My Personal Canopy Air Humidifier Review (2024)Does It Work? Read This

Are you on the hunt for a new humidifier? Humidifiers are a great way to add more moisture into the air in the bedroom to prevent waking up with dry skin, a scratchy throat, or nosebleeds. Canopy air humidifier claims to offer a “unique anti mold technology.” But does it live up to the claims?

I personally tested out this humidifier and in this review, I’ll go over some of its key features, how to use it, and whether we recommend it or not.

A Little About Canopy Air Humidifier

The Canopy Humidifier is like a special machine that adds moisture to the air in a room. But unlike regular humidifiers that puff out mist or steam, this one works quietly using a technology that makes use of UV light and evaporation. It can keep working for a really long time – up to 36 hours straight. Plus, it’s smart enough to check how much moisture the air needs, so it gives just the right amount, whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

Major highlights

  1. Dishwasher-safe: Parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
  2. Auto mode until dry: Runs until completely dry to prevent mold growth.
  3. Anti-mold technology: Special tech prevents mold, ensuring clean air.
  4. Easy auto-mode: Adjusts moisture levels automatically for fuss-free operation.
  5. Long-lasting filter: Only needs changing every 45 days, saving time and money.
  6. Aromatherapy compatible: Can use aromatherapy discs for pleasant scents.


back in 2020, when I found myself stuck at home more due to Covid, I decided to invest in a Canopy humidifier to combat the dry air caused by my AC and heating. Along with my HEPA air filter, I thought it would help maintain the balance and keep my skin from drying out.

I absolutely loved my Canopy humidifier and used it almost every day. I made sure to take good care of it, regularly washing it and subscribing to replacement filters from Canopy. While they say you only need to clean the base and water tank, I recently went on a cleaning spree and decided to unscrew the fan blades for a thorough clean. That’s when I discovered a ton of mold lurking underneath the grill, despite Canopy’s claims of having anti-mold technology.

I reached out to Canopy about it, but their response was dismissive, suggesting that the mold may have come from dust in the area. However, I’m pretty sure mold doesn’t look like dust, and I’m concerned about the potential health risks. It makes me wonder if newer Canopy humidifiers have done away with the grills altogether due to this issue. I wanted to share my experience with others to encourage them to check their own humidifiers for any hidden mold buildup.


  1. Easy to use
  2. It has an auto mode
  3. It has a water tank which is easy to fill
  4. Has an anti-mold technology


  1. It only works well in small spaces
  2. The price is little high

Does Canopy Humidifier Work? Customer Reports

Yes it does. The customer reviews on Reddit and BBB are mixed and most independent reviews sing praises about this air humidifier. Some of the reviews include:

The mesh screen doesn’t come out and you can’t clean it. It’s also hard to check it, you have to unscrew the fan and really wedge it out, I thought I was breaking it when I did it. Canopy says they recommend blowing air through it but that obviously won’t stop mold. I’m getting the Honeywell Cool Moisture humidifier which is basically the same but without the screen.

 inside the body to remove the fan to dust it and found this moldy screen, to my horror. I’ve been very diligent about cleaning the humidifier, as per the instructions on the Canopy website. This is a design flaw.

I have been emailing them for several days demanding a refund. I threatened the BBB complaint and I’ve been leaving negative comments on their social media. Honestly trying to get their attention to make them respond to me and hopefully refund me.

How To Use

  1. Put the tray down: Start by placing the tray on a flat surface where you want to use the Canopy.
  2. Stick in the filter: Slide the filter into the special spot in the tray. It’s like putting a puzzle piece in place.
  3. Fill up the tank: Pour water into the tank until it’s full. Make sure it’s snugly connected to the tray.
  4. Plug it in: Stick the plug into an outlet. This gives the Canopy the power it needs to work.
  5. Turn it on: Press the power button. You can then choose how strong you want the mist to be – low, medium, or high. There’s also an automatic mode that adjusts misting based on the time of day.

How To Clean

  1. Disassemble your humidifier
  2. Soak all parts in vinegar
  3. Scrub the internal surfaces of your device
  4. Wipe down the exterior with a vinegar-soaked cloth
  5. Rinse all parts and let air dry

Where To Buy

You can easily purchase the Canopy Air Humidifier on Amazon and also from the company’s website The price is $150 for one.

Do We Recommend Canopy Air Humidifier? Here’s My Take

They don’t tell you that the part with the fan can’t be cleaned properly, and that’s where mold can build up over time. I checked out some reviews on the company’s Facebook page, and there’s evidence of this issue.

When it comes to using the different settings, you only get a little sticker manual to explain what the buttons do. There’s no detailed instruction manual included. Plus, I found the humidifier to be pretty loud. Running it on the lowest setting during the day was more bearable.

To top it off, their customer service is slow to respond, and their return policy isn’t very forgiving. It also seems shady that they don’t clearly state on their website that there’s a 1-year warranty. I only found out about it when I was trying to return mine. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this humidifier – it seems like it prioritizes style over substance.

Canopy Vs Carepod

Canopy is like a regular humidifier. It turns water into vapor and blows it out with a fan. Carepod is different – it makes mist by vibrating water.

The good thing about Carepod is it’s quieter and can make the air more moist. But sometimes, it can make the air too wet.

Canopy doesn’t make any mist, which some people prefer. Both can humidify a big room, but Canopy can cover a slightly larger area.

Final Words

Canopy humidifier works just but only for small rooms. With canopy you are not buying a revolutionary design. All evap humidifiers work the same you are buying the ability to throw the tank and tray in the dishwasher to easily clean it.

Not to mention that this products does not create nearly enough humidity, and is over priced for what it is. In my opinion, look for alternatives.

We previously reviewed Sterra Air Purifer and Labcharge Ionic Purifier.

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