’re actually asked to pay $27 to get started. However, this $27 is just the beginning. After you pay, they try to upsell you another package for $97 called the “Express Pass VIP Area,” claiming it’s necessary for success. So now, your $27 has turned into $124. But it doesn’t end there – they’ll also try to sell you two more upsells right after.

Here Are Some Warning Signs to Watch out for with WriteApp Reviews:

  1. Not clear about how you can make money: They don’t really explain upfront how you’ll earn. While it seems like you’ll earn by reviewing apps, you actually make money by promoting affiliate links. This lack of clarity is suspicious.
  2. Making unrealistic promises about earnings: WriteAppReviews claims you can earn a specific amount per hour, but that’s not how affiliate marketing works. You earn when people buy through your links, not by the hour.
  3. Unclear about payment methods: They say you’ll get paid once a week, but it’s not clear how. Usually, in affiliate marketing, the company you promote pays you directly, not the platform you’re using. This seems fishy.


WriteApp Reviews isn’t as good as it seems. It’s basically a revamped version of something called App Coiner. Write App Review isn’t a job that pays you to review apps. Instead, you earn money through advertising and promoting the apps you review. If someone buys the app based on your recommendation, you get a commission.

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