Is Metaboost Connection A Scam? Why I Regret Enrolling In This Weight Loss Program

Are you struggling to lose weight? Did you come across the Metaboost Connection weight loss program? Are the customer reviews online about losing weight while on this program legit? Do not enroll in this weight loss program yet until you read this review.

Metaboost Connection
Metaboost Connection

What Is The Metaboost Connection By Meredith Shirk

MetaBoost is a diet plan and exercise program created by Meredith Shirk and her team at Svelte Training. The program includes videos, recipes and eBooks to help you lose weight. It is a women’s weight loss program that claims to help boost metabolism and burn fat. The program is for women over 40 who want to reshape their bodies just like Red mountain weight loss program. But does it work?

Unboxing what you get

  • Exercise advice
  • Diet plans in pdf
  • Shopping guides
  • How to combat metabolism and inflammation
  • 5 superfoods that help burn fat, reduce inflammation, and boost energy
  • Using organic nutrients to balance hormones and promote healthier skin
  • Low-impact exercises for women in their 40s and beyond
  • Targeted exercises for lower belly, love handles, and loose arms
  • Insights on why your body burns fewer calories at rest in your 40s

My Experience Signing Up For Metaboost Connection Weight Loss Program

I was curious about that whole “lose body fat with just 5 foods” thing too, and like you, I got pulled into the marketing. I filled out the form and even shared my credit card info (without the CVV code).

The program claims to be suitable for vegans, but it hardly gives you any options, and the recipes aren’t exactly delicious. They’re kind of bland and uninspiring.

Also you get bombarded with a ton of emails promising all sorts of solutions, but you have to sit through endless videos only to find out you need to pay for something.

I’m also wondering, how did I end up paying $108 instead of the $29 they advertised? What’s going on there? My credit card usually sends me a confirmation message, but this time, poof, the money was just gone. And trying to reach customer service? Yeah, it feels impossible. I just want my money back. This whole experience has been a letdown.

Metaboost Connection Pros: What I Fancy About This Weight Loss Program

  • I was curious, and that’s why I even got into this in the first place.

Metaboosting Cons: What I Didn’t Like

  • The whole “lose body fat with just 5 foods” promise felt too good to be true, and it turned out to be just that – empty.
  • It claims to be vegan-friendly, but the options were seriously lacking, and the recipes weren’t exactly appetizing.
  • I paid $108 instead of the advertised $29 and i don’t know how that happened. My credit card usually asks for confirmation, but this time, my money just vanished.
  • Trying to reach customer service does not seem to work out.
  • I didn’t see any customer reviews on Reddit

Does Metaboost Connection Really Work? Customer Reports

No it does not really work. Customer reviews on Trustpilot have reported negative experiences about this whole diet program. The website uses false advertising to trick you into paying for their plan.  I noticed that you need to send your credit card through a web form instead of using Stripe, PayPal or similar payment platforms. That means that they can get your credit card details and charge you whatever. A Customer report said

The website leads you to unwanted plans without any ability to get refund for billing your card with 10 times more than the write when you fill the payment details – first the page ask to you to pay for 29$ and after the card number and confirmation for the payment is made the site takes you to a series of long readings and when you press next – it charges you without your consent on a bill of more than 300$ !!!! The biggest scam !!!! Be warned!!


Metaboost Connection Receips

The Metaboosting Diet includes important recipes with organic superfoods called MetaInfluencers. These foods boost energy and support effective fat burning. Information is available in separate reports to guide users on what to do.

How To Sign Up

Yon can sign up at, to sign up will cost you $29. You get instant access to the program after purchase. Pay with a credit card on You’ll have a private dashboard for program materials, accessible on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Access videos and reports on the MetaBoost website, and your access is permanent.

Metaboost Vs One And Done

One and Done and MetaBoost have different focuses. One and Done works more on exercise, while MetaBoost is all about changing the female hormone baseline using specific nutrients and focused isometric exercises. So, if you compare them, One and Done has more exercise with some nutrition tips, whereas MetaBoost is more about nutrition with a bit of exercise.

Speaking of One and Done, it’s an exercise program from Svelte Training. You can find it on for $37. When you buy it digitally, you get access to videos, PDF guides, and instructions.


Metaboost connection does not live up to the hype and is filed with false advertsing, The whole “lose body fat with just 5 foods” promise felt too good to be true, and it turned out to be just that empty words. Trying to reach customer service does not seem to work out. Overall not a value for my money.

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