Is Trust And Will Real Estate Company Legit? Must Read

You might have heard of “Trust and Will” on TV or seen it on Instagram. If you’re looking to plan your estate, you might wonder: Is Trust & Will real? Is it worth the money? Are there any free choices? We’ll give you answers to these questions and more.

Trust and Will
Trust and Will

A Glance At Trust and Will

Trust & Will is a website for making legal documents like wills and trusts online. It’s quick, state-specific, and costs less than hiring a lawyer. Trust & Wills does offer revocable trust solution. Keep in mind that any retirement account or financial account that has designated beneficiaries avoids probate.

Who Trust & Will is Good For:

  • People who want affordable estate planning without a lawyer.
  • Young families choosing guardians for kids.
  • Pet owners picking guardians for pets.
  • Those needing simple, legal documents.

Trust & Will Features

  1. State-specific wills — Trust & Will uses legal templates made by lawyers for each state.
  2. Notarized copy — After you finish and pay, you’ll get a notarized copy in the mail for free.
  3. Free updates for a year — You can make changes to your documents online for free for one year. After that, it’s $19 per year for updates.
  4. Extra documents included — Along with your will or trust, you’ll also get medical directive and living will forms.

What I Discovered About Trust and Will

Trust & Will presents itself as professional, but I found several bugs in their system and struggled to get helpful support. I tried to donate 20% to a charity, but their system kept changing it to 1%. Despite speaking to four different support people and spending hours trying to fix it, the issue wasn’t resolved.

Their support was hard to reach, with robotic responses and voicemail problems making communication frustrating. When I finally got a call back, either no message was left or a huge, unmanageable voicemail file was left behind. This made it challenging to communicate the problem effectively.

I’m worried about the reliability of their system, especially when it comes to something as important as legal documents. If their software has these kinds of issues, it raises concerns about the quality and accuracy of their product overall.


  • You can choose plans for one person or a couple
  • You can make unlimited changes for the first year
  • Simple and clear process for making legal papers for basic estates
  • Easy-to-follow steps with common answers


  • Can’t get lawyer help in all states
  • Need to pay a yearly fee for updates after the first year

What To Expect When You Sign Up

There are complaints on Trustpilot and BBB about this real estate company online.

They don’t tell you the whole process until after you pay and get your printed documents. You have to fund your trust on your own; they just give you the steps. You need to add your property, bank accounts, and life insurance yourself, or your trust won’t be valid. Don’t expect to get legal advice from them, and it’s hard to reach anyone for help.

Every “chat” is with a different representative, most don’t seem familiar with the software. The software has a glitch which the rep “takes to the people upstairs” but no one resolves it.


Trust & Will Costs Trust & Will isn’t free. Their Will Plan costs $159 for one person or $259 for a couple. Their Trust Plan is $599 for one person or $699 for a couple.

Is Trust & Will trustworthy?

Yes, Trust & Will is legit and easy to use for making estate plans. It costs a bit more, but you get an attorney’s help, different documents, and useful resources. They have a top rating from the Better Business Bureau and good reviews on Trustpilot. Plus, you can reach their support team any day of the week. Trust & Will uses lawyers but isn’t a law firm. For unique estate needs, talk to a real lawyer.

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