Is Product Report Card A Scam?: Steer Clear Of This Fake Get-Paid Website

Product Report is not a scam but a legitimate website where you can make money from only as a member. However, it will not make you rich and it’s not an alternative to formal employment and other ways of making income. Earning on Product Card require some patience and you may likely not get paid after all the surveys.

Are you confused about the legitimacy of this survey website? Can one really earn cool cash using this website? We are here to provide all the information regarding Product Report Card and why people are showing interest in this survey website.

What Is Product Report Card

Product Report Card lets you make money just by giving your thoughts on products, Report Card started in 2001 by Softlayer Technologies, and they’re located in Dallas, Texas and later expanded to Canada and other 17 countries worldwide in 2022. However, earnings depend on available surveys and your profile. Signing up is free and open to those 18 and older.

Is Product Report Card A Scam

Product Report Card is not a scam, but many people have issues with getting paid. Lots of members say payments take forever to come or sometimes they don’t get paid at all.

For each survey you finish, you can earn anywhere from 25 cents to 5 dollars. Even if you get kicked out of a survey, you can still get 10 cents for trying.

Who Is Product Report Card For

Product Report Card might be for you if: You have time to spare for taking surveys, you have plenty of products to review. You don’t mind sharing your personal information with other websites.

Ways To Earn On Product Report Card

  1. Product Research: Earn rewards by looking up products listed on the site. Share details like prices and where to buy them to help others make smart choices. But it’s not easy to start, and the site doesn’t give much info on rewards.
  2. Product Reviews: Get rewards for writing reviews about products. First, fill out your profile, then you can start reviewing. Each review might earn you around $0.5, but it’s hard to find info about rewards on the site.
  3. Studies: Share your thoughts in interviews. They pay well, sometimes hundreds of dollars per study, but you have to do it at specific times. It takes effort but can be worth it for the money.
  4. Product Research (Option 2): Another way to earn rewards is by researching products on the site. You help people decide what to buy, but like the first option, there’s not much info on rewards or how to start easily.

What Are People Saying About Product Report Card

Product Report Card has mixed reviews. On Trustpilot, it has a high rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on thousands of reviews, which seems good. However, on BBB and SiteJabber, it has lower ratings of 1.82 and 2.39. Some of the reviews are positive and we took out time to list some of them.

When I first started taking these survey’s a couple months ago, I thought I would get scammed and spammed. It’s been about two months and everything has been legitimate and when I’ve cashed in my points for rewards, I’ve gotten the gift cards within a few days. Thank you so much for being both trustworthy and professional!! Keep sending me the survey’s.

I have been a member of Product Report Card for several years and it is great. They have several surveys to take almost on a daily basis and they even give you reward points for attempting to take a survey if you don’t qualify for it. I would definitely recommend them if you enjoy taking surveys and getting rewarded for it.

I agree with everyone who posted a 1 star review. This company is a scam they have you fill out the entire survey claiming you will be paid x amount of dollars only to find that you don’t qualify and you end up with 10 cents for your wasted time. You should be sued by all of us who have fallen prey to your shenanigans. You can give a response to this with your foolish story about how sorry you are but soon everyone will know this is a scam company and quit filling out your BS surveys

What You Must Know Before Signing Up For Product Report Card

  1. Slow Earning Process: It takes a long time to earn money on Product Report Card, and some members don’t even get invited to surveys or product reviews. How much you get invited depends on where you live and other stuff about you.
  2. Delayed Payments: Even though they say you’ll get paid in 30 days, some people wait even longer.
  3. Payment Uncertainty: Some people have waited up to 6 months to get paid, and some don’t get paid at all.
  4. Account Termination Risk: They can close your account without telling you first, which isn’t good.
  5. Privacy Concerns in Focus Groups: Some studies ask for a lot of personal info, like installing apps and stuff on your phone and computer.
  6. Lengthy Affiliate Program Signup: Signing up to earn more money by referring people is really long and asks for a lot of info.
  7. Lack of Mobile App: There’s no app for your phone, which is weird because most survey sites have one.

Pros of Product Report Card

  1. They’re good at assisting users.
  2. You don’t have to pay to sign up.
  3. You can make money in various ways.
  4. It’s simple to navigate and use.

Cons of Product Report Card

  1. You might not earn a lot.
  2. They request a lot of your private details.
  3. There’s no app for phones, which is inconvenient.
  4. The fastest way to get paid online isn’t available.
  5. Joining the referral program is hard.


Finally Product Report Card because is not worth your time, and there’s a chance you won’t even get paid. However, it’s a legit site and has a good rating. The main way to earn is through surveys, but there aren’t many available, and they don’t pay much for the time you spend on them. Plus, it’s hard to qualify because they’re looking for very specific types of people.

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