EcoGlow Heater Reviews: My Experience Testing The Viral 600 Chick Brooder In My Farm

Do you run a poultry farm? Did you come across the EcoGlow Heater? I recently came across this heater which has been making waves amongst farm owners and decided to test it out myself. The manufacturers of this brooder claim it is an energy saver and better alternative to heat lamps. But does it work?

In this review, I’ll share my experience installing this heater in my farm, and help you decide if it is worth your money.

EcoGlow Heater

What Is The Ecoglow Heater

Ecoglow by Brinsea are special brooders for baby chicks to keep them warm for the first few days after hatch. They’re adjustable in height, so as the chicks grow, they stay warm. These brooders don’t have bright lights, so your chicks can have a natural day and night rhythm without constant light. The manufacturers claim its a better alternative to traditional heat lamps it comes in sizes 600 capacity which holds 20 chicks and the 1200 for 35chicks. But does it work?

What the Ecoglow heater offers

  1. Holds up to 20 chicks at once
  2. Uses 5% of electricity
  3. It is easy to clean
  4. Easy height adjustment for different chicks
  5. Clear plastic container available to help with cleaning
  6. 12v operation

My Experience Buying And Using The EcoGlow 20 Safety 600 Chick Brooder

After doing a bunch of research and reading reviews, I decided to get this brooder plate for my chicks this year. We had a bit of a rough time with our first batch of chicks because we lost a couple due to not having enough heat. Last year, we had a smaller brooder plate from Rentacoop, and we ended up going back to it after losing half of the chicks we got.

I ordered it from their official website, and it arrived after about 5 days. The EcoGlow 20 comes in four parts: the main body that provides the heat (it’s 8” x 12”), two flat panel legs, and the power cord with a 12-volt transformer attached. Although it’s meant for up to 20 chicks, I’ve had as many as 25 chicks under it with no issues. It’s also worked well for ducklings, guinea keets, and even quail chicks. You can adjust the height to three different positions to fit larger chicks and waterfowl. For the smaller bantam chicks and quails, I like to pile up the shavings a bit more under the heater to keep them close.

I haven’t noticed a big difference in my electricity bill from running one or even two of these units compared to the traditional heat lamp. Cleaning the unit is easy. The clear plastic cover is easy to wash and sanitize. The legs are like big screws that you can unscrew for cleaning if needed.

If I could give some suggestions to the manufacturer, I’d say it would be nice to have a plastic cover with a ridged top, kind of like the inside of corrugated cardboard. This would give the chicks better traction and potentially reduce leg issues, as chicks tend to climb on top. I’d also like to see wider feet on the legs to make the brooder even more stable. Overall, it’s a value for my money.

Brinsea Ecoglow Brooder Heater Pros: What I Like About It

  1. The brooder plate provides and safe heat, reducing the risk of chicks getting too cold or too hot.
  2. It doesn’t use much electricity, and you can use one or even two units without increase in your electric bill.
  3. Unlike traditional heat lamps, the EcoGlow doesn’t have bright light.
  4. You can change the height of the brooder plate so that it can contain different chick sizes.
  5. It’s easy to clean

Brinsea Ecoglow Heater Cons: What I Don’t Like About It

  1. The flat plastic cover could be improved with ridges for better traction, which would help prevent chicks from slipping and reduce leg issues.
  2. Wider feet on the legs could make the brooder even more stable.

Does The Ecoglow Brooder Plate Work?

Yes it works. This heater does not require much electricity as most other brooding devices. The heater is not too hot to the touch and won’t ignite bedding or burn your chicks. It is warm enough to keep chicks happy. I think this brooder is good for somebody that occasionally broods a few chicks because the cord is very flimmsey–like a cell phone charger cord and the chicks always manage to pull/perch/whatever on the cord and it gets beat-up while adjusting the legs.

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Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also from Amazon. The price differs according to the size of brooder plate you wish to buy. The EcoGlow plates are available for 20,35 and 50 chicks.

How To Install

  1. Place the board on a flat surface.
  2. Install the legs in each hole following the instructions.
  3. Adjust the height.
  4. Put your baby chicks under the brooder plate. They’ll figure out where to go to stay warm.
  5. Make sure the temperature under the brooder plate is right for your chicks.

Brooder Heater vs Heat Lamp: Which Is A Better Alternative

Brooder plates are way better than heat lamps for baby chicks. They beat traditional heat lamps in pretty much every way. First off, they’re safer – no risk of fires or chicks getting too close to the hot bulb. They’re also cheaper and don’t use much electricity as heat lamps, so you won’t be shocked by your electric bill. Overall, i choose Brooder heater.


EcoGlow heater is ideal for baby chicks by keeping them warm over the next few days to weeks. It doesn’t use much electricity, unlike traditional heat lamps. However, it works better for someone who breeds smaller number of chicks.

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