Is TVBoost Antenna A Scam? Review Of The Digital Indoor Antenna

You must have come across lots of Ads on social media promoting TvBoost Antenna device? They claim you can watch all channels for free (No Ads, No monthly costs).

Unfortunately, it is a scam – pure product misrepresentation. We will be writing a short TL – DR about this scam, how the device really works, and what to do if you’ve already placed an order for it.

What Is TVBoost Antenna?

TV Antenna Boost is advertised as an alternative to traditional cable or satellite TV, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows for free.

Sadly it’s false. These marketers are really trying to trick people into buying their product. Basically, all they’re selling is just a regular old antenna you stick on your TV to pick up free channels.

Here’s What TV Boost Claims About their indoor Antenna:

  1. It’s a digital HD antenna, meaning it picks up high-definition TV signals.
  2. You can watch live TV broadcasts in HD without paying for cable.
  3. Will help you to watch only what is termed as “local channels” absolutely nothing more.

TVBoost Indoor Antenna Scam Or Legit

The advertising for the TV Antenna Boost is deceptive because it doesn’t accurately represent what they are actually selling. is essentially a digital over-the-air antenna that allows you to access local TV stations in your area. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t offer the same range of channels as cable TV. If you live in a rural or mountainous region, there’s a chance you may not receive any signal at all with this type of antenna. Similar antennas can be found at stores like Walmart, and they usually range in price from $20 to $40, including amplified options.

use special technology developed by NASA to bypass cable and satellite services, supposedly bringing in hundreds of channels for free. 

Is the website a scam?

We checked the website on scamdoc and other websites. The website is currently ranked 2.7/100 which is considered very poor. There are some red flags to consider. Firstly, the website does not provide any contact information other than an email address. Secondly, some customer reviews claim the company has poor customer service or does not fulfill orders. These factors could indicate that is not a legitimate.

Victims Speak Out

We found testimonials online from people who have fallen victim of this scam. Here are some of them

I think its funny how many antennas like this lie. Some even claim to carry cable channels. The best flat antennas are made by places like channel master and are better suited to city dwellers. I do have one and it picks up channels from about 40 miles with a good window placement.

It’s junk. A 330-mile range and that it’ll get you CNN, ESPN, TLC, Cartoon Network, or USA are completely bogus. (You don’t need an amplifier.) 

All that stuff about cable companies broadcasting on low frequencies is just a bunch of marketing nonsense.

How to avoid scams like TvBoost Antenna

To avoid scams like Tv boost, it is recommended to do

  1. Do your research before making a purchase.
  2. Look for a physical address, phone number, or other company information that can verify its legitimacy.
  3. Additionally, always check customer reviews from multiple sources before making a purchase.

Final Words

We do not recommend TV antenna boost to anyone. It is a waste of money, and it does not work. Save your money and buy a better TV instead. You’d be far better off buying a solid metal antenna for $150 and building a tower outside to mount it on. 

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