Is TurboDebt A Legit Debt Consolidation Agency? Find Out

If you’re in a lot of debt, it’s really hard to feel financially secure again. If you’re drowning in credit card debt and have bills you can’t pay, debt settlement might seem like a good idea. However we came across TurboDebt.

But we discovered that this debt consolidation agency has good and bad sides. If it works, you can save a lot of money, but there are also drawbacks. Your credit score will take a hit, and you might not save as much as you hoped. This is partly because of taxes on forgiven debt, late payment fees, and fees charged by Turbodebt for helping you with your debt.

This article will take a closer look at what Turbodebt offers to see if it’s the best way for you to deal with your debts.

About TurboDebt

Turbo debt is a settlement agency that started in 2019 and serves people in most U.S. states. They help negotiate and settle debts like credit cards and medical bills, aiming to make you debt-free within 24 to 48 months. They relieve people from Credit card debt, Divorce debt, Business debt, Medical debt, Homeowner debt, Retirement debt.

What They Offer

  • They talk to your creditors to lower your debt.
  • They work in most states, except Oregon, Vermont, and West Virginia, and also in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam.
  • First chats are free.
  • In 2022, customers saved about 54% before fees.

How Much Does It Cost

TurboDebt says they take around 15 to 20 percent of the debt you settle. So, if you settle $25,000 in credit card debt, you might owe TurboDebt about $5,000. But they also claim they can save you up to 46 percent compared to other similar services.

Is TurboDebt Trustworthy?

No not really, As at the time of writing this review,TurboDebt does not have a BBB accreditation but that does not mean it’s not legit. When you search for customer reviews about TurboDebt, it’s a bit tricky to find real customer opinions. Still, TurboDebt has high ratings on Google (4.9), TrustPilot (3.9), and Facebook (4.7) and not much is being said about it on Reddit. However, TurboDebt lost a Google review from April 7th, 2022, which makes me wonder about their review process and if they’re trustworthy as they make it seem online. I found them too positive.


  • TurboDebt can help you lower your debt.
  • They negotiate for lower interest rates and monthly payments.
  • They can combine all your debts into one monthly payment.


  • Using TurboDebt can be expensive.
  • It might not work for everyone.
  • They might not get lower interest rates or payments for all debts.
  • Some creditors may not want to negotiate with TurboDebt.

Should I Use TurboDebt

Yes, it is a legit company but you should know that using turbodebt can really damage your credit over time. Most people end up with months of late payments on their credit report, and there’s a risk that your debt could get charged off, which would hurt your credit even more. If you can, it’s usually better to try and pay off your debt in full instead.

My Advice on Dealing with A Debt Consolidation Agency

I’ve learned that debt consolidation companies often make use of commissions, so they might say anything just to get your money. Instead of going through debt consolidators, I recommend contacting your creditors directly. Try to work out a repayment plan with them. It’s usually a smarter move than dealing with these commission-driven companies.

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