I Tested Nadove Micro Glow Facial Device: Here’s What I Love & Hate

You might have heard about the Nadove Micro Glow Facial Device and seen all the positive reviews on TikTok. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype, you’re not alone. The Nadove device is $49.99 so it’s natural to have doubts about spending that much on a skincare gadget.

Like you, I’ve all been there, debating whether to buy this latest beauty tool, here is my review, pros and cons after 1 month.

Nadove Micro Glow Facial Device
Nadove Micro Glow Facial Device

Nadove Micro Glow Facial

The Nadove Micro Glow Facial makes use of gentle electric currents to work out your facial muscles. This helps lift and tone your skin, making it look younger and firmer. It makes use of Three light modes – Red, Blue, and Green – for various skincare concerns.

When you order you get

1 Wavy Facial Massager
1 Specification
A Charging Cable
A Packing Box


  1. Green Light Mode: Evens skin tone and reduces puffiness.
  2. Microcurrent Massage: Lifts and tones skin gently.
  3. Rechargeable and Portable: Easy to use anywhere.
  4. User-friendly Controls: Simple to operate. Visible Results: Improves skin texture and tone.
  5. Works for All Skin Types: Good for different skincare needs.
  6. Boosts Collagen: Makes skin firmer and younger-looking.

My Experience Buying From Nadove Micro Glow Facial

I got this device to help tighten my neck skin without going for surgery, as I started noticing fine lines turning into wrinkles. My order from Amazon came in 5 days, but it turned off after 10 minutes the first time I used it. I thought it was the battery, so I charged it overnight. But it still didn’t work the next day, even with a full battery. So, I bought a new one.

I’ve been using this new gadget for a few weeks now, and I can see some changes. It’s easy to use and feels sturdy. I use it while watching TV or working on my computer. It beeps to let me know how long each session should be, which is handy. The people at Nadove Micro Glow Facial told me that. I haven’t seen a big difference in my wrinkles yet, but maybe I just need more time.


  • It’s easy to use while watching TV or working.
  • Feels sturdy and well-made.
  • Beep sound helps track treatment time.
  • Seeing some improvements in my neck’s appearance.


  • There are no customer reviews online about this product
  • It’s a bit pricey

Does Nadove Micro Glow Facial Work

I can’t say for sure of it works. There are currently no Customer reviews on Amazon and Reddit online about this product. However like NuFace I used earlier, this product does not give long term treatment to fine lines and wrinkles amongst other things it promises. Alternatively you can try Qure micro infusion , Microneedling or visit a dermatologist to recommend the best form of treatment for you.

What Dermatologists Think About Microcurrent Device

Dr. Tracy Evans says Microcurrent devices can help smoothen wrinkles but isn’t sure if it improves collagen and elasticity. Dr. John Diaz and Dr. Corey Hartman think these devices can work well with other treatments. For instance, if you get a yearly microneedling treatment, using a microcurrent device at home can help keep your skin looking good.

Is Nadove Micro Glow Facial Worth

If you’ve got $49 to spend and like the idea of a face massage, you can give this device a shot. It’s not a quick fix, Just remember, you need to use it regularly to see results.


  1. How long does it take to see results? You have to be consistent and diligent. If you do see any results, it won’t be from haphazardly running it over your face one time.
  2. Are the results permanent? I wish I could say that all you have to do is use this device for a few weeks and you’ll never age a day again, but that would be a lie. To see any kind of results, use it 5days a week for 60days.
  3. Who should not use? If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices, you should not use this device.

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