Does AmOne Offer Consolidation Loans? Why We Don’t Recommend AmOne

I received a call from AmOne and was told I qualified for a $5000 unsecured loan. I was then transferred to a credit company who informed me I was misled. This company calls people repeatedly everyday to offer them loans but when you accept their offer, they steal your personal information and cut you off.

Is AmOne legit? Lots of our users have reached out to use to determine the legitimacy of this website. Here is what we discovered.

AmOne website

About AmOne

AmONE helps people and small businesses find loans. You can fill out a form online or call them to get guidance on loan options from different lenders. They work with all credit types, and checking your options with them won’t hurt your credit score. If you can’t get a loan, they can give you tips to improve your finances.

Does Really Offer Loans

No, They make it seem like they can give you a loan to cover your expenses. But when you call, they send you to another department that talks about credit help, not loans. So instead of getting a loan, they charge you for something else entirely.

They push you into their debt consolidation plan, taking a cut from your payments and canceling your credit cards. They promise car loans for bad credit, but when I checked with their lender, they ran a credit check without telling me, which can hurt your credit score.

People Who Have Tried

You didn’t help me at all. You sent me to a debt consolidation company which wanted me to let them stop paying my bills and let them negotiate with my creditors a lesser amount, in the meantime my credit score continues to drop. 

Misinformation given based on the application i completed for a LOAN NOT SOMEONE TO CLEAN UP MY CREDIT. This is nothing but a scam as far as getting a loan. I did not request credit card debt consolidation OR help in resolving my credit score. Spoke with Representative who was extremely nice, stated he was emailing me my options (which I did not receive) then he said he was transferring me to someone else.

I put in the amount for the loan and it is under $2000. and it said it had to be more than that well that is not right. I should be able to still get help no matter what the figure. I have to get rid of this credit card. Some reviews are saying this is a scam well I would not be surprised. Please help

Why You Should Avoid AmOne

On Trustpilot customer reviews are mostly positive but they appear to be fake. This comes off as AmOne preying on people’s desperation and ignorance. They called my phone acting as if they were about to give me a loan then, at the end of the call instead of saying I was approved after asking all these personal questions to be all in my personal business then, they say I’m approved to talk to a debt consolidator, but he stated he was approving me for a loan. 

Final Words

Finally, I don’t recommend AmOne as a debt consolidation agency. They weren’t clear about how they could help me and they couldn’t offer me a loan but Instead, they transferred me to someone who tried to sell me a debt consolidation plan, which I wasn’t interested in.

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