EcoWatt Pro Reviews 2023: Why this Electricity Saver Sucks!

Are you thinking of ways to reduce your electricity bill? Do you want to buy EcoWatt Pro energy saver this 2023? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about EcoWatt Energy Saver.

Ecowatt Pro Power Saver- Is It Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because it allegedly reduces 90% of your electricity bill. Furthermore, the EcoWatt Energy saver is been sold for 50% discount. You also get to pay lower when you buy more.

However, when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews online, you’d see that there are no genuine customer reviews of this product. The seemingly positive reviews were written by affiliate marketers who don’t care if the product actually works or not. What they are after, is their commission at the end of the day.

What You Should Know About EcoWatt Electricity Saver!

Though there are lots of positive reviews about this power saving device, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of buying any power saving device-

Saves Little or No Energy

When you unbox the device, you would see it is a capacitor placed across the power line. This actually might do a little bit of power factor correction, but you are not billed for reactive power at home. So it saves you nothing in money.

Furthermore, the gadget capacitor draws about 100 mA of capacitive (leading) current from the line. If you happen to have a device which draws about 100 mA of inductive (lagging) current component, this capacitor will cancel that. It won’t draw more when you need more. Doesn’t stop drawing current when you don’t need any correction.

Probably has *just enough* effect that the statements in the ads are not complete lies, but the device is still completely useless in general.

Might Cause Fire Hazard

When I went through the video on the official website, the one thing I couldn’t tell from the video, and the narrator didn’t mention: Is the capacitor inside is  actually rated for connection across the AC line? Is it a fire hazard if there is a lightning strike nearby? Capacitors connected directly to the AC line are supposed to have an “X” rating for safety, and because this capacitor is potted in epoxy, I can’t tell if it if actually safe or not.

Where is EcoWatt Pro Manufactured?

Though EcoWatt Pro energy saver is marketed and distributed by a company called SIA ZPS Commerce, it is actually manufactured in China.

What this company does is buy products for cheaper rates in China, then invest in social media advertising, SE0 advertising, copy writing and all the likes, to make the products look real or legit to buyers. Doubt us? see the reverse image search of the EcoWatt Pro electricity saver.

Reverse Image search result on EcoWatt Pro

The product is available on Alibaba and sold for £2.99!

Does EcoWatt Pro Really Work?

The answer to the question is NO.

What you should know is this ”There is NO WAY any device of this size can stabilize a home electrical AC supply or produce the savings advertised. Electrical consumption is based on total power consumed and NOT phase corrected VAR.

Is EcoWatt Pro A Hoax?

Yes, it is. BBC has addressed the power saving device scam here

Energy saving devices like Eco Watt Pro and the likes  are unsafe and could cause a fire or electrocution.

There are a bunch of these devices with different names- Voltex, PowerVolt, Voltbox, MiracleWatt, UberWatts, etc. A lot of users complained that these devices don’t save any energy or reduce electricity bill. See

So what are the better ways to save energy and reduce electricity bills? Get these solar power system. These devices can actually provide big savings on mains electricity bills.


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