TVision Tv Antenna Scam Or Worth It?

TVision Tv Antenna promises to provide you with local, crystal clear HD broadcast channels, letting you watch TV shows, movies, news, and sports etc.

Sadly, TVision have been shut down and replaced with T-mobile. T-mobile will be paternering with Youtube Tv and Philo. Are you wondering why TVision is going away? We’ll give you a quick rundown on this scam, how the device actually works, and what to do if you’ve already ordered one.

TVision Tv Antenna
TVision Tv Antenna

Is TVision Tv Antenna Legit

Yes it is legit. TVision Tv Antenna is sold as a way to replace cable or satellite TV so you can watch your favorite shows. You can get up to 60 different channels for just $40 a month. This Tv Antenna says it can do a lot of things, like:

  • Get you free HD TV channels
  • Pick up signals from over 50 miles away
  • Be simple to set up and use
  • Save you money compared to cable or satellite TV
  • No contracts, monthly bills, or price increases.

In November 2020, some content creators weren’t happy with how this streaming service packaged its offerings. Now, T-mobile is teaming up with YouTube TV and Philo to offer special deals to their customers.

T-Mobile’s New Streaming Deals

T-Vision Live and Vibe customers can now save $10 every month on YouTube TV and Philo. Plus, existing T-Vision Live customers get a free month of YouTube TV and three free months of YouTube Premium. Also current T-vision customers can get free one of Philo. All T-mobile post paid wireless sprint customers can get $10 off Youtube Live and Philo.

Even though T-vision have been shut down, the hub streaming media player is not. It can still be used to stream your favorite apps.

Have Real People Tested This Tv Antenna

Yes, we came across reviews from customers on YouTube who have used this tv streaming service. Me customer said

I have had all of the streaming devices at one point in time. T-Vision was my favorite, over 60 channels for $40 per month was awesome value especially with local channels. I also love the T-Vision hub that used a standard remote with numbers it remaineded me most of cable.

I have had TVision home only because I live not in Philly but in the suburbs. I must admit it is or was a good service. But since T-mobile has decided to terminate the home edition and go in another direction, I cannot recommend their live tv service to anyone simply because they have failed to live up to the expectations that I was hoping TVision would.

TVision is a big no for me, it’s more expensive than xfinity. I cancelled it after a couple of weeks of it constantly needing deactivation and saying “error”. There are so many hidden charges plus if you ever call from a free customer service abroad, the waiting hours is 2 to 3 hours.

How to Spot and Avoid Tv Antenna Scams

To steer clear of scams, follow these tips:

  • Do some research before you buy anything.
  • Check for a real address, phone number, or other company info to make sure it’s legit.
  • Always read reviews from different places before making a purchase.

Our Verdict

Finally, TVision tv streaming device is not a scam, they simply released their own streaming service and a month later decided to partner with YouTube and Philo. TVision might have been a great live service but to me honestly it wasn’t. It’s not because of the high price they charge but because they are not fully committed to the consumers in the live TV streaming industry, T-mobile is only committed to the cellphone industry.

However We’ve seen lots of Tv streaming device scams making waves all over the internet like the TvBoost Antenna and .You’re be far better off buying a solid metal antenna. Save your money and time.

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