Is Solar Storm 2024 Real Or Fake? Find Out

There are claims all over social media that the sun is getting ready for a storm and is expected to reach its peak in 2024-2025, which means it’s getting more active. This is great for science as it gives more chance to study the sun more closely.

But, the chance of solar storms can mess with our emergency plans. This article will talk about what this Solar storm is all about and what to expect.

What Is The Solar Storm 2024 About

The sun is hitting its busiest time in 2024, a year earlier than experts thought, as shared by the Space Weather Prediction Center. These claims and speculations are all over social media with scientists backing them up.

These scientists are saying the busiest time for Solar Cycle 25, called “solar maximum,” will happen from January to October 2024 which is earlier, more intense, and lasting longer than they thought.

Why Is A Solar Storm Happening

About every 11 years, the sun goes through what’s known as ‘solar maximum’, when many bizarre dark spots appear on its surface. It’s all linked to the sun’s magnetic field and shows up as lots of sunspots.

Is The Solar Storm 2024 Real Or Fake: What Experts are Saying

Yes the predictions are real, Scientists from a group called the Frontier Development Lab, which includes NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the U.S. Department of Energy, have been using smart technology to get ready for solar storms. They used a special kind of artificial intelligence (AI) called “deep learning,” teaching computers to find patterns based on past examples. This model can predict disruptions in Earth’s magnetic field 30 minutes before they happen, and it does it super fast – in less than a second, updating every minute. This can help us prepare for and avoid problems caused by these disturbances.

Potential Consequences Of The Solar Storm 2024

  1. Widespread Blackouts: If a powerful solar storm hits, it could lead to power outages in different parts of the world.
  2. Damage to Electrical and Computer Infrastructure: It can mess up our electrical and computer systems, causing damage.
  3. Services Going shut down: Things like phones and the internet might not work right during a solar storm. However, there is currently no evidence to support claims that a solar storm will cause a global internet outage. 
  4. Solar Explosions (CMEs): Huge bursts of stuff from the sun, called CMEs, can be a real problem during these strong solar storm.

How To Protect Your Self During A Solar Storm

Scientists and power companies are getting better at understanding and predicting solar storms.

  1. Grid Defense: They’re figuring out how to either turn off the power grid during storms or make it stronger to handle solar hits.
  2. Home Safety: Regular home solar setups are less risky, and using special wiring can safely redirect energy.
  3. Unplugging During Solar Storm Warnings: Find a way to disconnect your home when there are warnings of big solar storms.
  4. Safe and Portable Solutions: Look out for portable solar power setups that aren’t connected to the main power grid for protection during solar storms.

How Long Does A Solar Storm Last

It could last for few minutes but the impact can take weeks or months meaning the effects are temporary.

Will It Affect Everywhere

No exactly, Some areas are much more prone to damage due to the composition of the soil, allowing charged particles to flow into power systems and disrupt them while many other areas will hardly be affected. The damage to standalone systems happens in space, so an external hard drive sitting around would be fine most likely.


Finally, predicting solar storms like “ solar maximum” is hard, we need good systems to warn us early and plans for what to do when it hits. Past events, like the Carrigan one in 1859, show that solar storms can be full of surprises.

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