Sunrise Credit Services: Is It Legit Or Scam Debt Collector Agency? Find Out

Sunrise Credit Services is a legit company that collects debts such as student loans, medical bills etc. However, because of their annoying spammy tactics and constant calls, people are asking questions online about the legitimacy of Sunrise Credit Services.

This article will answer questions whether Sunrise Credit Services is legit or a scam debt collector, reveal user testimonials and everything you need to know.

Overview Of Sunrise Credit Services

Sunrise Credit Services tries to collect money from people who owe medical bills or insurance claims. They typically provide 3rd-party collection services for retailers, banks, and other industries and have been in business since 1974. Lots of people who have no relation with this company have been receiving calls from. Here are the reasons why this is happening:

Why am I getting Calls From Sunrise Credit Services

You’re getting calls from Sunrise Credit Services due to the following reasons:

  1. Someone with a similar name owes the debt, not you.
  2. Your identity might have been stolen, and someone took out the debt using your name.
  3. Even though you closed an account, it’s still showing as open.
  4. You paid the debt on time or in full, but it’s marked as late or unpaid.
  5. The same debt might be listed twice, with different versions of your name.
  6. The dates for payments or due dates could be wrong.

Is Sunrise Credit Services Legit Or Scam?

Sunrise Credit is legit debit collection company, they’ve been around for a long time and are well-known in the debt collection business. But like any company, they’ve had complaints from customers. Lots of customers complain that Sunrise Credit Services won’t take the debt off their credit reports even when it’s not theirs. They also get blamed for debts they don’t owe. And sometimes, when they call for help, they’re left waiting on hold for a long time without getting any answers or help. Some of the complaints include:

Tried speaking with a representative and the female on the phone was very unprofessional and extremely rude. I needed to know about some issues in an account I had in October 2021. She told me that the case had been recalled and couldn’t give me any information.

They are nasty people and apparently a woman and minority owned establishment not that adds any sort of merit they buy fake debts from companies that don’t even exist and continue to harass my family for a debt that never existed on an estate of a deceased person, a person with over 800 credit score and never once missed a payment on anything.

However, scammers are posing as the real Sunrise Debt Collector to trick people into giving up their personal info and money by pretending they owe a debt. They use scary threats, like saying they’ll take you to court, to make you pay up for a debt that isn’t even real.

What To Do If Sunrise Calls You For An Unknown Debt

If Sunrise Credit Services calls you about a debt you know nothing about, ask them nicely to send you written proof that you owe the debt and that it’s actually yours. If they can’t prove it, you can tell them to stop bothering you. Once you see any mistakes in the debt they’re claiming you owe, you can argue about it and try to get it fixed.

Why Do People Think Sunrise Credit Services Is A Scam

Some letters and calls from Sunrise might be real attempts to collect debts, but lots of people think they get fake letters about debts that aren’t right or totally made up.

Here’s how you can tell:

  • The letter mentions an account number or original creditor you don’t know.
  • The amount you supposedly owe seems like it was just made up.
  • The dates or places linked to the debt don’t sound familiar.
  • If you call the number to argue about the debt, the person you talk to might dodge your questions and won’t show you any proof that you actually owe the money.

Exposing The Sunrise Credit Services Scam

Lots of people have complained about getting texts and calls from Sunrise Debt Collectors, saying they owe money and threatening legal action if they don’t pay up fast. Some feel like they’re being harassed, getting calls and texts non-stop.

One person got a call saying they owed $2,000 in medical bills, but they didn’t owe anything. Turns out, it was a scam, and Sunrise didn’t really have any claim to the debt. Another person got a text about owing $5,000 on a credit card. The scammers use aggressive language and pushy tactics calling you multiple times a day and even threatening to take legal action.

What Out For These Signs

The Sunrise Debt Collector Scam usually has these signs, first they say they’re from Sunrise Credit Services, which is a real debt collection agency. They insist you owe money and want you to pay right away, even if you don’t think you owe anything. When you don’t comply, they threaten to take you to court or have you arrested if you don’t pay up. Don’t fall for it!

What Is The Sunrise Lawsuit About

Sunrise Credit Services has been sued multiple times in recent years because of complaints about how they treat people. In one case, Jasmine Jeffery took legal action against Sunrise Credit Services and Experian Information Solutions, claiming they broke rules meant to protect people who owe money. Another lawsuit was filed by Jordan Fuller, who said Sunrise Credit Services used unfair tactics to collect debts.

What To Do If You Get A Suspicious Letter From Sunrise Credit Services

If you get a suspicious letter from Sunrise Credit Services or another collector, here’s what you can do:

  • Write a letter disputing the debt and keep a record of everything.
  • Call the original company to check if the debt is real.
  • Ask the collector to prove the debt is yours.
  • Tell your state attorney general if you think it’s a scam.
  • Complain to the CFPB and FTC.
  • Get a consumer lawyer if the collector breaks the rules.
  • Don’t pay anything until you’re sure the debt is actually yours.

Final Verdict

Sunrise Credit Services is a company that collects money from people who owe debts. They buy these debts from other companies and also offer services to other businesses for debt collection. But, even though they’re officially recognized, they have a lot of complaints from customers who say they’ve been harassed or treated unfairly.

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