I Tried Glov Beauty Micro Infusion: Here’s My Reviews, Before & After Pics

You must have heard or read about Glov Beauty Micro-Infusion Device, and you’re looking for genuine reviews about this microneedling device. I was once in your shoes, curious but doubtful about the efficacy of Glov Micro-Infusion. Fortunately, I decided to give it a try to see if it really works. In this review, I share my experience using this micro infusion treatment, its pros, cons, side effects, and also how to use it effectively.

Glov Beauty Micro Infusion Before and After Pictures

What Is Glov Beauty Micro Infusion System

Glov Beauty Micro Infusion System is a tool that is used to improve the skin and body. It comes with a serum and an infusion system (micro needles) with which to apply the serum into the skin. This micro infuser claims to address issues like wrinkles, dark spots, laugh lines, etc., all which are caused by aging.

The manufacturers of Glov Micro Infusion System says it makes your skin smoother and younger by boosting collagen and helping serums soak in better. This skincare product . But is this micro infusion a better alternative to Botox?

The serum contains the following ingredients; water, sodium hyaluronate (for a hydration boost), collagen (to keep things bouncy), and a bunch of other things like oligopeptide-1, acetyl hexapeptide-8, carnosine, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, ethylene glycol, octanoyl hydroxamic acid, and 1,2-Pentaned.

Testing The Glov Micro Infusion

First of all, I thought I would feel some pain when I use the infusion system, but I didn’t. The micro needles are so tiny ( it is 0.5mm and as thick as hair) that I barely felt anything at all as it pricked my skin.

Within a few days, i noticed that my skin was really glowing, my colleagues at work feel the same way too. My skin’s usually not too shabby, but this took it to a whole new level. Now, I know the science behind at-home needling isn’t rock-solid, but this product did some magic. Though my only compliant is that i had a bit of irritation in the beginning which I blame my super-sensitive skin, but it cleared up in about a week.

Long story short, microneedling might not have a Ph.D. in scientific proof, but my continued use showed some pretty good results.

Glov Beauty Micro Infusion System Pros: What I Like About This Microneedling Device

  • It is super easy to use
  • It smoothens the skin
  • The needles do not hurt
  • You can use it at home – no clinical appointment is needed

Glov Beauty Micro Infusion Cons: What I Didn’t Quite Like

  • It didn’t really reduce my wrinkles or laugh lines
  • It didn’t come with instruction of how to use
  • There aren’t enough customer reports online just like Glamory infusion i tried earlier.
  • I had an allergic reaction to the needles

Does Glov Beauty Infusion Really Work?

Yes, it works to an extent. Still, it doesn’t replace Botox, it did not reduce my fine lines or laugh lines since I started using it for the past 4 weeks. However, I LOVE the results and how easy it is to use myself at home.

How To Use Glov Beauty Micro Infuser for Better Results

  1. First of all, fill your infusion tool with the serum.
  2. Flip the device for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Take off the lid and start the micro-infusing process.
  4. Begin at the center and move outward.
  5. Its needle is thinner than the hair, so after every use. You’ll feel less pain.
  6. Once done, put the lid back on, and switch out the needle for the next use.
  7. Please don’t go to the sun or do makeup before or after its use.

NOTE; If the serum doesn’t come out from the needle, you can directly rub it on your face with your hands after stamping the needle on your face.

Who can use this Glov Beauty Micro Infuser?

People have complexes like wrinkles on their faces, smile lines, sagging skin, dark spots and many more issues. It is the latest technology for dermatology complications. People having metal allergic skin should consult with the dermatologist first.

How many times can Glov Beauty Micro Infusion needle treatment be done?

Dermatologists and other experts recommend doing it twice weekly for better benefits.

Side Effects

No major side effects for me, just noticed a bit of redness after the first use. Still, it’s essential to be on the lookout for any signs of irritation, redness, infection, or scarring.

Comparing Glov Beauty, Qure and Glamory: Which Is Better?

As a beauty fanatics and skin care lover, I’ve tested Qure, Glamory and Glove Beauty Micro Infusion Systems, and honestly they are all the same. The only difference is the brand. They all come in the same transparent bottle, have similar 0.5mm needles, and the serums have same texture.

However, with Glamory, it was difficult for the serum to come out of the needles so what I did was apply it directly on my face with my hands after stamping the needles. So I’d advise you do same if you’ve similar experience either with Glov Beauty, Qure, or Glamory.

None is better, Glov Beauty, Qure and Glamory works the same. The difference is just in the branding.


Glov Beauty Infusion claims to help with wrinkles and promote a younger skin. Though i experienced a glowing skin, i’m yet to see results for the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. Still, I recommend consistently using it for three weeks to see great results.


  1. Hello –
    So glad I saw your review. I was about to spend over $200 dollars on GLOV, but had second thoughts…still mulling it over…
    How does one become a product tester; are you hiring?

  2. I have just started using it.They claim the serum comes out through the hollow needles but I looked through the magnifying lamp and the needles are closed they have a sharp tip and the serum comes out through the middle of the applicator.So you might as well just apply it with your fingers.I am a bit disappointed because I thought the needles will bring the serum into the skin directly.

  3. Thanks for the review (first decent one I’ve found!) Would be interested to know what the long term results are? Have you carried on using it? X

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