Is Freecash A Legit Get Paid Platform? Don’t Download Without Reading This

Free cash is a legit website that actually pays but it will not make you rich. Cashing out is instant and can be done via crypto or PayPal, bank account or gift cards. You can also cash out directly to however it works better only in bigger countries in Europe.

There are lots of questions online about the legitimacy of this money-making app, this blog post will reveal how it works and whether you can make money from it or not.

Overview Of Freecash

Freecash is a website where you can make money, cryptocurrencies, and free skins by doing online tasks. It used to be called

From what we found, you can earn about $10 or more each day without having to spend any money. The site suggests surveys for you based on your profile, and they pay either 1,000 or 500 coins depending on how long they are.

On Freecash, you can earn rewards in various ways:

  1. Playing mobile games
  2. Completing surveys
  3. Testing apps
  4. Signing up for brand offers
  5. Referring friends (get 5% per referral)
  6. Participating in sweepstakes
  7. Opening free cases after registration

How To Sign Up

To start earning on Freecash:

  1. Go to the Freecash website or download the app on your Android device.
  2. Sign up with your email, username, and password, or use your Google or Steam accounts for quicker signup.
  3. Verify your account through email.
  4. Complete tasks listed on the Earn page, like featured offers or tasks on the Offers page, to earn Freecash coins.
  5. Once you’ve earned enough coins, go to the Cashout page to redeem rewards from over 25 options.

Is Freecash Scam Or Legit?

Yes it’s a legit site that pays up on time, has decent activity to do if you’ve got the time, the users are friendly in the chat, withdraws are diverse and it works for Eastern Europe residents. They offer different payment options, so you have some flexibility in how you receive your earnings.

However, The earning potential might vary depending on your country. In some places, it could take a bit more time and patience to accumulate your earnings also most surveys just don’t work.

Why Do People Think Freecash Is A Scam

There are lots of users who tried free cash but were not satisfied with the outcome. Complaints range from the fact that it’s a total rip off, not redeeming offers to not living up to the hype. A user said

“its a rip, off they make you do surveys and then once done they say oops sorry you dont qualify, after of course you have already done the qualifying survey and surveys after that. instead they give you maybe 1/10th or 1/100th of the value they said you would get for completing the survey. scam”

Another user said “ I just got banned after speaking to support about my issue with 2 offers from the same game app. I was to complete kingdom level 19 by a certain time for $30 which I completed and there is pending proof on my profile from 6 days ago however the second offer for $40 to complete kingdom 36 ( am now on kingdom 56) within 21 days of install – I haven’t had my freecash account for more than 2 weeks if even close to. I don’t see a pending offer , I don’t even see the green check marks any more for ANY of my completed offers for that app. The support kept telling me to put in a ticket although I sent screenshots proving I don’t have the option on my screen. While still in support chat, my account gets banned”.

Can Freecash Be Trusted?

Freecash is a real and trustworthy platform that actually gives rewards to people who do tasks. You can get things like cryptocurrencies, money straight to your bank account, Visa and PayPal cash, gift cards, gaming items, and more. The company that owns Freecash, Almedia, is registered in Germany, and anyone can find information about them.

Lots of people use Freecash all around the world, and they’ve paid out over $35 million to their users.

Will Freecash Make Me Rich

No, It’s a legit site that allows you to make money. Obviously nothing like a real job but if dedicated you can easily make $5k extra a year. 

Download the Freecash app from the Google Play Store to earn and withdraw rewards on your Android device. For iOS or other devices, access Freecash through your web browse

Before Trying Freecash Here’s What You Must Know

  1. Payouts can take a long time, but eventually, you do get paid.
  2. Playing games is legitimate and you can earn real money.
  3. Surveys are not recommended as they often feel like scams.
  4. Be prepared to receive numerous texts, emails, and phone calls after doing surveys.
  5. Despite the delays and bombardment, the app does work for earning real money.
  6. Patience is key when waiting for payouts.
  7. Focus on playing games rather than completing surveys for a more reliable experience.

Final Thoughts

Freecash is legit, do your research on the game before u take offers. It pays out and has different games, it’s easy-to-use and the pay out is sufficient. However you won’t get rich but you can make a little extra cash.

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