Voltex Reviews 2022: Does This Energy Saver really Work? Find Out!

In case you’re thinking of ordering the electricity saving device called Voltex, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product.

Does the Voltex actually reduce electricity bill? Should you get this energy saver or is it another ripoff scam? Find out here!

NB – Voltex is now known as Voltax. Don’t be deceived! It’s the same sham product. Read this updated Voltax review.

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Voltex Power Saver- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because it allegedly reduces 90% of your electricity bill. Furthermore, the Voltbox Energy saver is been sold for 50% discount. You also get to pay lower when you buy more.

It is true that this website seems legit, however what you should be worried about is if this device will actually save you energy, indeed?

Should You Be Concerned About Voltex from getvoltex.com?

The answer to that question is Yes. The claims made by the website is totally false. Don’t be deceived by the name ‘Voltex’. The device has been given the same name as a legitimate electrical supplies company in Australia in order to trick buyers. The poor electrical company has absolutely nothing to do with this device.

Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of buying any power saving device-

Saves Little or No Energy

When you unbox the device, you would see it is a capacitor placed across the power line. This actually might do a little bit of power factor correction, but you are not billed for reactive power at home. So it saves you nothing in money.

Furthermore, the gadget capacitor draws about 100 mA of capacitive (leading) current from the line. If you happen to have a device which draws about 100 mA of inductive (lagging) current component, this capacitor will cancel that. It won’t draw more when you need more. Won’t stop drawing current when you don’t need any correction.

It probably has *just enough* effect that the statements in the ads are not complete lies, but the device is still completely useless in general.

Might Cause Fire Hazard

When I went through the video on the official website, the one thing I couldn’t tell from the video, and the narrator didn’t mention: Is the capacitor inside the Watt Rescue  actually rated for connection across the AC line? Is it a fire hazard if there is a lightning strike nearby? Capacitors connected directly to the AC line are supposed to have an “X” rating for safety, and because this capacitor is potted in epoxy, I can’t tell if it if actually safe or not.

Fake Customer Reviews

The positive reviews online, both that of Youtube and Blogs, are all fake. This is because they were almost the same contents, copy and pasted with slight difference.

Also, We have seen this kinds of reviews and the exact device many times, and of a truth they are all the same. They don’t work. You can check this review here to see for yourself.

Does Voltex Energy Saver Really Work?

The answer to the question is NO.

What you should know is this ”There is NO WAY any device of this size can stabilize a home electrical AC supply or produce the savings advertised. Electrical consumption is based on total power consumed and NOT phase corrected VAR.

Most power in homes is used for 230 – 240 VAC appliances such as heating water, cooking, drying clothes, air conditioning and heating. There is NO WAY a device plugged into any 110 – 120 VAC outlet can “reduce electrical consumption” by phase corrective techniques as consumed by equipment connected to each 120 VAC leg providing 240 VAC power, no way, totally inconceivable.

Is Voltex A Hoax?

Yes, it is. BBC has addressed the power saving device scam here

Energy saving devices like Voltex and the likes  are unsafe and could cause a fire or electrocution.

There are a bunch of these devices with different names, but they all seem to have the same case. A lot of users complained that these devices don’t save any energy or reduce electricity bill.

So what are the better ways to save energy and reduce electricity bills? Get these solar power system. These devices can actually provide big savings on mains electricity bills.


  1. I had bought two of them. Neither one of them work not even the green light that supposedly indicates that it is working. I have tried many times to get in touch with the company I bought them from but to no avail. Total scam.

