Glo Teeth Whitening Reviews: Does It Work For Real? We Asked Dentists

Did you come across ads on social media promoting the Glo Teeth Whitening? This whitening gel claims to combine gentle warming heat and safe LED light to activate the whitening process and results can be seen as soon as possible.

This product is available on Amazon but is currently discontinued. But it never negatively impacts the tooth. Are there side effects? If you decide to use it, we recommend you read the Glo Whitening teeth reviews.

Overview Of Glo Teeth Whitening

The Glo teeth whitening system is a way to get professional-level whitening results at home. The manufacturers claim the device uses special lights and heat to speed up the whitening process while it’s inside your mouth.

Features of Glo Teeth Whitening

  1. The mouthpiece has special heat technology that makes your smile whiter and brighter faster.
  2. Makes use of less of advanced heat technology
  3. The Gel is Non-Toxic, Vegan, and Gluten free

How I Tested

I ordered from Amazon after seeing all those TikTok videos. As someone who enjoys tea but isn’t a super frequent drinker, I found this whitening kit to be okay. It’s easy to use and doesn’t bother my mouth during or after. My only gripe is that for the price, I expected more noticeable results. My teeth weren’t heavily stained to begin with, but after 10 days of using it as directed, I only noticed a slight improvement in brightness.

The gel dispensers don’t give you all the gel, so I had to get creative to use up every last bit. But my biggest issue was with the “Light & Heat Mouthpiece” – it’s delicate enough that my teeth actually broke through the guard between my upper and lower teeth on day 6. The instructions didn’t mention this risk, so I felt a bit let down. There are so many options out there from charcoal to strips but this is finally a product that is easy and comfortable while working twice as fast as any other product I’ve used.

Overall, it’s a pricey product that gets even pricier if you need to replace parts like the mouthpiece. And since I used it alongside other whitening products, I can’t say for sure how effective it is on its own with regular toothpaste and mouthwash.


  1. Makes teeth whiter and brighter faster.
  2. Less chance of teeth feeling sensitive.
  3. Gives the best results with its special technology.
  4. Easy to use with clear instructions.


  1. It is quite pricey
  2. Mouthpiece could break if not careful.
  3. Results does not last.

Does Glo Teeth Whitening Work

Yes but It doesn’t last longterm though, so I don’t recommend using it for permanent whitening or maintenance.

Also before you go for this supposedly high-tech tooth whitener. It’s the same thing as using trays and gel, except you have to GET UP 4 TIMES AND REPAINT THE GEL on your teeth per session! Yep, every 8 minutes, you have to get up an re-apply the gel, and run the unit for another 8 minutes! FOUR TIMES IN A ROW! It’s really a hassle.

It took three times using the whitening kit before we noticed any changes in the color of our teeth. By the sixth day of treatment, our teeth were two to three shades lighter.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from Amazon, Walmart and their official website The GLO Brilliant kit costs $99 if you pay all at once.

How To Use

  1. Apply GLO Lip Care to lips.
  2. Brush whitening gel onto teeth.
  3. Put in mouthpiece and activate blue light.
  4. Relax jaw for eight minutes.
  5. Repeat process daily for up to ten days.

Real People Try Glo Teeth Whitening

I found before and after images, customer reports and complaints on Amazon and Reddit. Some of them include:

I do notice a difference and I’ve only used it twice. However, you have to do 8 minutes 4 times to complete 1 treatment. It literally takes more than a half an hour to complete. Also, it says it’s safe to swallow the solution, but it taste so gross and makes me nauseous when I swallow it. And I did get tooth pain on the first treatment during the 3rd round. However, it was quick and didn’t linger like the others would. Overall, I think it’s OK, but I don’t think it is worth it for the price point. Therefore, if you got money, then go for it. If not, you can probably find something better!

This device does whiten your teeth, but it is NOT durable. I purchased this 2 years ago. I used it consistently for 3-4 months to prepare for my wedding. However, upon pulling it out and charging it to use again… I got some water on it and it totally kicked the bucket. Kind of silly for a device that is typically used in the bathroom. For $200, I expected more than 3-4 months of use.

The battery that hangs on your neck is totally cheap and flimsy. The connection on mine where the mouth guard clicks into it was so cheap that I had to keep checking as the light would suddenly go out. I had to twist the guard plug to get it to light up again. If they made this just a little nicer I would give this 5 stars.

Side Effects

Glo teeth whitening can sometimes cause some side effects like sensitive teeth, irritated gums, or not getting the results you hoped for. But don’t worry too much – most people don’t have any big issues with professional teeth whitening. Your dentist will keep an eye on things and make sure everything goes smoothly during the process.

What You Get When You Order

The Glo Brilliant Device comes with everything you need for teeth whitening: a mouthpiece that uses LED light and heat, a case to store the mouthpiece, a travel case, a remote control for the blue light, a lanyard to hold the device in place, lip balm to apply before using the device, ten teeth whitening G-Vials (enough for 40 applications or 10 days of treatments), an easy-to-follow manual with FAQs and detailed instructions, a shade guide, a power adapter, and a universal USB cable.

Do Dentists Recommend Glo Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

Not totally. When I reached out to dentists some confirmed that any whitening system with a light is a gimmick. “Yes the light whitens your teeth…by dehydrating your teeth, giving them a chalky white appearance. It looks good for a few hours to a few days but the teeth will go back to their original shade when the teeth rehydrate. No actual whitening was accomplished”.

Final Thoughts

This Glo teeth whitening gel is expensive, but worth it, especially if you factor in the cost of professional teeth whitening. The kit looks intimidating but the instructions are incredible simple and this kit gives you a lot of the whitening gel to work with so I don’t think I’ll need to get replacements anytime soon.

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