Wise (Formally WiseTransfer) Account Scam Text – Beware!

Did you receive scam text from Wise that claim a payment will be deducted from your account and give the option to view or cancel the payment by clicking a link in it? Beware! It is a scam.

Lots of people have received this Scam text message Wise. It actually contains a link to a malicious website.

Scam Alert

What Is Wise Account?

With Wise, one can hold money in more than 50 currencies, and convert between them at the real exchange rate at one’s convenient time. The person can also get account details  for GBP, EUR, AUD*, NZD, USD, CAD, HUF, RON**, TRY, and SGD (with more currencies on the way).

Wise Account Scam Text 2022- How Does This Scam work?

Wise Account scam text is fraudulent text sent by scammers to get your personal and financial information with the ulterior motive to defraud you. This text is supposedly from Wise.com telling you that a payment will be deducted from your account and give the option to view or cancel the payment by clicking a link in it. Do not be deceived.

Clicking on the link exposes you to viruses, spywares, malwares, which are harmful to devices and can hack and destroy your mobile phone.

Wise Account Scam Text Formats:

Wise Account Scam Text usually comes in this format-

Wise: New payment of 2000 NZD to be deducted on 06/05/22. View payment or cancel it via: transferwiseauthenticatelogin .com

Lots of people may assume this text message is genuine and comes from Wise.com, as it comes with URL. This would be a huge mistake. What we have is a simple but effective phish. It takes advantage of several real-world factors to ensure it’s possibly a bit more believable than other missives landing in mailboxes. Beware!

Thankfully, Wise is aware of such scams claiming to be from the company, and has urged people to be cautious.

The company explained that genuine correspondence from Wise will always derive from Wise.com, a simple web address.

Messages will never ask for sensitive information such as a password or credit card number, and will not contain any attachments or ask people to download anything to their device. 

Received Wise Scam Text? Do The Following!

You should delete the text message immediately as it is obviously a phishing scam. Meanwhile, do not forget to inform your family and friends. Please they should not click on the link if and when they receive such message.

Also, you can report scams, untrustworthy websites and tell us why you consider the websites fraudulent. See similar phishing scam; Wal Tracking Scam, Delware BPO Scam, Publix 90TH Anniversary, etc.

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