  2. On June 17 2021 I purchased a Getvoltex. Today, I found out that the whole thing is a hoax and I am now out $125.00 Canadian dollars. I have yet to receive it and when I do I am afraid to use it as it is reported to be a fire hazard. I notified my credit card company and I also tried to talk to the voltex company which is located in Australia.
    The company in Australia has nothing to do with the recent ad which they say is a hoax and that all of the info in the ad is a lie and they used the Austalian company’s name without their knowledge. I am a senior and I am also one of the naive fools who thought that this was legit and I have lost my money because I bought into this scam. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It is a SCAM

  3. 100% scammed. If u read the wording. Your meter reading won’t change. If it don’t change how will it be cheaper

  4. I was on the verge of purchasing two when something twigged my mind `is it a scam`. Just read your report, am I glad I did, THANK YOU

  5. I am glad I read this as i nearly bought 2 yesterday and i would have been fuming if after parting with my money they didn’t work. I have always been told if it sounds to good to be true then it’s a scam. Even so i still see things but do try to research things before I spend my money.

  6. I bought two of these so called money saving devises,Never even received them, Con artists, plugs cost me over £100

  7. The only way this could work if the( filter )was inline between the meter & the distribution board covering the whole electrical instillation 100A unit for instance on a domestic single phase property
    there are products that smooth your supply & maybe adjust your phase angle ,
    they cost alot of money & would have to be enstalled by a compitent person citificated etc .
    This cost of install with the limited savings hardly seems worth while ,but over a long period may be a viable option.

  8. Hi Had bought one too in Jun 2021 and after 2 month of usage, can see there is no saving in my electrical bill. Its a scam. Dont fall for it

  9. I purchased the so called Votex power saver and realised too late i have been scammed. l also cannot find a returns address. Is there a way to get money back. I paid with my account bank card

  10. I am a senior and I am also one of the stupid naive fools who thought that this was legit option on saving money, and I have lost my money because I bought into this scam. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It is a SCAM!

    Fortunately, when I called my credit card company they advised that they are fully aware of this scam and arranged a full refund to my card within 3 days. Two days after I cancelled the transaction at the bank, the device turned up , I plugged it in, and can truthfully state that after 2 weeks of monitoring electricity consumption there is NO decrease, there is actually a slight increase. Yes, it is possible to monitor your daily power consumption in New Zealand if you are a customer of Flick Power! Once bitten twice shy, and there is no fool like an old fool.

  11. Just Open the Breaker… it’s a Fan-tastic Device that’s already Installed…
    Living in an Apartment, there’s very little reason to run Furnace FAN (heat pump Cooling – Heating Coil)… the room that it’s in get to 25C or 80F in Winter… or cooler in Summer Time… Ditto the Clothes, the air in the building is very dry (modern building)… Electric bill is basically Delivery, Monthly Service Charge… TAX. Otherwise switchover on Heat Pump from Cooling to Heating seems to take Forever… so in Sept-Oct… cooler nights means HEAT is required but the Furnace is on Cooling. Electric Heater will run if Thermostat set to AUTO or HEAT and Tenant – Residents pay the electric Bill… so there could be a Huge Spike in Power Demand until Apartment Management switch over to HEAT… sadly Few Residents know how things really work (Heat Pumps).

  12. The crazy stupid thing is, having Bing’d “Is Voltex gadget a scam” I am taken to this page to find out that, yes, it is indeed a scam just as I thought, and yet this page is showing adverts for the Voltes. Can web page owners not control what adverts are shown through their website? sabireviews.com are receiving advertising revenue from the very product they are condemning. This is nuts!!!

    1. Sadly, we can’t control what adverts are shown because Google delivers the Ads automatically. This is something totally out of our control.

      1. I’m a retired electronics engineer, it’s obvious to me the thing cannot do what it claims. Commiserations for having your debunk pages cluttered with enforced advertisements for it. The scammers are clearly raking in the money to be able to pay for all this. Could you not put a large disclaimer right at the top, and let readers know it’s all Google’s fault?

  13. The people that are feloniously selling this product should be prosecuted for making false claims and using an Australian companies regd. Name. It’s a criminal act and an insidious scam. Rip off merchants for sure! Crap product!

  14. I feel such a bloody fool now, I ordered one about 3 weeks ago thinking it would be really good, it’s supposed to be on its way so I’ve not had chance to try it yet, but after reading other people’s comments and experience I don’t think I want to try it as it might be dangerous at 68 years old you think I would know better. I think I paid through PayPal so maybe I’m protected

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