I tried Dreampad music playing pillow – here’s what I LOVE & HATE about it!

Have you found your perfect pillow? For me, I wasn’t sure it existed, but I don’t necessarily need a pillow to be “perfect” as long as it’s comfortable for the long run. As long as I don’t wake up grumpy with an aching neck, it’s hard to go wrong. Then I came across the Dreampad pillow. Here is my review after buying.

What Is The DreamPad As Seen On Shark Tank

The As Seen On Shark Tank Dreampad Pillow was first made to help kids with autism sleep better. Later on, they found out it could also help people like me who have anxiety, depression, or trouble sleeping.

There are different types of Dreampad Pillows to choose from, like firm, medium, kid-sized, and memory foam. They start at around $128.

When you order, you get

1 x Dreampad Pillow
1 x AC Adapter and Micro USB Charging Cable
A Bluetooth Adapter
1 x Quick Start Guide

My Experience Using This Pillow

I’ve been using the Dreampad pillow on and off for almost a week now. I’m not sure if it’s really helped with my sensory issues. I also thought the sound wouldn’t be audible if my head wasn’t on the pillow, but that’s not the case. Even at a medium volume, you can still hear the sound, which can be a problem when sharing a bed with someone.

On top of that, the cover feels kind of plasticky, so it’s not very comfortable. I have to use my own cover. Plus, I’m still sensitive to noise, so I can’t actually sleep on it with the music playing.


  1. Easy to use with the App Store application.
  2. Thin design and high-quality fabric.


  1. Not downloadable on iTunes, limiting flexibility for usage.
  2. High cost for their MP3.
  3. It is pricey

Does the Dreampad Pillow Work?

Yes, it does. But It may not work for everyone. The music helps me relax before bed, and the technology is really cool. I can listen to music through the pillow without bothering anyone else. However, the cover feels kind of plastic, so it’s not very comfy. Because of this, I have to use my own cover.

Also, I’m still sensitive to noise, so I can’t actually sleep on it with the music playing. I lie on it with the music on and read, then turn off the music when I’m ready to sleep.

Where To Buy And Cost?

The Dreampad Pillow comes in four different sizes, and they cost between $159 and $179. You can buy them from their official website dreamland.com and also from Amazon.

How To Set Up Your Dreampad Pillow

  1. Get your phone, tablet, or other device ready.
  2. Put the Dreampad Aurras under your pillow.
  3. Turn on the Aurras and connect it to your device using Bluetooth.
  4. Press the Tranquility Bass button.
  5. Pick what you want to listen to on your device.
  6. If you prefer, use the included cord to connect your device directly.

Do I Recommend Buying This Pillow?

While I like listening to my playlist or the sounds from the app with the Bluetooth adapter I bought, I have to say, the sound quality isn’t great. I expected better, especially considering the price. I don’t really buy into the idea that this pillow has magical properties, but I do find it relaxing, and it helps me fall asleep.

If it were cheaper I’d probably say it’s worth trying but at this price I’d only recommend it as a last resort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Dreampad work?
    • Dreampad uses special transducers to create soothing sound vibrations for better sleep.
  2. How do you use a Dreampad pillow?
    • Just download the free Dreampad app to your MP3 player, connect it to the Dreampad with the cord, adjust the volume, and hit “play”.
  3. What’s the warranty on Dreampad?
    • Dreampad comes with a one-year warranty against any defects from the date of purchase. You’ll need proof of purchase for coverage.

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