How Fools Their Entire Customers- Deceptive Tactics is a fradulant website selling fake flight tickets. The minute you purchase a ticket from this website, the next day you’ll get a mail saying that ticket is now much more expensive and therefore your credit card has been declined.

Are the cheap flights hosted on buy my really as legit as it comes? No. Will I get refunded if they debit me? No. Here is why I think so.

A Look At is a third-party ticketing agency selling flight tickets at very cheap rates. I attempted to purchase a flight ticket through BuyMyTrip, a third-party travel booking website that I found listed as the second option on Google Flights. I was lured in by what seemed like a legitimate platform, but it quickly turned into a lesson learnt.

How Their Deceptive Tactics Play Out

The moment you fall for their cheap flight list and book, everything will look fine, but then you get a confirmation email that has a lot of grammar mistakes, promising an e-ticket later, which never arrives. Instead, you get another email saying the airline couldn’t offer the price and demanding a higher payment. This email is even worse, with errors like a Calgary address paired with an Ontario postal code that has too many digits.

My Disappointing Experience

When I bought my ticket at the checkout through BuyMyTrip, they offered trip insurance for $75 each way, so I paid $150 in total. But when I needed to make a change to my flight, BuyMyTrip didn’t honor the insurance. They advertise that you can make changes without a fee if it’s within 24 hours before your flight, but when I contacted them multiple times by phone and email, they tried to charge me the full price for the flight change.

Even though I reached out more than 40 hours in advance, they still didn’t honor the insurance. When I mentioned the insurance, they said they needed time to contact the airline and would get back to me, but they never did.

Is Legit

It’s a scam. It’s a registered third-party ticketing but they provide unreliable services. The company have been paying customers to write fake reviews on Trustpilot probably to get people to trust them. Also, I discovered that this agency adds sneaky charges for luggage check-in, even though it’s meant to be free. If you opt out of paying, your card will be automatically declined. Here is a customer experience from Sitejabber.

This company wastes your time. Booked a flight. Flight booking confirmed. Then, emails saying that it was not confirmed but the price I originally booked would be honoured. Then, another email saying my order could not be fulfilled due to technical errors. Finally called the Canadian 647 number and spoke to Rio (a manager). Condescending and unhelpful. Did not care that I had a confirmation email, and another email stating the price they would honour. Now, my trip was $500 more. Spend the extra money and book through reputable airlines. I think I dodged a bullet.

Reasons I Wouldn’t Book Again

First of all dealing with the company was a total nightmare. Their work ethics, work culture, and overall experience were just awful. It was a truly horrendous experience from start to finish. They charge customers twice and wouldn’t refund when they do.

In the end, I found out that the plane tickets for about the same price using Skyscanner, and the process was smooth with no hassle or complications at all.

Final Words

Steer clear of, they’re completely fraudulent. Even your credit card isn’t safe or private on their website. Popular websites like Sitejabber, Trip advisor and other review websites do not recommend their services.

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