I Tried The Qure Micro-Infusion For Wrinkles: Here Is My Review Of This Micro-Needling Device

You must have heard or read about Qure Micro-Infusion Device, and you’re looking for genuine reviews about this microneedling device. I was once in your shoes, curious but doubtful about the efficacy of Qure Micro-Infusion. Fortunately, I decided to give it a try to see if it really works. In this review, I share my experience using this micro infusion treatment, its pros, cons, side effects, and also how to use it effectively.

Overview Of The Qure Micro-Infusion Device

So the Qure Micro-Infusion Device is a micro-needling facial device by Qure skincare that claims to help treat your wrinkles and fine lines using its 24K gold needles. It also puts serum into your skin which makes your skin absorb the serum better and gives you nice results quickly. It’s like a painless version of micro-needling that you can use at home.

The ingredients in this serum include

  • Rosa Damascena Flower Water: Made from rose petals, helps with fragrance and soothing.
  • Butylene Glycol: Keeps moisture in the skin.
  • Panthenol: Keeps skin hydrated and soft.
  • Glycerin: Keeps skin moisturized.
  • Niacinamide: Clears skin, evens tone, and reduces wrinkles.
  • Other ingredients include Allantoin, Yeast Beta-Glucan, Sodium Hyaluronate, Arginine, Adenosine, and Carbomer, which help with skin care.

My Experience Using Qure Micro-Infusion & Results

It seemed like a great idea to buy this device after reading before and after independent reviews online. I decided to order 6 bottles from qureskincare.com. My shipping arrived within 5 days and I quickly unboxed and followed the instructions. First of all, I thought I would feel some pain when I use the infusion system, but I didn’t. The needles are so tiny ( it is 0.5mm and as thick as hair) that I barely felt anything at all as it pricked my skin.

However, the micro-needling at 0.5 mm didn’t really show much improvement on my wrinkles and fine lines. The first time, I spent hours stamping my whole body to use up the serum, but it came out so slowly and left me red and swollen. Tried it again, and sometimes the serum only came out from half the bottle.

Considering the money I spent, I expected better design or a magical serum. I’ve used it twice, but any improvements I’ve noticed might just be wishful thinking.

Is Qure Micro-Infusion Device A Hoax?

No, it is not a scam. To some extent it worked for me. Even Dr. Maxfield and Dr. Shah, who are dermatologists on the YouTube channel Doctorly, checked it and said it’s safe. You may experience some redness and scarring as a result of using it. Also do not expect this serum to be a magical solution for your wrinkles and fine lines, you may be disappointed.

Qure Micro-Infusion Device Pros: What I Like About This Micro Stamping

  1. Arrived within 5 days
  2. I didn’t feel any pain

Qure Micro-Infusion Cons: What I Don’t Like About This Infusion Device

  1. It’s only available on the product’s official website
  2. The needles didn’t improve the wrinkles and fine lines on my skin
  3. The serum does not come out most times


It makes skin look better: smoother, tighter, and more youthful helping you combat the signs of aging.

Side Effects

I didn’t have any serious side effects except for a little redness after my first use. However, you should keep an eye out for irritation, redness, infection or scarring.

How To Use

  1. Open the device chamber and add one serum ampule.
  2. Attach the needle head and close it securely.
  3. Turn the device upside down for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Clean your hands and wash your face.
  5. Remove the lid and start micro-infusing.
  6. Begin from the center and move outward over your face.
  7. Gently apply any extra serum on your face and neck.
  8. Keep the lid on the needle head after use.
  9. Dispose of the used needle head safely.
  10. Replace with a new sterile needle head for next use.

NOTE: For best results, use it once in two weeks.

Where To Buy

You can buy Qure Micro-infusion system from qureskincare.com, It’s not available on Amazon. The price for a 3 months supply is $169, 2 months $149 and 1 month supply $89.

Comparing Glamory, Qure and Glov Beauty: Which Is Better?

As a beauty fanatics and skin care lover, I’ve tested Qure, Glamory and Glove Beauty Micro Infusion Systems, and honestly they are all the same. The only difference is the brand. They all come in the same transparent bottle, have similar 0.5mm needles, and the serums have same texture.

However, with Glamory, it was difficult for the serum to come out of the needles so what I did was apply it directly on my face with my hands after stamping the needles. So I’d advise you do same if you’ve similar experience either with Glov Beauty, Qure, or Glamory.

None is better, Glov Beauty, Qure and Glamory works the same. The difference is just in the branding.


In conclusion, Qure Infusion could help with wrinkles and younger skin, but results vary. Its a new formula so don’t have high expectations. I experienced a glowing skin but the fine lines and wrinkles didn’t reduce.

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