Solar Flare 2025 Real Or Fake: Find Out

Recently, the internet has been buzzing with claims about a massive Solar Flare 2025 that could disrupt internet and Wi-Fi for months. Apparently, discussions about this have been going on at least since 2021, so it isn’t exactly recent news. Lots of our readers who have seen this news have reached out to us via email to find out if this news is legit or another gimmick. See how we investigated.

Solar Flare 2025
Solar Flare 2025

Solar Flare 2025 Real Or Fake

The article that caught everyone’s attention says “It has a very volatile nature that rises and wanes according to an 11-year solar cycle. When it reaches the solar maximum, the volatility increases manifold and notably, the years 2025-2025 are expected to see this happen”.

These claims are mostly just hype they are not real. Even though the Sun is active right now, it’s unlikely to create a major solar storm.


Solar Storm 2025 with the strongest activity expected around July 14, 2025. This might affect:

  • Radio signals
  • GPS
  • Satellite services like internet and calls

NASA’s Solar Storm Warning and the ‘Internet Apocalypse’ Rumors”

On June 7, 2023, several news sites carried stories suggesting that NASA had warned of a possible “internet apocalypse” due to a massive solar storm. The U.K.’s Daily Mirror was among the first to report this, making it sound like NASA had coined the term “internet apocalypse.”

Are Solar Storms Proven?

There’s a study by researcher Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi that some people talk about. She mentioned that a big solar flare could cause problems for our Internet. But she didn’t say it would definitely happen. She just wanted to remind everyone that we should be ready for such a situation. She also pointed out that the underwater cables that help with our Internet could be at risk during a strong solar storm.

Some say there was a big solar flare in the 1800s that messed up the telegraph system. I don’t know how bad or long that was. But since our tech has come a long way since then, I’d think we’d be better prepared to handle it if it happened again.

Solar Flare 2025 Summary

A big solar storm might cause some issues, but a total shutdown is unlikely. We can’t be sure about the exact impact. NASA and others are watching and will give us a heads-up if needed. It’s good to have a plan just in case.

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