Is The Pluto Pillow Good For You? Here’s What To Expect

Are you looking for a firm pillow? You’ve probably heard of Pluto pillow. This pillow combines a block memory foam pillow with a customizable foam pillow built from scratch for each customer.  But is it the best option for you?

In this Pluto pillow review, I’ll tell you what this pillow is made of and share my own experience trying it out. I’ll let you know how it feels and who might like it best, so you can decide if it’s the right pillow for you.

A Little About The As Seen On Shark Tank Pluto Pillow

The Pluto Pillow is a special foam pillow made just for you. The company recommends pillows to you after asking some questions about your body, how you sleep, and what you like in a pillow. Based on your answers, they create a pillow that fits you perfectly.

Major highlights of the Pluto pillow

  • Each pillow has two parts: a foam core and a plush outer pillow filled with microfibers, tailored to you.
  • There are 25 versions based on your needs.
  • Pillows vary in features, height, and colors.
  • Some covers keep cool.
  • One size, $85.
  • Wash the cover often, not the foam.
  • Get a 100-night trial.

Here’s How I Placed An Order

First, I went to Pluto’s website and filled out a questionnaire. They asked me all sorts of questions, like how tall I am, how I sleep, and what I like or don’t like about my current pillow. There was a spot at the end where I can add any extra info which might help them make the perfect pillow for me.

After I submited my answers, the Pluto team took a look and recommed a pillow that suits me. But they didn’t give me all the details about the pillow until I actually received it.


The pillow arrived really quickly, and it came in this adorable box. Inside, there was a summary of my answers and even a little piece of candy. I was surprised by how soft and thin, yet still bouncy, the inside foam of my pillow was. Honestly, the pillow was flatter than I expected and what I usually like.

Reasons To Buy

  1. They have a Gmgood customer service
  2. The Pillow comes with a summary of your choices and care instructions.
  3. Easy to wash

Reasons Not To Buy

  1. You won’t know exactly what your pillow looks like until it arrives.
  2. The pillow cover might feel slippery, causing your pillowcase to slip off.
  3. It’s a bit pricey

What Are Customer Reviews And Opinion

So far, there are no customer reports on Amazon about these pillows. However the Independent reviews online and reviews on the official Plutopillow website speak highly of this pillow. Some of them inude

I have had my pillow for several weeks and it has been a wonderful experience so far. I feel markedly more rested in the mornings even with shorter nights which seems to mean my sleep quality has improved. I have tried so many pillows so I went into this skeptical, but as of now this is the best pillow I have ever had by a mile!

Based on my survey, I had my doubts they could work through the opposing info. Somehow, they pulled it off and I have any incredible pillow! It’s the right mix of firmness and softness for this side sleeper! 

Had my Pluto pillow for over a month now. I have dreams every night. Before I’d rarely have dreams with my old pillow. I sleep deeply now. I ordered the extra plush. Next one I’ll try the low plush.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Pluto pillow from their official website The price is $85 for one. The shipping is free and you’ll have 125 nights to test your Pluto Pillow. All pillows come with our 1 year warranty.

To Wash a Pluto pillow:

  1. Take off the outer plush cover.
  2. Wash it by itself using a gentle cycle in the washing machine.
  3. Dry it on low heat in the dryer or let it air-dry flat so it keeps its shape.

Who Is Pluto Pillow Best Suited For

  1. For side sleepers, the thicker pillows were best to support their head and shoulder.
  2. Back sleepers liked the medium-feel pillows with a mid-level loft.
  3. Stomach sleepers preferred the lowest-profile pillows that weren’t too thick.

My Final Thoughts About the Pluto Pillow

I recommend the Pluto pillow to anyone seeking unique personal preferences however it’s not the cheapest option out there. I’ve had the chance to review a lot of pillows like the Derlia pillow.

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