Are Peepers Reading Glasses Any Good: Read This Review Before Buying

Because we use screens a lot and read for a long time, our eyes can get tired. This can cause vision problems. Peepers Reading Glasses are getting popular because they say they can help with these problems in a special way. But do they actually work as advertised?

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and wearing these glasses, to help you make an informed decision.

Peepers Reading Glasses
Peepers Reading Glasses

Overview Of Peepers Reading Glasses

Peeperspec is an online eyewear company selling peepers reading glasses, prescription lenses, blue light blockers, and sunglasses. They have stylish frames for men, women, and children. They clam to offer high quality glasses with great designs to fit. Being a stylish person myself, I was curious to try it out, here is my take!

Peepers reading glasses offers the following

  1. Blue Light Protection: The glasses block harmful blue light from screens, reducing eye strain, improving sleep, and promoting healthier eyes.
  2. Automatic Adjustment: These reading glasses use smart technology for seamless transitioning between close and far vision, eliminating eye strain.
  3. Stylish Design: Peeperspecs offers a range of stylish designs to cater to different fashion preferences, allowing you to look good while protecting your eyes.
  4. Comfortable to Wear: These glasses are designed for comfort, making them a practical choice for daily use and eye care.

My Experience Buying and Wearing the Peeperspecs Reading Glasses

I ordered two pairs of what I thought were reading glasses during a Good Morning America promotion. It turned out that Peepers Canada ships from the US, and I got hit with a surprise FedEx bill, which was definitely unexpected. I noticed that one of the pairs had the correct prescription (2.50), but the other had a prescription of 0.00!

The frames were okay and stylish, it has the blue ray blocking effect, but the quality of the lenses left a lot to be desired. I couldn’t see clearly with them.

I decided to contact Peepers to request a return. They told me I’d have to pay for the return shipping. That wasn’t mentioned anywhere during the purchase, and if it had been, I probably wouldn’t have placed the order in the first place! Peepers just wants to keep the money used for purchase because the promotional amount was $10, and it would probably cost as much or close to that amount to return!! So, buyer beware, if you end up with something you don’t like from Peepers, they seem more interested in keeping your money than making returns easy.

Peepers Reading Glasses Pros: What I like

  • Peepers has a wide variety of stylish frames for both reading glasses and sunglasses. I found some designs that I really liked.
  • They have a vision test and a Perfect Pair Finder, which can be quite helpful in choosing the right eyewear based on your prescription and preference.
  • It’s convenient that they accept FSA and HSA cards as a form of payment, making it easier to use those funds for eyewear.
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $42 helps me save on extra costs.
  • They have a 90-day return policy with a full refund for returns.

Peepers Reading Glasses Cons: What I Didn’t Fancy

  • One major downside is that if you order from Peepers Canada, you might get hit with unexpected FedEx bills if your order ships from the US.
  • In my case, there was a mix-up in the prescription. One pair had the correct prescription, but the other had a 0.00 prescription.
  • I also found that the quality of the lenses wasn’t great, resulting in a blurry vision.
  • The fact that they required me to pay for return shipping wasn’t mentioned during the purchase.

Where To Buy

This glass is available for sale on Amazon, Amazon prime and their official website There are online stores like Knoji offering 30% off with their coupon code.

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Is The Peepers Reading Glasses Worth Your Money?

Yes, it is worth your money, however, these glasses they are super reflective, which doesn’t look great on zoom calls because they reflect every bit of light which in my experience i was unable to see clearly in relation to the lens. Also a customer report said

I love these glasses… 2nd pair.. bc the first ones broke within a month of wearing them. But loved them so much decided to give them another try… and 4 weeks in the new ones broke, in the same place . Of course it’s now outside the return date.. the glasses are very cool looking, very light weight , and comfortable until they break. And worse is I wore them for a total of 30 mins tops a d


What You Must Know Before Buying


Peepers’ Canada ships from the US and I got a sizeable FedEx bill I wasn’t expecting. This is a significant downside to be aware of, especially if you’re ordering from Canada.

Poor Quality Of Lens

 The quality of the lenses is very poor and extremely light weight resulting in not being able to see clearly. Some customers have reported that the glasses fell apart within a month of wear.

Mix Up In Order

Customer reports online have reported of receiving the wrong pair of glasses especially the size. In my experience, One pair had the correct prescription, but the other had a 0.00 prescription.

Return Policy

You can return your glasses for a refund, exchange, or a Peepers gift card within 90 days of your original order date. For Peepers Progressive Styles (US ONLY), the return fee is waived. Closeout items from the Sale category can’t get a monetary refund, but they can be exchanged or returned for a Peepers E-Gift Card. Keep in mind, the original shipping charge won’t be refunded.

To start a return, go to and enter your order number (you’ll find it in your order confirmation email) and shipping zip code. If you have any questions, contact their customer service team by email at [email protected] or via phone 219.872.4413


Peepers reading glasses block blue light and adjust focus automatically. However, one major downside is that if you order from Peepers Canada, you might get hit with unexpected FedEx bills if your order ships from the US.
In my case, there was a mix-up in the prescription. One pair had the correct prescription, but the other had a 0.00 prescription.


  1. Where are Peepers Reading Glasses made?
    • They are made in the United States.
  2. What is the “1.0” in Peepers glasses?
    • Answer: “1.0” is the magnification level for reading glasses. It’s for mild reading needs.
  3. Can I find Peepers glasses reviews online?
    • Answer: Yes, you can find Peepers glasses reviews on their website and some other online review platforms
  4. Who sells Peepers Reading Glasses near me?
    • Answer: If you want to find nearby stores selling Peepers Reading Glasses, you need to use their store locator tool on their website. Just enter your zip code or city.
  5. Does Peepers have prescription lenses for their glasses?
    • Answer: Yes, Peepers can put prescription lenses in their frames.

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