Beware: Delware BPO Scam Calls – Robocall offering Business Solution!

A new kind of nuisance has been making waves recently. Spam calls allegedly from Delware BPO, offering business solutions. The caller claims she is Lisa from Delware BPO. Then the call proceeds;

How are you doing today? Glad to hear that at Delaware BPO we handle your company’s incoming and outgoing customer calls at a very cheaper rate. So if you are interested to hire us please say yes.

Delaware scam calls

The spam calls was received from the following telephone numbers-

  • 833-245-2841
  • 855-918-3726
  • (800)787-6847
  • 1-855-447-0700.
  • 18669268442

No need to panic. It is a robocall.

According to FTC, a robocall is a call that delivers pre-recorded messages through auto-dialing software to millions of people each day. If you answer your phone and hear a recorded message instead of a real person speaking, you are listening to a robocall.

What Should You Do If You Receive a RoboCall Like this One?

Avoid saying the word “yes” if you can

Many robocall scams start with a question like “Hello, can you hear me?” to which people may reply “yes” without thinking. They can then store the recording of your confirmation and use it for fraudulent activities. So, avoid saying yes where possible.

Don’t follow the bot’s instructions

Robocalls sometimes prompt you to take action, such as “press 1 to speak to a live representative” or “press 2 to unsubscribe” and so on. By following instructions, you confirm to the robocallers that you are a potential victim and invite further robocalls. Avoid taking any action.

Report the call

In the US, you can report robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission at By reporting the number which appears on your caller ID, you help the FTC track down the scammers behind the call. The FTC takes the phone numbers you report and releases them to the public each business day. This helps phone carriers and other partners that are working on call-blocking solutions. Reports also help law enforcement identify the people behind illegal calls.

Meanwhile,  if you have any information about the Delaware BPO call, please share in the comment below. Remember to include the telephone number the call came from.


  1. Received two calls, one on 1 December 2021, one on 3 December 2021. First was 1-866-318-1760, one was 1-855-599-4572. I only said “hello”, nothing else. After the “hello” both *did* identify robocall calls identified themselves as Deleware BPO, with the first asking how I am – and promptly replied “Glad to hear that!” without a reply from me. I immediately hung up. The second didn’t even ask that.

    Both numbers reported to Unfortunately I erroneously reported the company name as Deleware BTO.

  2. Hmm, I wonder what possible business they might want? When I asked “What company are you?” Lisa replied “Glad to hear that.” I don’t think I would want them to handle my incoming calls unless they are calls from “Lisa “

  3. I just received 2 calls in one day from this scammer! I usually just say goodbye and hang up, but I receive any more of these calls I am going to say “f***k you first, then hang up!!! This is the third call in 3days I got a call from these people, all from different phone #’s!

  4. Jan 14 2020 Call from Lisa 877-446-4905
    Jan 13 2020 Call from Lisa 844-616-0925


    *sniff* …tantrum over…

  5. Lisa from Delaware BPO calls me every day from a different number. I block the number the robo call comes in on and the next day it is a different 877 number. Tired of this garbage. It gets reported as we are on the DNC list. Still nothing. Going to file yet another complaint against Delaware BPO.

  6. There needs to be a way to stop these calls. I got 17 of them today. If my spam blocker was not catching call my phone would be continuing to ring. Spam blocker does not stop voicemails. every call was a different number and came one right after the other for an hour.

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