Survey Junkie (2024): Can You Make $50 Per Month or Another Scam Get Paid Website? Read This

Survey Junkie is a legit Get-Paid-To(GPT) website that will really pay you for answering surveys and doing other small online tasks. They claim you can earn a consistent $50-100 per month.

Finding legitimate ways to make money online can be a challenge. Paid survey sites have gained popularity as a simple method to earn extra cash. But is Survey Junkie legit, or is it just another online scam promising the moon?

This article will give you an inside look and shows exactly how you can earn from Survey Junkie, we will look at user testimonials and evidence of payment.

Overview Of Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a website where you can answer surveys and earn points that you can later exchange for cash or gift cards. It started in 2005 and now has over 6 million people using it.

When you finish a survey, you earn points that go into your Survey Junkie account. When you collect a bunch of points, you can trade them in for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and other favorite stores.

Survey Junkie works is great because you don’t need to give your phone number when you sign up, and the process is fast and simple. Once you’re on the Survey Junkie homepage, just click “Join Now” and choose to sign up with Facebook, Google, or your email. You don’t have to sign up for other survey sites that Survey Junkie works with; it gathers all the surveys for you in one place.

Ways To Earn Money Using Survey Junkie

To earn points on Survey Junkie that you can trade for cash or gift cards, you can do many things like:

  1. Online Surveys: Answering questions online.
  2. Sharing Data with SJ Pulse: Sharing your online activity with Survey Junkie’s SJ Pulse feature.
  3. Product Testing: Trying out products and giving your feedback.
  4. Online Focus Groups: Participating in discussions online.
  5. In-Person Focus Groups: Attending face-to-face meetings to share your opinions.
  6. Phone Surveys: Answering survey questions over the phone.

If you do a 10-point survey in 6 minutes, and each point is worth $0.10, you’d make about $1 per hour. But keep in mind, you might finish surveys faster than the estimated time, so your earnings could be higher.

Is Survey Junkie Legit or Scam?

Yes, Survey Junkie is legit and pays you for completing short online tasks and for answering surveys. However, the site only pays a few dollars per hour at most, so don’t expect full-time income. it has far fewer survey options than sites like Branded and Prolific.

Can Survey Junkie Be Trusted? User Testimonials

Yes, Survey Junkie has the best rating possible from the Better Business Bureau, and it’s known for being one of the top-paying and most well-liked survey websites out there. Also user reviews on popular websites like Trustpilot, Reddit and Quora rave about the earning potential of the game while some found it difficult to qualify. A user said

I like Survey Junkie, but it is really hard at times to “qualify” for a Survey. I get that they’re looking for a certain demographic, but sometimes I’ll be deep into the survey, thinking I’m going to get full credit and then it tells me there are no more questions for me and I only get a couple points. But I will say I’ve made about $15 so far after a couple weeks. It can be easy money so I will continue with it.

Easy way to pick up a few dollars..some of the surveys are repetitious but the data collected is important to whatever the cause and if one answers truthfully, the questions won’t trip you up.This last cash out came when it was really needed also!

How Do I Cash Out

To cash out your points on Survey Junkie:

  1. Cash: Transfer money to your PayPal or bank account once you reach 500 points ($5 threshold).
  2. Gift Cards: Choose from retailers like Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, Sephora, Starbucks, Target, or Walmart.

Why Do Users Feel Survey Junkie Is A Scam

The surveys on Survey Junkie give you points as rewards for completing them. However, the points you earn don’t always add up to much money. For example, a 30-point survey that’s supposed to take 24 minutes may only earn you about 70 cents an hour. Even if you manage to qualify for a 100-point survey that should take 30 minutes, it still only translates to around $2 an hour. Plus, there’s the frustration of often getting disqualified partway through a survey. You may want to check out other alternatives like Ipsos iSa, Freecash and Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie Vs Swagbucks: Which Is A Better GPT Platform

Choosing between Swagbucks and Survey Junkie depends on how much time you have and what you prefer doing.

If you’re into completing surveys daily, both can earn you around $5 or more per day. Swagbucks offers various ways to earn, like shopping online, playing games, and referrals, but surveys pay less on average.

Survey Junkie, on the other hand, pays better for surveys but offers fewer earning options.

We recommend you use the both, that way, you can maximize your earnings! Both are trustworthy and have been around for years.

Pros And Cons Of Survey Junkie


  • Easy-to-use website and mobile apps
  • Lots of different surveys to choose from
  • Can get rewards in different ways like gift cards or cash
  • You can do surveys on your phone with the app
  • You can get extra points if your friends sign up
  • You can earn rewards pretty quickly
  • It’s run by a big company you can trust


  • You might not always have surveys available based on who you are
  • Sometimes you start a survey but don’t finish it, so you don’t get full points
  • You might not get as much money as other survey sites
  • You need a lot of points for some of the best gift cards
  • Some surveys can feel boring or take a long time
  • You don’t always know when new surveys will come out
  • If you need help, you can only email them, there’s no phone support

Final Thoughts

Survey Junkie, just like any other survey site, won’t make you rich or replace a full-time job. However, it’s a totally legit way to earn some extra cash when you have free time. It’s been around for a long time and is one of the most trusted survey websites out there.

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