V Shred Reviews 2023: Why I Regret Signing Up, A User Review

Are you skeptical about the customer reviews online about V Shred and you’re wondering if it’s the right workout program for your weight loss journey? There have been a lot of rave on the internet about this work out program with their personalized meal plans but it could all be a scam. This review exposes how it works.

V shred

Overview Of The V Shred Workout Program

V Shred is a health and fitness company that claims to use their personalized meal planes to help you achieve your desired goals. The face of V Shred is a guy named Vince Sant, who has a lot of muscles and rarely wears any shirt. They have experts who make custom plans for you, whether you want to lose weight or build muscle. The program claims to help you lose weight fast. After one month of sticking to the diet and exercises. But does V shred work? Keep reading!

How It Works

  1. You answer questions some sort of quiz on their site to find the right diet and exercise plan.
  2. You watch a 60-minute video where Vince Sant talks about fixing your body. He promises to help you get in shape without starving.
  3. You can calculate your macros or buy meal plans for extra cost.
  4. Then, you do the workouts.
  5. You can also download the app into your phone, create an account and login.

My Experience Signing Up For The V Shred Workout Program

I decided to give the V shred a trial after seeing those before and after pictures in a workout magazine . I tried the home workouts for the Fat Loss Extreme for him/her, and they were supposed to fit my schedule. But the emails and videos they sent me seemed to go on forever! And to be honest, I couldn’t do all the exercises perfectly. I thought I was in for a 30-day program, but it turned out to be just one week repeated four times. Plus, they kept repeating the same meals within the week, saying it’s for easier food prep, but it felt like I was eating the same 11-14 meals and snacks over and over. One snack was just a chomp bar, and another was a protein shake – seriously, it was just one scoop of protein powder mixed with water. This wasn’t doing the trick for me.

I reached out to ask for a refund, but no one’s gotten back to me. The diet plan they gave me just feels like it takes too much time, and I’m all about eating clean and having regular meals, but this plan just didn’t cut it. And I spent nearly €60 on their “training program,” only to keep getting asked for more money – for their “community,” vitamin pills, or something else.

To top it off, the app they use for the training program is terrible. The text is hard to read, and the exercises are just plain boring – it’s the same stuff week after week. I’m watching my calorie intake and using that “burn daily” feature, but after 30 days, I haven’t seen any results. Honestly, it’s not what I expected, and I’m just bombarded with emails to pay for stuff I’m not even interested in.

V shred Pros: What I Fancy

  • The workouts fit my schedule.
  • They offer a variety of exercises.
  • They provide a structured program.

V shred Cons: What I Didn’t Like About This Weight Loss Program

  • The emails and videos are quite lengthy.
  • I struggle to do some exercises perfectly.
  • The 30-day program felt like repeating the same week.
  • The meals and snacks aren’t very diverse.
  • I haven’t received the promised supplements.
  • No response when I reached out about a refund.
  • The program is more expensive than I expected.
  • The app is not user-friendly, and the exercises get repetitive.
  • I haven’t seen the desired results after 30 days also I keep getting asked to pay for additional stuff I’m not interested in.

Is V Shred Legit? Customer Reports

No, it is far from legit, Vince Sant who is the owner uses social media and influencers to promote V Shred and they use false advertising to promote their program. Also, They even got featured in fancy fitness magazines to appear like the real deal. However, Customer reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot are mixed, most complaining on unresponsive customer service and email marketing.

However, many of their emails with PDFs don’t quite check out. Experts in the fitness world say it’s filled with false information. The diet plans and workouts don’t seem to be backed by science, and they can be pretty extreme.

They’ve got this thing called the shred body type quiz to match you with a diet. But the Before-and-after pics are not really but generic, and they make some pretty wild claims. Like saying their Ripped in 90 program can help you drop 35 pounds in just 3 months. which sounds too good to be true. Also, isn’t any age safeguards, and they don’t have a ‘teen’ category. No warnings about eating disorders or anything like that.

I also tried: Metaboost connection weight loss program

V Shred Exposed: What You Must Know Before Signing Up

Unresponsive Customer Service

The company does not run a great customer service, you cannot get anyone to answer the call just automat mated AI response and they do not return the calls either.

Non Stop Advertising

The company tries to sell you their supplements and that of other brands, claiming you don’t need them, but they’ll help you see results faster. And then there is the nonstop 3rd party ads or after sales promotions and the promotional emails which comes more than 2 times a day.

False Advertisng

The way they present things is pretty fancy, and the pictures they show look way too exaggerated (some even say they use stolen transformation photos). Also, their methods and claims are unrealistic.

Refund Policy

They say they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and have lots of happy customer reviews on their website. But after checking out some other V Shred reviews online and complaints to the Better Business Bureau, it seems that their customer service is reliable, and getting your money back as promised might not be easy.

How Much Does V Shred Cost

The prices vary depending on your selection

  • Fat Loss Extreme for him/her: $47 each
  • Ripped in 90: $47
  • Move At Home: $47
  • Custom Diet Plan: Not specified
  • Clean Bulk program: $87
  • 6 Pack Shred: $19.99
  • Big Arms: $19.99
  • Booty Builder: $34.95


V Shred program might sound appealing with its promises, but it’s got some warning signs. They use lengthy videos and might not have proper age or health warnings. However, The app is not user-friendly, and the exercises get repetitive. I haven’t seen the results i was hoping for after 30 days and I keep getting asked to pay for additional stuff that I’m not interested in.


  1. Why Is V Shred Hated?
    • Some people hate V Shred because of their marketing practices.
  2. Is V Shred Worth It?
    • No it is not worth it.
  3. What Is V Shred’s Secret?
    • V Shred promotes techniques like “metabolic confusion” to boost weight loss, However, you cannot trust it.
  4. Is V Shred Involved in Any Scandals?
    • Yes, V Shred has faced criticism of false information and mis leading claims.
  5. How Does V Shred Cater to the Endomorph Body Type?
    • V Shred has specific workout and diet plans for endomorphs.

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