Is DPD Delivery Service Reliable: Do Not Use DPD Before Reading This

Every time you buy something on Amazon or any company and says DPD delivery service, you know you are in for a little disappointment.

Lots of people are currently complaining about the services of this company which prompted us to investigate further and here is what we discovered after investigation.

DPD Delivery Service
DPD Delivery Service

About DPD Delivery Service

DPD is a popular delivery company in the UK that operates in 31 countries. They also handle international shipping and other logistics stuff and are really good at getting your parcels to you quickly, often the next day.

The cheapest way to send a parcel right to someone’s door is with Next Day Delivery, and it’ll cost you £9.59 for a parcel weighing up to 5kg, including VAT.

Is DPD A Legit Delivery Company

Yes but not without some problems. DPD delivery service just drops off parcels without waiting, even for just 30 seconds to hand it over in person. The service doesn’t meet customer expectations, and their delivery standards aren’t great. It seems like good customer service is a thing of the past, if it ever existed at all. Plus, you don’t get a chance to make sure the parcel goes to the right person.

If you’re using them for business, steer clear because they’ll seriously mess up your customer experience. They offer no support, and the drivers just don’t seem to care at all.

What We Like

  1. They operate in different countries
  2. Their services are not really expensive

What I Don’t Like

  1. There are issues with their customer service
  2. The goods ordered are not delivered

Why People Hate DPD Delivery Service

Generally people who have tried the services of DPD are not happy. It’s not worth sticking with them. Your package will likely be late, damaged, or even lost. There are complaints online on Trustpilot and reviews io.

I have never known a more incompetent company, doesn’t matter if you give a safe place to leave parcel or a pick up location near to your house they simply will not deliver this parcel. Multiple other courier companies have no issue with this fundemntal requirement for a courier company. AVOID, use yodal, Hermes or even Royal Mail, all at least deliver your parcels

What an absolutely awful company. Delivery time slot is 2.36-3.36. At 2pm I get a notification that we are next. See the van on the app – then 30 seconds later get a message to say “sorry we missed you”. I have been at home all day, stood outside and nothing. The cutomer service is absolutely appauling. Asked them to come back as the the item is urgent but apparently I’ve missed my timeslot … the time slot hadn’t even happend. Absolutely disgusting.

Shockingly bad delivery company. If they are running late or they don’t want to drive down a country lane they will either leave the parcel by the roadside (about a mile from the delivery address) or dump parcels at the post office. They lie about attempting to deliver. I’m trying to avoid buying online from web sites that use them. They contract to deliver to the door and do not make reasonable efforts to do so and if I were a company using their so-called service it smacks of fraud.

Should I Use The Services Of DPD

Your only option as an end recipient is to choose not to do business with companies that deliver via DPD, and to let companies know that is your position.

Though DPD appears to be cheaper compared to a lot of Delivery services out there but I do not recommend it. The positive reviews you’ve seen so far on Trustpilot about the company is fake and they repeatedly delete negative reviews from their website and social media pages. This raises a lot of red flags and screams “stay away”.

Final Words

This company is terrible at delivering or picking up parcels, and they’ve messed up multiple times in our area. They’re also deleting negative reviews on Trustpilot. Instead of fixing the issues, they’re busy trying to silence unhappy customers.

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